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Choice: The War Continues
Choice: The War Continues
by Peter Farley

?It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way?in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.? These are some of the most famous words ever to open a work of literature; written by Charles Dickens in 1859 for his famous novel of the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities.

They refer to a time almost a hundred years earlier when the world had been locked in a an era of great turmoil, both America and France going through their own peculiar brand of revolutionary fervor. They could, however, have been written yesterday about what is currently going on here on planet Earth, and indeed in this entire corner of the Universe.

As always, during times of great moral, spiritual, or personal upheaval, Dickens points out that there are great choices to be made on all levels of existence. This, indeed, is the crux of what we are all going through right now?a time of choosing. In fact, choice is what this preliminary end-time is all about. The choice each and every one of us has to make during this most difficult time, is the choice as to which energy we shall choose to focus upon and follow as the planetary ascension occurs.

These choices are further illuminated by one of the Highest of the spiritual hierarchy: ?I come to you today to give you the options. I come to you to tell you there is the option of Lucifer and there is the option of the Light. The choice is clear and is open to you all.

?In the days to come, it will no longer matter if you have a retirement plan, a large investment portfolio, and on and on. However, it will matter where your inner connection is focused. Careful focus will bring you to readiness without anguish as this time shifts and changes. Not only are those of this planet going to be affected by the coming changes, but this entire portion of the Universe will be affected.

?Look at the interplay of those you call extraterrestrials with Earth and each other in the widespread intergalactic war that is currently raging in the heavens. Look at the war being waged between young people and their parents here on Earth, sometimes resulting in death and mayhem to all surrounding them. It is all part of the change in this time that is coming?which is almost here.

?How should you stand prepared to face what is here now and what is coming? You stay focused on the inner. By closely aligning yourself with your choice of focus, you will be able to weather the coming storms. The storms coming will be many and continuous?like El Nino has already brought to you in recent times, only far, far greater.

?Dependent on the focus of the individual, there will be a raising of energy and the individual focus will become sharp on one aspected energy level or another. There is the energy level of the returning ?god? of this planet and universe. Lucifer is directionally returning. His energy has never left this planet nor this universe. His focused body is not here, at this point, nor his grand army.

?There is, however, also a grand army of the Light and the original Trinity which stands ready to come past the barrier at the appointed time. ?Where lies the allegiance of the heart and the focus of the individual human being, spiritual entity and other form of life on this planet and in this universe, will determine the outcome of that entity, and the choice will bring forward the future for that person.

?For a being who is focused upon Lucifer, in one or any of his many forms, they will be led home and set into the home of many levels?the house of many mansions?which houses levels of devotion, service and focus upon Lucifer in one of his incarnations.

?Then there will be those who focus upon the Luciferian negative focus, the anti-christ, and they will be returned home also?and set into their respective level of growth here in the past 2,000 years. ?Allow your understanding to be clear in this time. Earth as it has been will be NO MORE. This corner of the Universe as it has been will be NO MORE. When is the time frame for all this to happen? Will everyone leave at the same time? Who gets to go first? What is left? And in the meantime, what happens to the ?normal? person?s life?here, on other planets, in the ships, anywhere? What does their life have in store?

?Choice of focus is the answer here, and in choice there is one path or another and the outcome of one focus or another. Choice of focus. Does Lucifer have a place of safety in any part of this Universe? Look into your heart and answer this question. I will wait. . . No. There will be no safety for Lucifer nor for his committed followers. That is correct?safety meaning this: THEY WILL NO LONGER HAVE THEIR WAY IN THIS TIME. THERE WILL BE A CLEANSING AND A HEALING AND AN UNDERSTANDING AND AN ENDING OF THE FOCUS OF LUCIFER AND HIS FOLLOWERS.


?There is no choice of both. There is only one Choice?the Light of the Father as He truly is, or the darkness of Lucifer. ?Can you see in this time how easy it is to turn just a bit to make things happen on this plane which seems to make you happier in your daily progression? Can you see that when you focus upon the plane and the trudging through of each day?s events there is a residual attraction and attention paid to the lower energy of Earth and of Lucifer?

