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Chemtrails and the Return of Spartacus
Chemtrails and the Return of Spartacus
by Peter Farley

After the publication of my recent article ?Chemtrails: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year? in both Jeff Rense?s Sightings newsletter and the David Icke E-magazine, I received a response from readers that was simply overwhelming. It took a long time to answer all the e-mails, but in doing so, I knew that what I needed to do was share some of these responses and my own resulting comments. The purpose? So that people out there reading and responding to these type of articles could see just how many others there were out there who felt exactly the same way?to let them know they are not alone.

?Where is Spartacus when we need him?? was a rhetorical question asked by one particular respondee, and it got me to thinking. In the classic movie in which Kirk Douglas plays the role of Spartacus, the slave turned gladiator leading a rebellion against Rome, it is one of the final scenes which is most critical to what is going on here on the planet Earth at this particular time.

Unlike this year?s big movie, Gladiator, Spartacus is a true story, its basic story being true, though not necessarily every scene being an accurate representation of how things really happened. In the end, however, there is a scene where Spartacus and the remnants of his slave army are held prisoner, shackled together, as one by one they are crucified alongside the Appian Way into Rome. The commanding general makes them an offer that all will be spared if they turn over the man known as Spartacus (whose face he does not know).

Before Spartacus can reply and identify himself, a man steps forward and says, ?I am Spartacus!? And slowly, one by one, the other men all stand and say the same thing, ?I am Spartacus!? The general then crucifies them all and the real identity of Spartacus is never known.

These men are, in fact, all surrendering themselves to die a very painful death rather than to take the easy way out. As rebels, and as warriors fighting for their own freedom and that of all the slaves of Rome, they all were, indeed, Spartacus. Just as the New World Order represents that same power of Rome seeking to enslave us all (or keep us enslaved), so to are each and every one of us who seek to oppose this tyranny, Spartacus. We are all One, standing with one face and one heart ?that of the Higher Will which refuses to be enslaved. We are all Spartacus.

Reading through the responses to my article, I remembered that scene, and heard and felt in the words of many of these people writing to me that they were of that same breed?warrior slaves, ready to rise up and give their all for what they believe in ? free-will, free-dom, and free-thinking, for all mankind. All are Spartacus ready to return. It is only the New World Order-imposed feeling of isolation that makes us believe we are trapped in our own little encampments, when in fact we are scattered throughout the populace indeed to spread the very rebellion that David Icke says can be like the bottom layer of a pyramid refusing to support the status quo. We all feel so alone, yet we are not. I hope that in this sharing I can help us all to feel not quite so alone during these dark and dismal days, and gives us added strength and drive to hang in there until the changes occur which will eventually lead to the true New World of planetary ascension.

* * * * * * *
?I live in Sth Africa and we don?t see chemtrails (yet) but on a recent visit to Britain the sky was crowded with these trails and no one I asked could tell me anything about them. In fact not many people had even noticed them!?

?Yes indeed. I feel the same way. Although the spraying had stopped here in Phoenix for Christmas until New Years eve day, I still was disheartened to find them spraying away on New Years eve day. I thought the bastards had been given the week off for some reason. However, I don?t think many of them have decent families to be visiting with during the holidays. Over the past several months I have gone through all of the stages of grief. The denial, the bargaining, even the acceptance and I too feel like it is a bit late for very many of us.?

?I to look out into this beautiful world that I love so very much and I feel an ?Incredible sadness gripped my heart?. I live smack dab center in the middle of a gross conspiracy that to me is something that I should be seeing on a movie screen, not something that I am actually living everyday. It is incredulous to me that I am here on this planet with all that is going on. How can this be? and how can this be left to continue on??

?I just wanted you to know that your articles mean a lot to me. I catch you in the Icke mag. I try to do all I can to stir the hearts of people in my generation to wake up, and to thirst for the freedom we need so badly. This is a world war we are in and my research has led me to believe that it goes off world to and is not just some internal earth human thing. and as for the chem trails, why does the normal Joe not see them? even when you direct someone?s attention to them, they still don?t even see them or claim that they always have. The older generations are the worst for this (I?m 24). If you ask me it?s compelling evidence that something (cell towers?, TV?) is electronically controlling the masses. We?re not born this stupid! we?ve got much work to accomplish in this lifetime my friend.?

?I was deeply moved by your article that appeared in Jeff Rense?s weekly e-news regarding chemtrails. We have had them on a daily basis since August of last year in Austin, Tx., a complete canopy of chemclouds/chemtrails over the entire area. No sooner does a pocket of sun appear (and when you see how these ?clouds? separate, you know they?re chemclouds as the smears are unmistakable) then ?they? are at it again, weaving in and out covering those pockets of sun.

