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Colloidal Silver
Notes from David (GLN)

Today's newsletter is focused on Colloidal Silver. I go back a long
way with Colloidal Silver. At the time I first discovered Colloidal
Silver, I was plagued with frequent bouts of strep throat. Having
had rheumatic fever as a child, I knew that I must take any flare-up
of strep throat very seriously so that I didn't risk a re-occurrence
of rheumatic fever. It seemed that I was constantly on penicillin
and still wasn't able to control the strep throat. I ended up in the
hospital three times over the years.

Very quickly, after discovering Colloidal Silver, I learned how to
make it myself so that I could always have an available supply.
Since that time, 14 years ago, I have never had a re-occurrence of
strep throat . . . in fact, I have not, in all that time, been to a
doctor for any sort of infectious condition. Colloidal Silver had
transformed my health and wellness paradigm.

At first, I only made Colloidal Silver for myself and my pets. Then
I started making it and giving it away to everybody I knew. Finally,
after 4 or 5 years, I began selling it, and that little side venture
grew into Global Light Network. Now we sell an enormous amount of
Colloidal Silver all over the world.

In 1999 I was in India and had the opportunity to visit a charity
hospital in the south of India to tell them about Colloidal Silver
and its vast potential to control epidemic diseases like Hepatitis
and so many more. I found the hospital administration to be very
receptive and was invited to give a presentation to the entire
physician staff. At the end of my talk, the chief physician took the
microphone from me and began telling stories of the many benefits of
Colloidal Silver he had experienced. I donated a Colloidal Silver
generator to the hospital, and they immediately began making and
dispensing Colloidal Silver.

One more story about Colloidal Silver in my life . . . Almost 4
years ago, Libby Gordon called me from Australia to ask if Colloidal
Silver could help with a problem her pregnant daughter-in-law was
experiencing. Emma had a vaginal infection that was causing her
great discomfort, and her doctor had assured her that there was
nothing that could be done about it until after the delivery 8
months later. After I assured Libby that there was great hope for
Colloidal Silver providing help and there was no risk involved, they
ordered some, applied it as a douche and the condition cleared up in
two days never to return.

Following that, Libby became my distributor for Colloidal Silver in
Australia and eventually that led to our wedding in Australia a year
and a half ago. Now, as Libby Dartez, she has joined me in Texas and
has become a vital part of GLN. Thank You, Colloidal Silver!

In lots of ways, Colloidal Silver has changed my life, and maybe it
can change yours, too. You will read in our feature article, that I
wrote several years ago, about the energetic and spiritual
components of our process . . . maybe that is a part of why so many
people tell us that our Colloidal Silver is different and more
effective? Read about it and try it! Compare our prices to any you
might find in a health food store. You will be most surprised at the
great value we offer on our Colloidal Silver.


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Colloidal Silver - The Natural Antibiotic

Colloidal Silver is a near perfect antibiotic. Just about every
known germ, bacteria, virus or fungus, will die within six minutes
of contact with colloidal silver. In addition, there are no known
bad side effects from using colloidal silver. Silver can be used
topically or internally. For burns or sores that may be infected,
use a bandage to keep a cotton ball soaked in colloidal silver on
the wound. That approach will also help with warts. Women suffering
with a vaginal yeast infection can use 1 Tablespoon of colloidal
silver mixed in with 8 oz. Of water as a douche solution for almost
immediate results. For infectious diseases, colloidal silver can be
taken internally either straight or mixed with milk, juice or any
other liquid of preference. If you are dealing with an existing
infectious condition, you may want to take 1 tablespoon of colloidal
silver three times a day. As the condition improves you can reduce
dosage to two tablespoons a day and then reduce to once a day. For
general protection from colds, flu and other infectious diseases, a
daily dose of one tablespoon is suggested. Only increase dosage if a
condition develops in spite of the normal daily dosage.

