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Chemtrails --A Declaration of War/A Step Toward the New Paradigm
Chemtrails ? Merry Xmas and Happy New Year --A Declaration of War/A Step Toward the New Paradigm
by Peter Farley

Incredible sadness gripped my heart as I walked out under the once normally clear New Mexico blue skies on Christmas Eve and saw the rows of chemtrails furrowing the sky. A fuller understanding of just how soulless these beings could be who were responsible for these abominations, weighed heavily on my shoulders. Even though I have written ?the book? on the history of the New World Order, seen how they have manipulated history so as to enslave the humanity?not just in modern times, but for more than fifty thousand years, it was still incredibly disheartening to see that even on ?a holiday? they would still be spraying us like so many fruit flies infesting their orchards.
It has been a long time since the skies over either Santa Fe or Albuquerque had been without some sign of chemtrails. In fact it has become almost a daily occurrence. It was so strange driving through the area one day this week to see only a clear blue sky ?now the exception rather than the rule. People I have spoken with in other major cities echo the same sentiments. There are simply no more cloudy skies, only chemtrail-laden skies and those fleecy spider-web clouds that the chemtrails form as they slowly start to spread out, descend or dissipate.

The evening live-cam shot over Albuquerque on the evening news the other day was filled with them. And, while the newscasters voice droned something about the lead story being how shopping malls were packed with customers, the white billowy chemicals drifted down over the city. As a journalist, I wept.
Though I have felt we, as a species, have been at war for a very long time, the chemtrails have added a new dimension which, on this particular day, made me feel like we are now fighting in the trenches. And, like those troops in World War I being sprayed with mustard gas, this new threat, if not proving fatal, has at least the potential of further crippling us, robbing us of any last hope we may have had of living a happy, peaceful life. Should we, by some miracle, survive the war that is now just beginning to make itself obvious, would life itself in such a crippled state be worth it?

On a recent trip to the barren Gila Wilderness in southwestern New Mexico, even the normally blue skies there became overcast once the chemtrails began to spread out. The local BLM people said they had never seen so many planes flying over the area, let alone ones that left contrails that lingered for the whole day. The population of the area is so small and widely scattered, that one would reason the expense and time not worth it to make sure they were included in the spraying. Yet, for some reason, even these isolated outposts of humanity cannot be ignored or allowed to escape the treatment. Allow one or two fruit flies to escape the spraying and they too, in turn, will begin to multiply and the infestation will continue.

In following the history of the New Order, it is their attitude of arrogance, superiority, and elitism over the common man, that brings gall to my throat and makes me want to scream to the world that we are slaves?are now, and always have been. It is not just because of the genetic manipulation of Sitchin?s Annunaki that we have turned into a race of slaves. Instead, it is the fact that we have never been allowed to rise up out of our serfdom and smell the clean fresh air of freedom. We have always lived under the oppressive thumb of those who thought us unworthy to share the secrets of the Universe and the secrets of our Creation with them.

It is this oppressive arrogance of the New World Order elite which has also always kept us on a short leash, ready to strangle us into submission should we ever try to break free and avoid their pre-ordained plans for us, the total domination of our species. This can be seen daily on the Nightly News as the Fed Chairman meets with the President to express the wishes of the power elite and how the economy should be guided to keep us all enslaved. Never allow us to earn a few dollars more with which we might purchase our freedom of seek to run away from control. And if we did, where is there left to run to?
I am not totally unaware that most, or at least many, people never look up (or down for that matter). Like good slaves bowed in submission they see only the dull blur of one step ahead of them. Slipping further into apathy and chaos, they blindly follow the tracks of the servant ahead of them as they lay their shoulder to the grindstone and keep on plodding.

I see this attitude everyday in the areas in which I work. Keeping us focused on the day to day hum drum life of work, paying the bills, and sitting back enjoying canned entertainment, has always been the most effective way of robbing us of our right to life, liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness. Do any of us really know many people who are happy anymore? Life has been robbed from us, and from the future generations to come?only servitude awaits us.

If anything, this document is a cry for revolution, a harkening back to the 1970s and that wonderful piece of revolutionary cinema called Network.
?I?m mad as hell, and I?m not going to take it anymore!? cries the weatherman. ?Get up out of your seats. Rip that television from its power supply. Open your window, throw it out, and scream --- I?m mad as hell and I?m not going to take it anymore!?

But it is not just the television set anymore is it? It?s the VCR, the cell phone, the video camera, the electronic dog you got for Christmas that does 472 astounding animal tricks and never ever has to be cleaned up after.
What is in the chemtrails is not, in the long run, even so important. While the bronchial congestion and general malaise they seem to cause are not pretty, it is the audacity these people have to come out and so blatantly treat us like what they ultimately think we are ?vermin, to be eradicated; animals to be sprayed and herded into waiting holding pens.

We are at war. There is no doubt about that. It is a warring Universe, and Earth is but the latest battleground in this ongoing attack on the basic building blocks of Creation itself?love and freewill.

As I have said in articles before, the eventual outcome of this latest and ultimately final battle, is not in doubt. Like the Galaxy that was destroyed in what George Lucas has so diligently brought to light in his series of Star Wars remembrances, this time the Powers That Be will not allow the complete annihilation of such a large part of Creation and the traumatizing of so many Souls. This area of the Universe has already been walled off so as to not allow the Cancer that we have become to spread to the rest of the Universe and ultimately to Creation itself. This has been stopped. But like any cancer, the dis-ease needs to be cut out or cured before allowing it to take over and kill the whole body of Life itself.

I am often criticized for not focusing solely on the Light and Love that is out there in the Universe, and the love which the CREATOR Himself is. But that is not my mission here. So much of what we know is a lie that it is often very difficult to see the many disguises under which the Darkness hides itself. The New World Order themselves are but pawns to higher alien entities. They themselves are only pawns to higher echelons of the Dark Force which pervades this corner of the Universe. And it is this Darkness which now seeks to pull all of us down into a Black Hole from which it will draw in all the Light and Love that is out there to rescue it.

Even Light itself is a self-limiting concept, though Light Beings we are. There is so much more, and those who would use us clothe themselves in the words of Light and Love without really knowing the meaning of those words. Lucifer himself has always been known as an angel of Light. But, once again, there is so much more.

The time for saving the general population of the planet has passed. We have had that opportunity and squandered it foolishly. What is left to us now is to save the individual, and in doing so, create a new paradigm for the Earth which is to come out of this Ascension process. But, first we must begin with ourselves, and know that we too are on the right track for ascension and not continued slavery. Once this is done, then it is our duty to serve, to offer what we know and who we are to those who are willing to listen and who have in them the courage and the desire to change. Not an easy task, but all it takes is a choice?and then a true commitment of the Heart