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chilam balam, supernovas and nostradamus s solar flip pt. 2
Chilam Balam, Supernovas and Nostradamus's Solar Flip

Peter Farley Part 2.

Kryon: "When the amazing coincidences (of strange weather) occur again, and again, and again, they (the authorities) are going to have to come up with another story. . . There will be areas, where you used to grow crops, where they will no longer grow . . . other areas which were never conducive to the growth of anything, which will be fertile.

"Earth is being prepared for Graduate Status . . . for the portal to the other dimension. . . Those of you who know how earthquakes work, will understand how they are related to the engine of the magnetic field. For the magnetic field is generated by the polarity of the engine between your Earth's Core (iron) and the Sun. And when Kryon starts to adjust the magnetic grids, other things will take place. . . Move where it was cooler . . . the Earth will move in places where you never thought it would move before. Those who feel they are living in complete safety . . . in the middle of your continent of the Americas, where the wheat is grown . . . the Earth will move there. In your desert areas . . . theirs will move as well! . . . Earth is under construction.

"As the Earth moves accordingly . . . there will be shifts in the Core: volcanoes will be the result . . . islands in the ocean that will be new. . . volcanoes which lay dormant may now be active . . . and hills which you never suspected were anything but hills may become raging infernos."

Kryon said that his main purpose in coming to the planet was to readjust the Earth's magnetic grid in order to accommodate the present acceleration and `ascension process'. These are the ley lines of the planet discussed in many areas of my work. According to Kryon a dozen years ago, we are all about to have our homes remodeled (or are currently undergoing same), and what we will need to survive these changes is the ability to ask, and to marry to our Higher Self in order to "be at the right place, at the right time." This marriage of your Self and your Higher Self is an automatic response to ascension and does not require work done if your DNA is `healthy' and awake.

"How could you ever be expected to understand your own duality . . . the fact that you are split? There is a part of you that does not reside (in you) right now. There is a part of you, which we call the `higher self' which is stored elsewhere . . . Now they are stored in the grid system [of the planet] itself.

"The energy of your own essence, which is your higher self, is represented as liquid light . . . flowing into your humanness as you take your power . . . as permission is granted for you to do so . . . and you pull on the energy of the grid system. . . The more enlightenment you allow yourself to have, and create for yourself, the more you draw from the grid."

Learning a divination skill or channeling your own personal Guidance is absolutely essential for the attainment of mastery and to be able to follow one's guidance at a moment-to-moment level. It will be essential for each of us to be able to tap into our Higher Self for the guidance it will provide to `get us through' these coming days. The Tarot is not an option, and many of the others based on its principles are also not an option for it is all based in Freemasonic/darkside symbolism.

The mass consciousness of the planet often works through such means as weather and geophysical disasters, not for the purpose of righting imbalances, but to allow people to demonstrate to themselves choices which either show them their life has reached a dead end (in which case, they will now clearly have an opportunity to leave it), or to cause them to bring to themselves that strength and force of character which will allow them to complete the lessons the inner self requires of them. This can be true regardless of the choice the mass consciousness makes of which probability they wish to realize or what combination of probabilities.

This planet which we and many high-level spiritual individuals experience is the central Earth among a large number of probable Earths, each one of which explores one or a combination of several possible futures. But as Gordon Michael-Scallion suggests, now that he gets only one vision rather than four or five, that one future is quickly materializing.

This planet is emotionally unstable as manifested in the mental instability of the masses now, precisely because it literally has superimposed on it ghost figures of several realities happening powerfully on other Earths in these various different systems. Individuals who are at that stage of awareness where they can participate in this reality and others frequently get visions of disasters because they are tuning in to what is happening now on one of these other "probable Earths."

The most recent reversals of the poles recorded on the planet have been mellow compared with reversals in the past. "This is because it is now time to heal, but you also need to understand that fatigue has played more of a role here than you realize," says ENJLIOU in Original Cause.

However, to save the universe from possible destruction, the situation on Earth must be dealt with, and dealt with quickly before it can unbalance the Universe