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chilam balam, supernovas and nostradamus s solar flip pt. 5
[Attachment(s) from Peter Farley included below]
Chilam Balam, Supernovas and Nostradamus’s Solar Flip
Peter Farley with Helen Parkes Part 5.
In Helen Parkes translations of Nostradamus’s Hidden Texts ( ) there are many mentions of the so-called disasters due at this time on the planet, a time when rich men will strip the bark from trees to eat, when people should ‘hide like a mouse’ in order to survive the anemosis – such high winds that tree rings are separated and everything is pretty much splintered, even the possibility that people may turn to cannibalism such as is portrayed in the recent apocalyptic movie The Road.

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ANEMOSIS: such high winds that tree rings are separated

Good Friday 2012 is April 6th, so Sunday is the 8th Big Wind

ARES: is manslaughter, usually with cannibal intentions

In one section of the Hidden Texts it actually references a ‘rare solar reversal’, something that has shown up also in a recent crop circle.

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Eventual Danger In FEUD ~ NO FUEL Arrive


So rather than a complete pole shift as many people are talking about happening during these times, the possibility is of some form of magnetic reversal of the sun’s poles, thereby causing solar flares and extrusions in the process that would scorch parts of the Earth and drive weather on the planet crazy.
Thousands of time-bombs could be lurking in Milky Way Galaxy
September 7, 2011 - SPACE – New research shows that some old stars might be held up by their rapid spins, and when they slow down, they explode as supernovae. Thousands of these “time bombs” could be scattered throughout our Galaxy. “We haven’t found one of these ‘time bomb’ stars yet in the Milky Way, but this research suggests that we’ve been looking for the wrong signs. Our work points to a new way of searching for supernova precursors,” said astrophysicist Rosanne Di Stefano of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). The specific type of stellar explosion Di Stefano and her colleagues studied is called a Type Ia supernova. It occurs when an old, compact star known as a white dwarf destabilizes. A white dwarf is a stellar remnant that has ceased nuclear fusion. It typically can weigh up to 1.4 times as much as our Sun — a figure called the Chandrasekhar mass after the astronomer who first calculated it. Any heavier, and gravity overwhelms the forces supporting the white dwarf, compacting it and igniting runaway nuclear fusion that blows the star apart. There are two possible ways for a white dwarf to exceed the Chandrasekhar mass and explode as a Type Ia supernova. It can accrete gas from a donor star, or two white dwarfs can collide. Most astronomers favor the first scenario as the more likely explanation. But we would expect to see certain signs if the theory is correct, and we don’t for most Type Ia supernovae. -Science Daily
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So while all the talk is of Earth Changes, nothing in Creation is without consequences to the rest of Creation, so too with the SuperUniverse, and each minute part of it. It is the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm that each single part of an entity affects the whole. We cannot thing of planet Earth ascending without taking some of its neighbors with it. We cannot think of Earth being brought back into equilibrium with rest of the solar system without changes also even to the largest part of it, the Sun.

I am always taken back to Arthur C. Clarke’s prophetic works and in this instance to the final scenes of the movie, 2010, where a planet gives birth to myriad other planets and the tagline to the question, “What’s going to happen?” The answer? “Something wonderful.”

At the end of volume 4 of my 9 volume history of this mess there is a warning given by the Spiritual Hierarchy which seems to be consistent with what we’re coming to understand of this and other prophecies: “The one warning that the Spiritual Hierarchy wish to leave you with before the individual ‘members’ share their last parting thoughts is that the serious Earth changes will begin with a Light show much as Ramtha has described it.”
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