?We have entered into the most difficult of times as we speak. This is the opening of the portal. As we get closer to the actual time of transition, the negative energy of Lucifer will be come stronger and stronger.

?At this time, until the energy is wholly aligned, there is the dysfunction of the misaligned energy which makes life more difficult. If one lives in the lowered energy, there is nothing but negative energy surrounding life. Choice to rise above the lowered focus of meeting daily needs brings the daily need into a higher realm which then brings a safety, surety, and flow to life; while fear brings the focus to meeting the need upon the Earth plane level and meeting that need through energy which is dysfunctional, powerful, fully discordant, and wholly of Lucifer.

?Can you see the difference? (*I think so . . to keep focus without any fear attached on making daily choices?) ?You can see that the higher you trust and focus, the easier your life will be as these times become worse and worse. What will we do for you to keep you healthy, whole and where you are safe?

?We cannot, however, keep you wholly safe if you lower your energy to meet a need you think you have when there is none there, if your level of trust is not total, or if you are still trying to gain from the Earth plane. If you can trust that you are held in the Highest of Hands, you can bring yourself into a place of understanding. ?Would it truly make any difference where you are, given these times? Would you have a better time somewhere else? Would we put you in a place of lack just to see how you would respond? Do you not think we KNOW your responses by now?

?Can you see the picture unfolding?

?What comes in this time is a clarity of understanding. What you choose to understand will make the difference between full understanding and lack of understanding. This is the key to this time?understanding. ?If the energy here is basically becoming less and less stable, then there is a point in time in which the instability reaches full and critical mass. Then the resulting explosion will create chaos, and then after the chaos a transition and then a regrowth.

?Will this mean an ending as you think of a large bomb or the blowing of a side of a mountain? Perhaps. It could also mean the change within the person and resulting growth would be for choice?clarity of choice of the Light or the darkness of Lucifer.

?Remember there has always been the Higher energy bringing Light here. Choice of focus has had to do with the spirit being human?this is so in every corner of the universe?and with Lucifer?s choice to be GOD, the God before all others. So be it.

?There are signals constantly sent here to help you choose. Always we give to you the option of choice. Choose to get the need met via the Earth plane and you will have that focus. Choose to go the road less traveled and there will be a focus which will truly bring you what it is you need.

?We come to a time of closure here. There are but a few years left and this last leg of the journey will be most arduous. Life will not be stable here. There will not be the ease with which most of you have lived, even those of abject poverty and disease will find that the good old days are behind them. I tell you this not to frighten you, but to inform you. The times coming will be difficult.

?Will you be taken care of? Yes.

?Choice brings the way you will be cared for. Choice, nothing else.

?Will Lucifer take care of his followers well? Yes. They will have what is needed by them, but more importantly by him.

?Will the followers of the one and only true Light have Its followers? needs well met? Yes, for the Light will bring a raising from the Earth plane focus?the focus of old where one cares about the meeting of the plane needs. This will be risen above and the true focus of LIFE will be at hand.

?Will the followers of the true Trinity be given what they need? Yes.

?So what is the key in this time? Choice, and following that choice in clarity.
?Look at the lowering of energy when fear guides the moment, or when desire of having everything be as you wish it to be rather than allowing it to unfold so that the changes can come?pushing to bring forward your will through meeting an Earth plane level need rather than allowing the plane level need to be met at the highest level.

?These are the choices you have now before you. Some of you have already made your choices known. Some of you are still waiting for more direction. Some of you are still sitting on a fence that will no longer hold your weight and will soon topple you off into an abyss not of your own choosing should you be unable to find the courage to make a choice of your own.

?Remember always how dearly and grandly you are loved and held by all of Us, and know that in your decision will rest the peace and security of your future. So be it.?

Dickens? A Tale of Two Cities also ends with some of the most famous words ever written, and once again they are very appropriate to this time and this moment in which we all need to decide:

?It is a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.?