The Physics of how we make it . . . We make colloidal silver in half-
gallon batches using a 10,000 volt A/C transformer. A bar of 99.99%
pure silver is suspended from one electrode into steam distilled
water. A small piece of 99.99% pure silver wire is suspended from
the other electrode just above the water. The process is very
similar to that used to electroplate a precious metal onto an object
except that the absence of a receiving object at another electrode
causes the silver to remain in a colloidal suspension in the water.
On one cycle, high voltage electricity flows through the bar and
tiny particles of pure silver are separated from the bar and attempt
to make their way to the other electrode. Since the wire is
suspended above the water, the silver cannot make it's way to the
electrode and remains in a colloidal suspension in the water. On the
other cycle, electricity flows through the wire suspended above the
water and a blue arc of electricity is created between the wire and
the water. This is a null cycle and no silver is added to the water.
The extreme heat of the arc slowly vaporizes the silver from the tip
of the wire and eventually the wire needs to be replaced. By use of
a pendulum, we have determined that the perfect time to allow this
process to run is 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The Metaphysics of it . . . During the process of making a batch of
colloidal silver, the batch tank is placed inside of a medium size
Light Life Ring with a Feedback Coil and an Accuvac Coil attached on
opposite sides of the Ring. This is intended to put a very high
positive charge on the water in the batch tank. You can learn more
about this technology by going to Slim Spurling's website at Additionally, the batch tank is placed on a
Personal Harmoniser developed by the Center For Implosion Research
based on the work of Viktor Schauberger. To learn more about this
technology you may view the information at This imbues the colloidal silver
with a vortex energy. After a batch of colloidal silver is finished,
we add gem elixirs prepared, in distilled water, from Charoite,
Kunzite and Modavite. Charoite is characterized as the stone for
this age and provides for a synthesis between the heart and the
crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with
unconditional love from the physical plane. Kunzite activates the
heart chakra and aligns the heart chakra with the throat chakra and
the third eye. It synthesizes the energies to produce loving
thoughts and loving communication. Modavite is of extra-terrestrial
origin and was formed 15 million years ago. Modavite holds immense
potential for direct inter-dimensional accessing of higher
dimensional galactic energies. We were guided to create each of
these elixirs over the last two years with the most recent addition
being Modavite. The Guidance received is that these elixirs create a
vibrational environment that is conducive to healing and physical

We have also been Guided to add a small amount of colloidal gold to
each bottle of colloidal silver. It is suggested that colloidal gold
adds an element of mental peace and tranquility that is further
conducive to healing. Finally, we have recently been taught special
Blessings from Archangel Michael that enhance the healing qualities
and efficacy of the colloidal silver. Each batch of colloidal silver
is Blessed in accordance with these teachings. We also add just a
little bit of Lingam Water blessed for healing by Sri Sathya Sai
Baba. Using a technique from the book "The Message from Water" by
Dr. Emoto, we place a small label under the main label which has the
words "Love", "Divine Healing", "Grace" and "Perfection" to imbue
those vibrations into the colloidal silver. In this book, Dr. Emoto
proves scientifically that water has a consciousness and a memory
and responds in a very dramatic way to our words and prayers. Anyone
who sees and understands the message of this book, will experience a
permanent shift in consciousness and thus know and believe how
prayer heals. Since adding these sacred and energetic processes to
the creation of our colloidal silver, we are getting very
encouraging feedback from clients who report greatly improved
results. Two clairvoyants have reported seeing energy radiations
extending out 15 feet from the bottles of colloidal silver.

Indeed, we believe that the physics of our process of making
colloidal is superior and the bio-availability of the colloidal
silver is extremely high. The particle size and the strength of the
charge on the silver produces at least a two year shelf life. Then,
when the powerful, spiritually guided, metaphysical components are
added, the result is a colloidal silver that is a notch above any
other colloidal silver available. Try our colloidal silver and
experience the difference and then tell us about your results so
that we can share them with others.

Product Quality. . . Many brands of colloidal silver are inferior.
The highest grade is produced by the electro- colloidal/non -
chemical method where the silver particles and water have been
colloided, i.e. dispersed within and bound to each other by an
electric current. The super-fine silver particles are suspended
indefinitely in demineralized water. Ideally, colloidal silver is
clear to a very slight golden yellow. Darker colors indicate larger
silver particles that tend to collect at the bottom of the container
and are not true colloids. If a product contains a stabilizer or
lists trace elements other than silver, or if it needs to be shaken,
it is inferior. If a product requires refrigeration, some other
ingredient is present that could spoil. Some brands with high
concentrations of silver may actually not be completely safe. High
concentrations of silver do not kill disease germs more effectively
than the safe range of 5 to 15 parts per million (PPM.)