One thing that impressed me when I first came to Austin?and that was the vastness of the sky?it seemed as if it was ?everywhere??I got the sense of what the pioneers must have seen when they traveled in their wagons into this massive land?the vastness of the sky before them, punctuated by a few trees and shrubs?but mostly the sky. Now that vastness is filled with arrogance, an in-your-face-arrogance?and unbelievably the people DON?T NOTICE IT!!!! I really wonder?are they the ?walking dead??

I?ve gotten out of my car with my camera, taken photos of this shit?no one notices, no one looks up. I?ve looked up at the sky, gesticulating with my hand, looked around to see if anyone else is doing what I consider normal?and that is - look up. Nope, no one, they just shuffle along on their merry way?merry, I say, because in this case perhaps ignorance is bliss!

Illnesses abound. I personally know 5 cases of meningitis with one person having it twice. I read about another case in the local rag - a student at U of T. One of the neighbors who had meningitis (all this in August) has a next door neighbor who was brought down with (can?t remember the name - cardio something ) -- but it was deemed ?virus in the heart?. Everyone I meet has had the ?flu? but they sound as if they have pneumonia or TB?and ?they can?t seem to shake this flu?!!!!!?


?Peter, We are indeed under attack and our local task force IS taking note.....but all the research and awareness is not enough. The FAA has sold out our skies to the military and the subcontractors that are poisoning us with their mad alchemical mix of Barium, Aluminum, EDP, and a morass of stewed chems for spray. We are getting sick and weak.....our apathy will be our death or our strength shall be our death and our life. We are seeking by petition a ballot referendum to achieve a jet free zone for our entire twin county area....initially Sedona and then other localities.?

***Stephen, I appreciate your kind response to my article. I seem to have touched a sore nerve with everyone from the response I have received. Futile, perhaps, but our efforts are never wasted. The battles have to be fought on a personal level to eventually win the war. Hang in there, the spiritual hierarchy appreciate your valiant efforts to fight the good fight?there will be only one winner for this war in the end, and a new world will emerge from the rubble of the old paradigm. BW, Peter

?Peter, I read your article, on Rense, and David Icke, and it gave me chills. I also am a researcher into these areas, and it is so wonderful to know that there are others who have come to very similar conclusions as myself, regarding the alien agenda, the NWO, chemtrails etc....Thank you for what you do!?

?What have you been smoking to fry your brain so? Suggest you take a rudimentary atmospheric science course to understand what contrails are and why they occur. You are an IDIOT!! Just because you are from Australia does not serve any purpose either?does being born an Aussie make you enlightened? Suggest you become an aboriginal to understand true enlightenment. Where did you receive your degree? Lived there, married to an Aussie. And you are far from normal. IDIOT, MORON!! . . . I suppose you do not own a car but instead ride a horse or bicycle?

I suggest you ask your readers if they ever use fossil fuel methods of transportation to get from one place to the other. Chemtrails as the author pointed out do NOT exist. As an F-16 pilot I can attest that the FAA altitude structure would not permit ?chemtrail aircraft? to fly the necessary patterns to release any toxic chemicals. Flying in the PCA (positive control area) above FL180 is strictly monitored by the FAA through regional air traffic control centers and not done except without filing a flight plan approved by those same regional ATC centers. Furthermore, winds aloft would not support the optimum dispensing of these so called ?chemicals? on human beings. If I were to do something like drop chemicals on people I would do so from a very low altitude flying a helicopter. Ergo winds aloft and tracking by the FAA would not be a concern.?
Phillips, Horace D. Col. NORAD/IG


?Hello Peter, Michael B here. What you say rings with a lot of truth. I have had similar thoughts over the past 30+ years on many occasions. Through my observation - relentless, quiet, evaluation - I have seen these subtle, surreptitious intrusions and have logged those observations cumulatively. One thing that we have in our favor is that in our core we have a piece of the truth implanted. Not all of us have activated this component - but enough. In our core is the fundamental desire for freedom and the right and need to exercise free will. In many, it has become a dormant trait or quality that needs to be reawakened or activated - similar to a software program that has to be initialized and can only be accessed WITH A SPECIFIC PASSWORD. Once activated, you can not shut down the process - and this is right and true because it is part of our core.?

***Some fine thoughts, Michael, and the ones about the password are totally correct in my understanding. I find that I don?t need to target so much, as those who respond are as you say those with some motivation already present. The rest I leave up to the spiritual hierarchy. THEY have to have me try with some people who are ready, there is always the chance that those people will step out of their limitations and move forward. THEY are sometimes tuff on the person in order to try and get them to wake up?that makes people wonder about ?my spirituality? but those people do not fully understand the different needs of different people to get them awakened.

The idea of a spiritual targeted market misses the basic premise that we are here to raise the consciousness of all, if we can, if by nothing else than raising our own consciousness in the 100th Monkey idea. And for some of us, our responsibility goes far beyond just the so-called enlightened, they seem to be the ones I have the most trouble with, for they already ?know it all?.
I truly like the idea of surrounding myself with motivated people as this mission takes off. I already have some, but even they need the central focus I have to give them to come together and stay on track. That is where the responsibility still comes back on me, but does not drain me so much as they will help take on much of the load. I find that the most difficult aspect of my daily life is the frustration of trying to find more people who can actually understand what I am trying to communicate. I sense that you can relate to this.

