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chilam balam, supernovas and nostradamus s solar flip pt.3
Chilam Balam, Supernovas and Nostradamus's Solar Flip

Peter Farley Part 3.

In his channelings, Ramtha also reiterates the same message of the Spiritual Hierarchy:

"Don't live for the day, live for the now. If you find shelter and gather up foodstuffs for famine, you are using your intelligence and living. You will still live - don't prepare for war, prepare to live; then there is no war. Just be who you are, that is all that is necessary. The elusive Kingdom of Heaven is realized when peace becomes the tranquility of consciousness. That can only be achieved when everyone is happy, living in unresolved joy. . . As long as you are the intimidated rabble, the limited man, god without, you can easily be overtaken - easily. Tyrants do it all the time to you; your neighbors do it to you consistently . . .When you begin to be arrogant and know what you are and who you are, then you do not become so enslaved - you become free."

". . . And unto those who look at it, the Twelve Days of Light are the assumed days that are coming, when the whole of the void will be lit.

"Now imagine billions of suns radiating all the time, without the turning of the earth on its rotational axis to hide you from the sun. Even where the moon is there will be light - there will be light all the time, but of greater intensity than what you now experience. The Light will emanate from the battle of great ships, for when they spew forth the light and the bombardments from their vessels, they will light the void in doing so. The Twelve Days of Light is a battlefield."

So many prophecies talk about the skies or Heavens being filled with Light prior to `the Shift'. When I attach that to the word 'implosion' that Guidance is always saying to me, I come up with something like a Supernova, something that is recorded as a petroglyph from Chaco Canyon in New Mexico during my own days as an Anasazi ( ). When I mentioned this to Standing Elk he replied succinctly, "Pinwheel galaxy . . . galaxy . . . It already happened. It'll take some time before the light gets here."

One of the central ideas of New Age thought is that come the end of the Mayan Calendar on December, 21, 2012 (as some suggest) a galactic alignment will take place. This is the idea that since every planet, star, and heavenly body has cycles it is also vital to understand that our solar system is moving in a cycle through the galaxy. This cycle has been calculated at 25, 800 years.

It has been said that during 2012, on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the solar system is going to be aligned at the center of the galaxy in an equinox position. It is often quoted that the ancient Mayan people developed their long regard calendar in relation to the Galactic equinox.

What the Spiritual Hierarchy have been working with me on over the past 15 or so years is the fact that approximately at this present time the planet will not only align with the center of this galaxy, but will also, as written in my books to be a determining factor in much of our dark past, align through our Sun to the Central SuperUniverse of Creation.

Imagine if you will a series of locks on a bank vault door that when finally tumbled into their respective places, as so well portrayed in many Indiana Jones and National Treasure movies, opens a doorway of pure Light and Sound which then allows the Essence of the Creator to flood planet Earth and everything in its vicinity, purifying it, uplifting it, and cleansing away all that which is not meant for higher dimensional existence. Hence the necessity for maintaining a healthy DNA (the Light and Sound processor for the Soul) and making sure that our deeds and our thoughts and our feelings are nothing but in line with those of the higher dimensional worlds to which we attain at any given moment. For most, right now, this would be the specialized 5th dimensional realm into which planet Earth has now almost fully ascended.

For all the `Light-workers' and spiritual warriors who came back here to assist with this entire process, that focus may be on their 5th dimensional Sirian, 6th dimensional Pleiadean, 7th dimensional Orion plane-ts or higher.