Ingesting Colloidal Silver. . . Taken orally, the colloidal silver
is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream, then transported
quickly to the body cells. Swishing the solution under the tongue
briefly before swallowing may result in faster absorption. If only
small doses of colloidal silver are taken it may take three to four
days for silver to accumulate in the tissues sufficiently for
benefits to begin. Colloidal silver is completely eliminated from
the body by the kidneys, lymph system and bowels after several
weeks. If routinely exposed to dangerous pathogenic germs, to have
continuous protection, some recommend a regular daily intake of
colloidal silver. In cases of minor burns, an accumulation of
colloidal silver may hasten healing, reducing the possibility of
infection and scar tissue. (A fine spray mist or compress soaked in
colloidal silver can also be very helpful). It is believed by many
in the natural healing arts that the lives of millions of people who
are susceptible to chronic low-grade infections can be enhanced by
this preventative health measure.

Chronic or Serious Conditions. . . One teaspoon of 10 ppm. Colloidal
silver equals about 50 micrograms (mcg.) of silver. One to three
teaspoons per day (50 - 150 mcg.) is generally considered to be
a "nutritional amount" and is reported to be safe to use for
extended periods of time. Amounts higher than this are generally
considered "therapeutic amounts" and should only be used
periodically. In cases of illness, natural health practitioners have
often recommended taking double or triple the "nutritional amount"
for 30 - 45 days, then dropping down to a smaller, maintenance dose.
Amounts from 3 - 32 ounces per day have reportedly been used in
acute conditions. If your body is extremely ill or toxic, do not be
in a hurry to clear up everything at once. If pathogens are killed
off too quickly, the body's five eliminatory channels (liver,
kidneys, skin, lungs and bowel) may be temporarily overloaded,
causing flu- like conditions, headache, extreme fatigue, dizziness,
nausea or aching muscles. Ease off on the colloidal silver to a
smaller amount and increase your distilled water intake. Regular
bowel movements are a must in order to relieve the discomforts of
detoxification. Resolve to reduce sugar and saturated fats from the
diet, and exercise more. Given the opportunity, the body's natural
ability to heal may amaze you.

Topical Uses. . . Some have used colloidal silver in a nasal spray
demister - to reach the sinuses and nasal passages. Spray bottles
have been used for topical use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces,
skin, sore throats, eyes, burns etc. Colloidal silver is painless on
cuts, abrasions, in open wounds, in the nostrils for a stuffy nose,
and even in a baby's eyes because, unlike some antiseptics, it does
not destroy tissue cells. It's excellent as an underarm deodorant,
since most underarm odor is caused by bacteria breaking down
substances released by the sweat glands!

Some Common Uses of Colloidal Silver. . . Natural health
practitioners have for years recommended taking one tablespoon
daily, for four days, to establish a level, then one half tablespoon
daily for maintenance (proportional to body weight for children).
After six weeks, a pause of several weeks has also been recommended
by some natural healing arts doctors. Also, colloidal silver can be
applied directly to burns, cuts, scrapes, and open sores, or on a
bandage for warts. It can be applied on eczema, itches, acne,
sunburns or bug bites. To purify water, add one tablespoon per
gallon, shake well and wait six minutes. Mixed this way, it is
tasteless. It is not an allopathic poison.

Veterinary and Garden Use. . . Colloidal silver has worked just as
well on pets of all kinds. Used in proportion to body weight, it
should bring the same results. In the garden, field or greenhouse,
add enough to the water or soil and the plants will do the rest.

Colloidal Silver in Advance of Illness. . . When the possibility of
germ exposure is higher, colloidal silver can be taken orally each
day or applied topically when there is a skin problem. It is like
having a second defense system. The silver acts only as a catalyst
and is stabilized. It is non-toxic, except to single cell pathogenic
organisms, and is non addicting. It also, apparently, kills
parasites in the single cell stage of their life cycle. Older folks
reportedly feel younger because their body energies are used up
constantly fighting disease. Digestion has also been reportedly
better. Medical research has shown that silver promotes more rapid
healing, with less scar tissue, even in the case of severe burns.
Successes have been reported in cases that previously have been
given up on by established doctors. Colloidal silver is tasteless
and won't sting even a baby's eyes, and won't upset your stomach.

More than 650 Diseases Helped. . .Colloidal silver has been reported
to kill 650 micro organisms, many of which are associated with human
diseases. This does not automatically mean that taking colloidal
silver will "cure" disease caused by these germs. Colloidal silver
only kills micro-organisms when they are in contact with it for a
sufficient period of time. The human body is a complex system, which
may prevent high enough concentrations of colloidal silver from
reaching the "affected area".

The basic guideline that has been recommended for using colloidal
silver is that it usually "works" if you can get a high enough
concentration to the "affected area". Some will want to experiment
with "higher amounts" (such as 8 or more ounces at a time) to find
out what it takes to accomplish this. Do not use colloidal silver if
you are allergic to contact with silver metals, or if you notice any
digestive upset after use.