?Dear Peter, With great interest I read your chemtrail article in the ?Guest Corner? in Jeff Rense Weekly E-News. I, too, was very saddened when I walked outside onto our front lawn on Christmas Eve afternoon and saw chemtrails across our southern skies. I live about five miles north of Yukon, Oklahoma which is a suburb of Oklahoma City. You expressed in your article the same sentiments that I felt when I saw the chemtrails that day...even on a holiday they are still spraying ?who knows what in our skies?.

For months now I have been noticing that at least several times a week we can see chemtrails to our far west at approximately 5:00 PM. This past July we were sprayed directly overhead so many times that month. It?s the same story here in Yukon, OK that so many people all around the United States have written about regarding the chemtrails. Most of the people that I have talked to about the chemtrails have the usual complacent attitude that you write about. This not only saddens me, but frightens me as well. Every chance I get I try to tell friends and family to ?Wake Up because things are NOT what they seem!? Thank you for your courageous articles and may there be peace and truth for all of us in the coming New Year.?

?I just read your article Chemtrails ? Merry Xmas and Happy New Year A Declaration of War/A Step Toward the New Paradigm (sent by Tom in Miami to the after midnight list). I was fascinated .. I also lived in NM (Albq and Santa Fe) for 6 years from 1987-93 and remember well the clear blue skies ... Here in the Blue Ridge, the skies are still mostly blue .. but even here the chemtrails have started, I?ve even noticed an increase since I came here 18 months ago. One day last Fall it was SO obvious .. I took a walk under crystal skies, then noticed some planes flying high leaving wakes of white trails ... then more came. Then the trails seemed to merge together and within 30 minutes the sky was covered with low-lying grayish clouds. It felt sickening...?

?Peter, I thought your article on Sightings newsletter was great... I see the trails all the time in the Seattle area. I?ve had a bronchial cough for one year.... and can?t get rid of it. A friend had a cough for 6 months and finally got rid of it.. but I have had a weakness in my bronchials due to growing up with parents that smoked.. A nurse I know said they?ve never had so many people back in 2 and 3 times with the flu the last few years....nor have they ever had so many people ill with respiratory problems.?

?Friends and Beloveds,
Please, please read this...THE WAR THE MASSES KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!
Not often do journalists weep?for they have seen everything?but I understand and feel also the depth of sadness that this beloved writer feels FOR HUMANITY?so soundly asleep, so innocent?and almost totally unaware of the FORCES OF GREAT DARKNESS that enshrouds and controls it!! Please MAKE the time to read this...It is something all of us need to know about! I strongly suggest you get into your highest OBSERVER MODE?for no use WALLOWING in self pity or in BASE DENIAL...The only REAL ?immunity? from ALL OF THIS DELIBERATE MASS POISONING --(AT ALL LEVELS) is through keeping a constant, daily, moment-to-moment OBSERVER MODE...This will help your 3-D body keep your IMMUNE SYSTEM going and protecting your health?for MIND OVER MATTER is a FACT!!!!! Share this info?for THE MEDIA WILL NOT***?

(As St Germain once said ?if you have two options to choose from, you may choose that which resonates to your Heart and Path. That?s not judgment. Judgment is stating that you will choose one option because it is ?better? than the other?....)

?Peter, I too am so disturbed by this obliteration of blue sky. It wasn?t until last year a soon to be good friend began to open my eyes to what should have been obvious, yet I had failed to notice.

We live in a rural area many miles from Phoenix, Arizona. The population is minimal. Yet I have been observing these contrails almost daily. In fact when the sky does remain blue the whole day it is much more unusual than when it doesn?t. I have grown up in Arizona and even living in Phoenix the skies were most always blue even through the modest pollution. These ?contrails? actually block the heat and light, so many days that would have in the past been warm in the winter are now cold and dreary. I would think that if this type of thing is going on everywhere and it seems to be, that just the blocking of light and heat would create climatic changes.

I am a very skeptical person by nature and when my friend pointed out these contrails I didn?t put much stock in there being anything fishy about it. He mentioned that some folks are suffering respiratory problems as a result of their exposure and I think I laughed about that part. Now I am suffering respiratory problems and no one can seem to figure out what is wrong. My chest X-ray seems to be clear, yet I cough everyday many times an hour. I have never had allergies, bronchitis or any manner of lung problems. I used to smoke but that was some years ago and it never made me cough.

I spend the majority of my days outdoors. I ride horses and go to many areas of the state to trail ride. Seems like these contrails are everywhere and now I?m a believer that something is terribly wrong. I can?t say that my respiratory problems are necessarily related, its just a suspicion, but I do know that the contrails turn the days colder and it is so obvious when the sun sets behind the contrails. I bet in more cloudy states they probably don?t even notice the blocking of the sun like we do here.?

