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chilam balam, supernovas and nostradamus s solar flip pt. 1
Chilam Balam, Supernovas and Nostradamus's Solar Flip

Peter Farley Part 1.

The so-called Books of Chilam Balam are handwritten, chiefly 18th-century Mayan miscellanies. The Books of Chilam Balam give us the fullness of 18th-century Yucatec-Mayan spiritual life. Whereas the medical texts and chronicles are quite matter-of-fact, the riddles and prognostications make abundant use of traditional Mayan metaphors. This holds even more true of the mythological and ritualistic texts, which, cast in abstruse language, plainly belong to esoteric lore. The historical texts derive part of their importance from the fact that they have been cast in the framework of the native Maya calendar.

One section of these books prophesies the current events we're experiencing in these terms: "For half there will be food, for others misfortunes. A time of the end of the word of God. A time for uniting for a cause."

We're already experiencing the lack of adequate food supplies in so many areas around the planet and the climactic destruction of so many of the world's bread baskets. These climactic and other earth-shift disasters make for extreme misfortunes for many others. The phrase, `the Word of God" in the secret code of the Essenes refers to Jesus, used in many books of the Bible such Acts to identify Jesus' whereabouts after the Ascension. Thus in Acts 8:14 we find `the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the Word of God." This prophesy would relate then to the end of all the alien/man-made religions of control in exchange for "a time for uniting for a cause" - the shift from the old paradigm of greed and self-will and control into the newly ascended planet's new paradigm of `it takes a village'.

Ramtha, in his earlier channelings, was also very aware of what was in store for the planet if certain events would happen to change the nature of consciousness on the planet and the shift it would bring to the way man viewed `God'. He laid these things out fairly plainly, as was His way, in a book entitled Destination Freedom: A Time-Travel Adventure, Stage II: Arrival Instructions -

"The now is a thought from the light of the future; the past is a thought from the light of the now. . . Follow me as we take a little time-travel excursion. See if these words jog your Soul memory.

"There are many ladies and gentlemen in this ready-room, and many people everywhere, who once were under the rule of and imprisoned by a great God; a great and terrible God of Wrath. He even admitted He was such, not only through the prophets from the windy deserts but also through absolute demonstration of that power - it was he who destroyed a great city that flourished near the sea, which is now known as "dead."

"In order to assure that he was served, so he could exhibit his power, he begat in the world a people of servitude just to acknowledge his greatness. This cadre of worshippers was necessary, because there were others who wouldn't worship this great God and he rid the land of them.

"As pilots you are familiar with cause-and-effect relationships - for every cause, so to speak, there is an effect. In order to support this great God's cause, religion was "born" as the "effect." The effect of the religion on this land has been appalling. It has belittled man by taking the God out of him, putting it in the hands of tyrants and despots who have ruled, separated, and warred over the lives of children for eons now. . ."

The period of misfortune for `others' is also addressed by Kryon in one of his channelings where he says there is nothing whatsoever that can be done at this time to prevent large groups of humans from perishing

"Groups that have no hope whatsoever of receiving enlightenment or proceeding on the path . . . now the new energy demands that they leave. There is no forward motion for them, and no learning."