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chemtrail soup
Chemtrail Soup

As bad as I\'ve seen the chemtrails get in Albuquerque, Colorado
Springs, Portland, and other major cities, what ha d beena ppearing
around Las Vegas lately is just like old English-style (sorry, Andy)
pea soup. Rarely does Guidanc even allow me outside under such
conditions but taking Sue Ann to a show for her birthday last night
it was half the audience coughing. And it\'s one that seems to stick,
more in the throat and bronchials than ever before.

Guidance confirms it\'s the \'last\' ingredient to the chemtrail soup
they have been spraying us with for the past 12 years - and seemingly
from lots of evidence, a long time before that.

Either that or the atmosphere has just become so full of it after all
thes years that we\'re breathing more chemtrail than air anymore, a
reptilian love fest.

More and more Guidance is having us focus on our immune systems and
strengthening them, and stocking up some on things that will help
keep them at least running through this assault on humanity.

The basic formula - 1/4 tspn of sea salt, 1/4 tspn of baking soda,
1/8 th tspn of cream of tartar in some warm water, gargle and
swallow - still seems to work to alleviate the symptoms, but more is
and will be needed to strengthen the immune system and help stave off
the damage to our lungs, bronchials and ultimately our DNA.

Guidance also recommends the following Biblical herb/essential oil for
aiding in dealing with the increasing pollution of our systems from
all the natural and unnatural environmental causes:

Regulates blood pressure, purifies the blood & promotes circulation,
excellent aid for the eyes, hoarseness, lungs, mucous buildup, nervous
disorders and skin problems.

Hyssopus officinalis), a biblical oil that was also sacred to ancient
Greeks, has a fresh, woody scent that is slightly sweet. Noted for
its purifying properties, it supports the immune, nervous, and
digestive systems and has been studied for its effects on opening the
respiratory system.* Hyssop has an approximate ORAC of 209,167
(TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.

The primer on understanding and working against the effects of
chemtrails can be read at my website:

In service, Peter