****Patricia, Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is indeed the beginning of some very hard times for mankind in general, and just that?only the beginning. You are in a fairly safe place in terms of the Earth changes, but nearer to Phoenix is very, very dangerous. As for your health, I am going to compile some things you can do to deal with your cough etc. As a healer I am working with many people who have exactly the same symptoms as you, and indeed have had myself at times as I continually am exposed to the chemtrails in my travels. I am glad you have awakened to the reality of the moment. It is not a time for fear, but obviously a time for preparation, and for making choices.
?Thanks Peter, I feel the same sentiments, and I wonder where Hope is now.... What I fear most is that the programming is almost complete. As I try to even talk to my family, I am constantly slandered and laughed at for my views. I am not one to take things lying down, I usually get up and confront my adversaries without delay. Right now, I am not exactly clear who is my enemy. What do I do about the Chemtrails I saw at 30k feet while flying from Nashville to Houston New Year?s Day? I do not even point it out to my family anymore, for fear they have 911 ready to go. My family thinks I am nuts for not voting, much less for not voting for Bush! My wife does not know me anymore, and all I hear from my kids is to get back in the stock market and make a killing. . . This adds to their confusion and indicates to them I am approaching senility.

Then I must contend with the ?blessed assurance, Jesus is mine? members of my crews from various sides, and Just about had it with them, they think I am bound for ?hell? or worse, especially when I ask, ?now, Which Jesus...??
You get the picture, I think you already have the picture, so what is left to do, run, hide? attack...attack exactly who?, call a meeting of several people from remote areas of the earth of a like mind, convince the powers of their insanity?

How about talking to preachers, I think we would do about as well as talking to a herd of goats and sheep! Once The Big They convinced mankind it is the good life that we need, strive for the rich, do not worry about blowing the system all to shreds by abusive behaviour, it will come back, and I remember as a teenager those confusing ads...?Get a Good Education, so you can Get A Good Job!...but wait, Peter, My Grand Dad use to tell me about the socialism he had seen in Europe, and how it destroyed the lives of so many, how everyone got numbers, and personalities become faces in crowds, and men became slaves to jobs, hard jobs, killer jobs, life sucking jobs, and I got Confused!....Get a Good JOB...Yes, Peter, when people have good jobs, they are easier to control, you cannot control freedom bound Lovers of all that is good in the Universe, in men?s hearts! Mankind bought the Lie, then the second Lie, now his very life has become a LIE...Peter, Hope is now a tiny candle in the far corner of a very dark forest, and only a few, a very small few, will even recognize that little candle light even when they see it, but that is what will keep us going.?

?Peter, the really sad fact is exactly as you have stated...maybe you can convince someone now and then, maybe a dozen this year, maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand, and hope for the best, as we prepare for the worse, because the Big They know that folks like us are almost null and void, just a matter of time, then POW, no more Mikes, Peters, Jeff?s, etc, etc, etc. Just a bunch of dumbed down goats and sheeps ready to be herded down the path of least resistance!

Hate to sound so down in the mouth, as I do have hope for a select few, maybe Ussens, it is just a bitter harsh reality to look at those we love and see zombies in the making, yes that is hard, it is crazy and it is all too real.
Henry David Thoreau, looked out his jail window and mused who really was in jail...And he mentioned in one part of Walden that only One in a hundred million had enough wits about them to understand the very art and poetry of life, to comprehend the depth of what it meant to be Aware...?To be Aware...Is to Be Alive?!

It seems to me that anyone who becomes substantially ?Aware? soon is not able to sustain life on this plane very long. It becomes a moot point to consider serving the Romans, knowing you will soon be the entertainment for the beer and peanuts crowds!
I find a small thread of peace in knowing that the tiny lit candle can still be seen...?

*****Doc, So kind of you to take the time to respond with such heartfelt emotion. But hold on, there is hope?believe me. What is to come will be very difficult, but will in fact be a cleansing process and a grand ending of sorts for the Dark Side, and those of us who choose to return and remain with the planet to aid in its rebuilding , will do so?You are among those who have already signed up for that tour of duty. So all we have to do is get through the next decade or so of very difficult times and see to it that we help as many as want to be helped and are willing to take the necessary steps. Like the Titanic sinking, some of our loved ones will not survive, but many will?and these loved ones my not even be people we know?but they are more kin than some we are connected with by karmic deeds from the past. Letting go is a hard but necessary thing to do in these difficult times. But know?without a shadow of a doubt, that you and I and many others came here to help?and as along as we stick to that mission then all will be well. And when this job is done, then we will get the fun times of rebuilding and seeing a world and a Universe cleaned of so much darkness that it is once again fit to live in again. Love yourself Doc, as the Spiritual hierarchy love you and applaud you for your depth of dedication and gift of love and service to the planet. BW, Peter

?Hi Peter, I just read your article on the New Mexico chemtrails and I share your feelings of sadness and disgust at what is going on. I have been following the chemtrail story myself on the night talk radio shows and have been sending e-mails to all my friends when I see them in the sky where I live (Akron, Ohio). It sometimes seems that they are going east to west over downtown Akron, and when I drive into Cleveland, the same thing. I have often wondered what the pilots of these planes think of what they?re doing, or if they have even been told the truth about what they?re doing?

