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children of the lesser light
There is no need for people to be afraid of Light for their Soul is
made of Light. What blocks the will to become again one with FATHER
is that their intent was literally hijacked by darkness in the way
that it was isolated from the vehicle of their manifestation -> the
lightbody, and on Earth, the Physical body more than anything else.

Trapped without the will to escape, so it is that the person is
completely dependent on external aid for becoming released from the
darkness that engulfs its Heart and Soul, for they are one and the
same - the portal that is fully linked to Creation\'s Origin, The

The problem with the encoding of sound (into a Lightfield) is that,
since Lucifer made, or modified the light bodies of his staff, he
was unable to guide the process in Perfection as the Creator Parents
did once.

Imbalance makes for a lesser portal, and so Light does not make it
through in perfection, if at all, it only makes it through the
deformed prana tube, to come as lesser, dark light.

Because of the need to pull from both sides when creating a being -
a pull from a Mother, and a pull from a Father so that the being is
created through a balanced process - if there is no balance, then
the being is lacking in Light and of Love, and will be prone to
abuse from others that are dark, or if there is no dark, then the
being is prone to creating patterns of lesser light, which is

There is no need for making scary faces to show the ones on the side
of the Light because the ones on the side of the Light that came
here to work and do not, are already far more than scared by
themselves. They fear the contact with their Hearts because of how
they grew used to the lesser lightbodies that they live through. The
lesser enlightened bodies make it seem like the Light burns and
sears through one\'s consciousness, when the only thing that is
seared through is the deformity of the ego and its programmed errant
self will.

Their light bodies are no longer able to house patterns of Highest
Light because they were either modified/damaged or created in a
lesser/dark way by Lucifer and Kali (a female counterpart). There is
also the shattering of the lightbodies, usually with different
programming each, that are awakened and used by the darkside, and
are easier to control, and subdue, than a perfect whole Being of
Full Light.

Some Hearts/Souls of perfect beings were implanted with imprisonment
mechanisms. The hearts were then limited and unable to hold together
the lightbodies - thus making it impossible for the being to
function as it should.

That is the corruption of the Heart - the surrounding of it by
darkness and the limiting of its ability to communicate and hold the
body together, so then the body is no longer guided by Light,
because there is a separation from its Source... which is The Heart
of the Being.

There is no more need for running, for all that can be healed is
laid before you, and made clear, with help for you to reach through
for it. You will reach through it, if you will to do so. And nothing
can stop your Will from being the Highest but yourselves focusing on
lesser objectives.