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cleaning toilets and other dirty jobs
by Peter Farley
(for A.)

None of the higher Spiritual beings I´ve worked with over the years is arrogant about what it is they do for humanity, for Creation, except maybe the seraphim. They are the rebellious arrogant children who know how to do everything better since They´re not the ones who screwed up this SuperUniverse in the beginning. Unfortunaetly it is this very arrogance that is keeping them from joining the ranks of those coming in for healing, for the process of fogiveness, and for the making of amends that is time of the ascension process is all about.

Unfortunately, this time has now become a narrow window of opportunity for all of us to deal with our pasts so we can go on into a bright new future, not with a clean slate, but with a database full of lessons learned and how others can then benefit from our past learning and mistakes. It´s an old saying that almost every client of mine has heard at least once before, "the lessons you´re here to learn are the lessons you´re here to teach" . . once, that is, you´ve done the work of learning and testing and proving that those old lessons are indeed learned. What mistakes did fallen Masters make that allowed them to fall, even against the toughest opponents? Were Their spiritual lessons really so well learned that there was no chance they may fall? Or were there dark little corners of things not dealt with which then provided access into Their souls for other things to enter? So many would think that masters once They´ve learned their lessons and become Masters could not fall, but that´s how thin is the volume of true spiritual knowledge this planet has been afforded up until now.

The biggest reasons I´ve seen masters and others such as the serpahim fall or not return to grace are pride, arrogance, and of course, ego. Once again the end scene of The Devil´s Advocate when Al Pacino´s Lucifer snares Keanu Reeves character once again by appealing to his ego is a classic scenario that all of us should be aware of.

One of the ECK Masters during the 70s fell because he became a celebrity figure with his charisma and his music. Ouch! Another fell because he was insufficient as a warrior for the Light and Sound and not well trained enough to fight off the highest darkside things that oppose any of us the more we begin to serve. Channelers fall or disconnect from who they were originally channeling and get ´used´ by other entities because of the ego-trip channneling for others can be.

Right now one person I´m working with (so far) has been responsible for some very nasty things in her past, but without so much as batting an eyelid she now thinks she can channel the Highest and allow herself to be used for high energies to heal the planet, etc. etc. When you´ve failed so badly before, what is the process of healing and again testing which needs to take place before our Guidance will again trust us with ´greatness´?

One thing cleaning toilets (and other dirty spiritual jobs) does for the spiritually aware is it helps them build and get in touch with the humility of true spiritual greatness. Hopefully it also gives them that other great spiritual characteristic of a grand and wonderful sense of humor, for if you don´t have that then you ususally don´t make it through the tests of cleaning toilets (and other dirty spiritual jobs).

If you know the waking dreams of Louise Hay´s healing work then you know that the anus represents the ´release´ point or a person´s ´dumping´ point, hence the term ´take a dump.´ If the energy around that area of a client is thin or ´loose´ then the person releases things in life without really processing the learning before letting them go. If the energy surrounding that area is thicker, and heavier, then most often it means the person is ´anal retentive´ or doesn´t release things, holds onto them until they back up and make that person sick or toxic. Unfortunately this is the case for too many women because women just seem to hang on to things longer than they should without digesting the learning from them and then just ´letting things go´.

Problems in this area of the physical are endemic throughout society and you can tell a lot about people by their ´bathroom regularity´. Hence cleaning toilets (and other dirty spiritual jobs) represents more than just doing a ´so-called´ lowly job in order to practise humility, it also represents helping people with their ´sh*t´, the true purpose we are all here for, to aid one another in learning the difficult lessons of this, an honors-class planet, at it´s darkest hour of existence. A true spiritual great works with other people to help themn understand how they have created their own problems, and then assists them in learning how to do it right. Isn´t that the nature of real spiritual training, and it should be the nature of all spiritual healing. Hence ´cleaning toilets´ (and other dirty spiritual jobs) is a skill all of us should therefore begin to Master.

In service, Peter