Is there a worldwide meditation we could do? There have been several of those in the past few years, like for peace or for Y2K, etc. It might give us the ?critical mass? of people becoming aware of this. And it might even affect change. Thank you for your article.?

***Doug, Thanks for your interest and response. Indeed there is something we can do, but not about the chemtrails. if you have not already noticed, look around, the NWO already rules the world. They are just waiting for the major Earth Changes of 2003 to take over in broad daylight. What we can do, before the ascension of the planet?is heal ourselves, and help others heal and get off the fence about the choices of which way they are going when the planet ascends. THE NWO and the Dark Side itself will be dealt with on a Higher Level. We just need to begin the battle within each and every one of us ourselves. Hang in there, and remember the dark side thrives on Fear. Stay centered and know you are loved and are eternal. Keep in touch. BW, Peter

?Hi Peter, Your recent Jeff Rense article is spot on - very well done !!! Glad to see an OZ missionary taking to the US heathens and spreading the word !!! If ever a country was under the thumb of the ?Implanters? it is that modern day ?Rome? - but back in OZ it is also getting darker by the hour....................... Yes a planetary revolution - now that is something I could go for - BIG TIME !!!!?
Regards, Harry

****Harry, I regret to tell you that Australia was the test case for much of what they are doing now worldwide. Australia succumbed a long time ago. But they control the whole world now anyway, so why fear?they don?t. The fight we must fight is internally?conquering the Dark Side in each of us, and then helping those who also want to get off the fence before the planetary ascension. Nice to be called a missionary?but you would not believe where I?m from :-) Hang in there Harry, and keep up the good work down in OZ. We need help everywhere. BW, Peter

?Hi Peter, I couldn?t agree more with your short essay on Jeff Rense?s newsletter . . . I have gone through the stages of extreme anger, then sorrow, about our largely guessed-at history on this planet. Hard to take when your natural inclination is to be loving and nurturing of others, but you finally realize it?s not possible to any real degree in this strange and erroneous place/time/density. The sadness that comes with that realization has been hard to bear at times, but I think that lessons learned the hard way need to be remembered, and the New Age claptrap of ?light and love to all? is to me, just another manipulation by the ?others?. Your comment that it is too late for the masses and is now up to individuals is correct, I think. Maybe the ?transition process? was never meant for the masses in the first place. None of us have any guarantees but hopefully the number of successful candidates is growing, albeit fumbling and flying by the seat of our pants.

Lately - last 3 weeks or so - I feel that something has changed. The feeling has become one of quiet inner exhilaration, if you know what I mean. I know I?m not the only one feeling it. Also the sense of detachment from ?the world? grows day by day. Watching the scurrying nonsense over the Christmas period brought a sense of bemusement, and the ever increasing numbers of fireballs etc in our night sky are things of beauty and wonder, despite their unknown origins.

Maybe it?s time for the ?aware? ones to stop thinking and concerning ourselves with the New World Order, catastrophic earth changes etc and just focus on where we want to be. Maybe even, where we belong. My feeling at this time is that anything is possible, and whilst I watch with a degree of suspicion and alertness, part of me is just relaxing and enjoying the ride so to speak.
Have virtually given up reading anything lately, but would like to read your book if it?s available here.

All the best to you Peter, and all the others who are working so hard to make sense of it all. May 2001 bring about some mighty changes for the good.?

*******Linda, Indeed you are feeling what so many are feeling worldwide. I have never had such a response to an article as this one. Your line about focusing on where we want to be is the key to all of this whole battle ahead of us and within us. When we have it straight within us then we can only help those people sitting on the fence who want to get off it (before the fences are swept away). I have three chapters of the book available right now for $12 US and the rest should be rewritten soon, but will be about three volumes. I would love getting some help in finding a publisher in Oz. If nothing else you can find my articles online and my sister in Sydney I am trying to get it rewritten as fast as I can but there is just so much to it, and no support from any kind of publishing houses (the small ones can?t do much and the large ones are the NWO). Keep in touch. BW, Peter

?Dearest Peter, Hello fellow awakened one, and kindred spirit. I just read your article in the Jeff Rense Newsletter, and you words echo mine in many ways. I to, am on the lonely journey of freeing myself from the slavery, and illusion of the Illuminati, and the NWO. I have also felt an obligation to reveal to humanity that we are ?Slaves To The Illuminati Illusion? and we have always been slaves. I first started by telling those around me, friends/family, of what I had learned. Although the word ?learned? isn?t exactly the correct word, it was more of a memory being awakened in me. I had never felt at home on this planet nor, in my human skin but, the world around me dictated to me that this was a flaw in ?me?, therefore I must deal with it?!
You know the saying, ?Life sucks then you die?. I soon realized, in my trying to bring awareness to people, I just kept building some kind of wall between myself and those I love. The fact is, they don?t want to know. They have invested far too much into this world, and the illusion, and they would become very angry when I would speak on the subject. So, to keep harmony I have stopped the talk and started walking the walk, to coin a phrase, because action speak so much louder than words. And yet, this is a hard road, for I am in constant battle with the conditioning, and programming that has been infused into my brain during my life in this three dimensional prison. The appeal is strong to let it go, and just fall into my place as a member of the herd. But, today when I read your words I was given strength to carry on at least in my own individual evolution, as I realize the a few can not save an unwilling, unseeing world. And yet, I do not blame humanity for their inability to see through the illusion for the Illuminati have built a nearly impeccable illusion for their slaves to dwell.

To make an already long story short, I decided to build a website this past spring to continue a sort of quiet protest, and maybe help those like myself not to feel so alone. I have been surprised at how many people have come to my site in such a short time. I was especially surprised when I saw that the US government, US Military, NASA, and a lot of educational networks have visited my site, as well. I guess to see if I was dangerous, who knows. My thoughts, and solutions to the illusion are simple, and practical. I have no great expose, or any inside scoop on their plans. Though I do have a links page to a few sites that do, and I plan to put your site on it. The mentioned article you wrote was the first I had ever read by you, and now I certainly must get your books. This letter is to thank you for you efforts, and to let you know you are appreciated by me. I wish you the best, in what little this life has to offer, and to assure you that in my opinion you are truly an evolved, and enlightened being. Peace, and light to you. ?
Sincerely, Gena

****Gena, Your words sincerely touched my heart. On some days this mission of mine can be a lonely one too, but the response to this article has been overwhelming. My mission is growing as the word spreads and more an more people want to read the books, now all I need to do is find a publisher with enough courage to see that through too. The articles are online at my website, or I can send you some of the chapters, if you need. I hope to be able to sell this one in about April?though it will be equivalent of a three volume set. Please feel free to link to me and I have added you to my mailing list if that?s okay. Please keep in touch. Part of what I am here to do is build a network of those who are here to serve?and that certainly is you. Once again, thank you for keeping me inline :0 )
Best wishes, and love from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Peter

?Dear Peter: Thank you so much for your commentary on chemtrails. You have said what I have been wondering why no one has seemed to say - a lot of people talk about this, but where is the outrage! Are we so controlled, that our outrage has been siphoned off??? No one has the right to spray us with anything under any conditions without our knowledge and permission. The same goes for filming people in bedrooms and toilets - which has been a widespread pastime for the same arrogant-minded people. The same goes for non-lethal warfare, and it is warfare, directed against the American public. (Mind control and all). The horror of what is beginning to occur is almost too much to bear, and people need to demand, and more, that it be stopped. It is not enough to know about it, people need to rise up and stop it. (Don?t ask me how) Thank you for saying what I have been feeling for a long time.?

*****Thank you for your kind words Cynthia. The response to that article have been overwhelming. I hope you have time to read some of the others at my website, and don?t worry, things are being taken care of by the Spiritual Hierarchy. All we need to do is make sure we ourselves have made the right choices and then help those who too are sitting on the fence but want to get off. Please keep in touch. BW, Peter

?Dear Peter, I read with great interest and understanding, of your ?Chemtrails-Merry Christmas & Happy New Year A Declaration of War/A Step Toward the New Paradigm On Jeff Rense?s weekly news that I receive by email.

I just wanted you to know how great I thought your article was. It feels so good to know that someone else sees and knows what is going on in the world. I can tell that you have done your research. About 10 years ago, I was present at a friends home, when a man I did not know, was talking about many things. I listened to this man carefully, keeping an open mind, but in the end I basically thought he was nuts, and told him so. His reply to me was ?hey little lady, don?t believe what I tell you.......research it yourself.? Well, that?s just what I did. I knew I had to try and prove this man wrong.......if not, life as I knew it, the future of my 4 year old daughter (at the time) would be threatened. Needless to say, no matter how I tried, I could not prove this man wrong on anything, and learned even more in the process of trying to prove him wrong.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, how refreshed I felt reading your words tonight. It is comforting not to feel so alone when it comes to what is going on in the world. For many years I have tried to educate others in the same way this man long ago educated me. It just seems like no one wants or cares to take the time to just do some reading of their own. But then again, we know that that was just one small part of the elites plan. Get everyone so busy just trying to survive, throwing so many obstacles in their they don?t have the time to notice what is really going on around them. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to let you know that I thought your article was very well written, and I share your thoughts and feelings.?
May God guide and protect us all, Becky, Alaska

****Becky,, Thank you for your kind words and sorry so late getting back to you. The response to that article has been overwhelming. So many like you who feel the same way. Know you are not alone, and even though we have some very tuff times ahead, the outcome is not in question. Only for each and every one of us as individuals?we have still to make our own choices which way we will be going as the planet ascends in the near future. BW, Peter

?Dear Peter, I have been forwarded a copy of Chemtrails and all that has been going down on this Earth for millennium. I am mad as hell too at the atrocities that have been foisted upon the human race.

What can we do? I know we volunteered to come here to Earth to help the human race but how can one soul make a dent (one that is poor and unknown) in the mass media and cultural mindset. ?? I do feel like the majority of the human race has been mind numbed. Why can?t one of ?us? have enough money or clout to go worldwide and expose the ?dark side? for what they are and what they are doing and have done? Why are all the ?light people? poor and obscure? What can be done? Can those of light from other worlds help us? What did happen to the Challenger and why? Will the dark ever leave? When will this all end? Thanks for helping to spread the TRUTH!?

******Annie, Thank you for your kind words . . . yours are the most important questions. So I will try and take my time to answer some of them for you:
It?s too late to get mad. There is work to be done and it all starts with our own healing and looking at our own choices. Many who have come here to serve at this most difficult time have not awakened or have simply not stepped up to do what they came here to do. other have even gone over to the Dark Side?trapped by what this planet has become. Each individual can affect a multitude?go and see the movie out now called Pay it Forward. Six months ago I was fairly unknown too and now am written to from all over the world etc, etc. (and I bet I am poorer than you) Don?t make excuses. begin by working on yourself. You have much healing to do before you begin your work here too. IO can help you with that and all I need you to do is to remind me of it in a week or two when I get some time (I hope). Then your mission here is a s a teacher, but first you must remember what it is you know. I am teaching classes in a few cities right now and am planning a workshop for June (cheap) Look at the newsletter I send you and you will get some more info on it.
Then, don?t be fooled by all the New Age stuff out there . It is just the old stuff clothed in New rags. You have all the wisdom you need right inside your own heart. Filter everything you read and hear through there and you will stay on the right track.

Q: I do feel like the majority of the human race has been mind numbed. Why can?t one of ?us? have enough money or clout to go worldwide and expose the ?dark side? for what they are and what they are doing and have done?
A: That is what I am here to do. If you want to help?I need all the help I can get.

Q: Why are all the ?light people? poor and obscure?
A: Because they do not trust there own knowingness and fall too easily into a victim consciousness instead of trusting the greatness of the power that supports them in their mission here.

Q: What can be done? Can those of light from other worlds help us?
A: THEY are here, en masse, to help. But they need everyone of us they can get to help. Even many of them have been sucked in and have ?fallen?. That is just the way of this world and the power of the Dark Side.

Q: What did happen to the Challenger and why?
A: The word I use is assassination. Why, that is a long story for right now.

Q: ?Will the dark ever leave? When will this all end?
A: The Dark Side is to be dealt with here in the near future?as the planet ascends into its higher dimensional state. it will reign and thinks will be very dark here for about 10 - 12 more years, especially after the full takeover in 2003 and the beginning of the serious Earth changes. But know that the Dark Side thrives on Fear. Stay centered and know that you r are loved and protected?and then get on with your work?in full confidence that just your being here makes a difference. The Spiritual Hierarchy will take care of the Dark Side in the Universe, you take care of it with yourself and help those around you to do the same __if they want to.
Once again, thank you Annie, and please keep in touch. BW, Peter

?Dear Peter, Thank you ever so much for the letter, that I just now read, in Jeff Rense?s newsletter. I was quick to forward it to my daughter and one of my friends. I so completely resonate with what you are feeling and what you wrote. For one thing, something you said helped to clarify something that has really been bugging me. I self-publish a little newsletter...and I was having a horrible time...writing. . .tearing up articles, getting re-inspired, tearing them up again. . . etc. I guilted myself by thinking ?Now need to be more need more ?Love and Light.?

Well....maybe I do...but...this is not me. It wasn?t me during the Viet Nam war when I proudly managed to make the pinko commie list....and it isn?t me now. My best energy comes from when I am ?telling it like it is.? (at least the way I am seeing it.)

I am a Pleiadean follower and channel my own little group from time to time. I am not a fluffy-wuffy, airy-fairy New Ager that floats around in a wispy costume. I am SO over the New Age. I agree with the P?s that the New Age was a movement promoted by Henry Kissinger that targeted people whose consciousness was expanding and ?yearning to be free? and took some actual truths and put a very bent twist on that it took me a number of years to admit that I hadn?t really left the mind-controlling techniques of organized religion.
I agree that it is too late to save the Planet. The P?s (according to Barbara) said that the time beginning around the last summer solstice was a time of decision...and everyone WOULD be aware that there was a choice to make....but for many, it is too much for them to handle, so they remain in their tiny boxes, their little compartments and live out their little programmed lives, believing the words that the God, Dan Rather has to say on the Evening News...
Following Buddhist teachings helps to keep me grounded and my heart open. It was a battle of many, many years to overcome the God-concept and organized religion. I still revert back once in awhile. It takes continuous vigilance.
I intend to buy your book, and am looking forward to reading it. Thank you ever so much for all that you do. Again, thank you for the article. It spoke the truth...without going into any type of false fluffiness and denial. As Buddhism teaches...until we embrace and just plain are willing to RECOGNIZE the Dark Side it will have continuous power over us. Well, Peter, we recognize it. So do several other people I know. I wish I could say I knew a whole bunch of people that do....but...that is not the case. Since Christmas is a time of such high emotion and old programming...everything just hit me square in my heart this year, too. I spent so much time crying. Crying for everybody and everything. But, we have got to, like you say, have that Commitment of the Heart. Thank you for those words. It can?t be just ?of the Mind? must come from the Heart....where the Feeling Center waits to guide us into those realizations that we KNOW are true... even though they may be a bit discouraging. Once accepted, however, it can at least reduce them down to size on an individual level.

On Christmas Day, here in Denver, the planes delivering the chemtrails, got extremely creative and made some very fancy designs...swirls and connected X?s. It was like a really sick joke.

Well, enough for now. I hope you have many GOOD happenings in this New Year. Thank you for being you.?
Sincerely yours, Betty, Denver, Colorado

*****Dear Betty, Thank you for your kind words and thoughts of inspiration. After more than a hundred responses, only one negative, THEY obviously saved the best for last?yours. Indeed, this is the Vietnam Era all over again, only so much worse, and yet such a wonderful future to come from it. While the Pleiadeans have some knowledge of what is going on, even they do not have the full picture. Those of us, such as you and I, who are beck here to help with what is happening and is to come, have been trained by the era in which we felt our baptism of fire?the 60s and 70s. It is time now to put on the Shield of Light again and know that this time, the results will be more positive, and this time?have more of a finality to it. The world that emerges after the planetary ascension will be one where the cards are not so badly stacked against human kind; where people will be able to learn of their true options and their real place in the Universe?not alone, never alone, and always so dearly loved and supported by all the spiritual worlds above us and of those which we are eternally a part.

Anyhow, do what you can where you are, and if it is all right I have included your name on my e-mail list, where now there are hundreds with the same feelings as you?so that we all know we are not alone in what it is we need to do here on the planet, both now and throughout the coming years until ascension takes over. Once again, my best wishes, Peter

?Dear Peter, I read your article on David Icke?s site. He is the greatest. I?m happy to see that you are as perturbed about the chemtrails in Roswell as I am. I was in Santa Fe over New Year?s and I was up at dawn to see the clear blue sky being ruined with chemtrails. Within a few hours the sky was clouded. I pointed it out to as many persons who would listen. I asked one woman what she thought they were and she said that it was just part of the grid, another layer that the gov?t uses to keep us from our connection with our higher selves. It was then that I asked her if she were familiar with David Icke and she told me that he had interviewed her (- but I forget about what - I sat up all night at a Peyote meeting). I asked her also about why I so loathe RosHELL as I refer to this city and she seems to think that there is some subterranean stuff going on - sort of an area 51, I gather. I think it may also be DNA cell memory from the fear of the past few generations since the military/gov?t threatened those who were aware of the alien crash. Either way, I have lived in this town for 8 ? years and can say that they have been the worst years of my life. After my having lived in Northern CA, it was a spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and social shock. Can you tell me what is going on here that causes me and many others (ALL women - even some who grew up here) to admit that they are doing everything they can to get out of this city? When I ask them how they got here, inevitably they say they were dragged here by their husbands? business. I have met only 2 women who claim that Roswell has been good for them. What is really going on here? FEAR????

A separate response to a letter: ******Thanks for your kind responses Sally. As for your friend?there are none so blind as those who will not see. Not everyone is going to wake up enough to deal with these coming times, and that is okay?that is their choice. There lessons will be the most difficult, but the number one rule of the Universe is still free will.

Indeed (as a spiritual healer in case you have not visited my website) I can see that your bronchial troubles are indeed related to the chemtrails. I am still working on how they manage to target people so specifically with this stuff?mostly those who are awake and seeking further enlightenment. I guess those who are already asleep do not need to be put further into their sleep state :-)

I know from personal experience that the cough goes down into the lungs and can be lessened with energy work. But it keeps getting ?re-infected? and is just consistently weakening to the lungs. I have achieved a lot of success with putting up an energetic screen around myself to use as a filter. Though I know it is still affecting our immune systems drastically. The best way to deal with it is to surround yourself with a white light shield that does not allow the stuff to pass through it. Remember to keep this up and just reinforce it once in a while on those days that they spray. As soon as I can I will write something on how best to deal with it. BW, Peter