GLN offers a partial list of the more than 650 diseases that
colloidal silver has been reputed to be successful against: acne,
AIDS (reference 8), allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete's
foot, bladder inflammation, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils,
burns, cancer (References 2, 4 7), candida, cholera, colitis,
conjunctivitis, cystitis, dermatitis, diabetes (Reference 1),
dysentery, eczema, fibrositis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever,
herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy, leukemia, lupus,
lymphangitis, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, neurasthenia,
parasitic infections: viral, fungal and bacterial pneumonia,
pleurisy, prostate, pruritus ani, psoriasis, purulent opthalmia,
rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions of
the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, seborrhea, septicemia, shingles,
skin cancer, staphylococcus and streptococcus infections, stomach
flu, syphilis, thyroid, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, toxemia,
trachoma, all forms of virus, warts, whooping cough, yeast
infection, stomach ulcer, canine paravirus and other veterinary
uses, and fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted
silver on the leaves and add to the soil.

Click here for entire article with references

More on Colloidal Silver

Just as we were finishing up this newsletter, we received a
promotional piece in the mail about Colloidal Silver. We thought the
following information might be valuable to you.

Dr. Joseph Weissman, M.D., board-certified immunologist and
Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California Medical
School, has written . . . "Today, many antibiotics are losing the
battle with germs. Fortunately, the best germ killer, which was
discovered over 2,000 years ago, is finally getting the proper
attention from medical science -- natural silver. I sincerely
recommend that everyone have electrically-generated silver in their
home as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal agent."


You can spray Colloidal Silver onto kitchen counter tops to kill
germs, mold, mildew and other microbes . . . soak your store-bought
fruits and vegetables in it to eradicate potentially harmful
bacteria and fungus from the food surface . . . . clean and
decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces such
as your kitchen cutting board or that filthy blade on your kitchen
can opener . . . add a coupe of ounces to your daily laundry as a
natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish
rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end . . .
soak your toothbrush in it to prevent microbial contamination . . .
spray it in your garden to prevent fungal and bacterial growth . . .
spray it around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and
mildew . . . spray it topically onto cuts and burns for prevention
of infection and to stimulate rapid wound healing . . . spray it on
your hair to stop itching and dandruff almost instantly.

You can even add it to your pet's water bowl to resolve internal
infections and help prevent illness . . . add a little to your
aquarium tank to prevent fungal ick and other tropical fish
infections . . . put a drop or two into your ears to knock out a
pesky earache without having to use prescription antibiotics . . .
gargle with it to eradicate sore throats . . . put it into a spray
atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus
infections . . . add a drop or two into your eyes to stop Pink Eye
or styes in a single afternoon . . . and so many, many more
astonishing healing, infection-fighting and disease-preventing
benefits you'll ask yourself why you've never tried it before. And
of course, you can safely use Colloidal Silver internally to stop
colds and flu in their tracks . . . alleviate intestinal
infections . . . stop urinary tract infections . . . cure upper
respiratory infections . . . wipe out infection- based prostate
problems . . . and much more!

Testimonials, Q&A and Comments

Colloidal Silver and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I had chronic fatigue for about 8 years, and during the long process
of healing this condition, I learned a tremendous amount about
healing products. I had heard about colloidal silver for many years,
but had never tried it. There are times when my immune system is
still challenged and vulnerable, especially when there is stress in
my life, and then I sometimes experience what feels like a relapse.
This happened during the spring of 2004 when I suffered with a mouth
infection behind my lower front teeth that swelled so intensely that
it kept me from eating for 2 weeks and took close to 3 months to

Just recently, on March 24th, I got another infection in my mouth -
again an abscess behind my lower front teeth! I couldn't eat for 3
or 4 days, and even though I avoid pain medication, I was popping
ibuprofen 5 to 6 times a day for the pain. HERE WE GO AGAIN! My
dentist recommended a homeopathic remedy, which helped. My
chiropractor was concerned that it might be a staph infection and
strongly suggested antibiotics saying, "If it's staph, and it gets
into your blood stream, it can kill you!"

Well, antibiotics WACK out my system, so I checked within myself and
knew that I was not in danger, however this certainly was
uncomfortable and inconvenient. I was exhausted by early afternoon
each day from fighting the infection, and I wanted to find a way to
clear it as soon as possible, so I called David. David suggested
Colloidal Silver and shared some success stories from folks who had
used Silver for mouth infections. OK! Sounded good.

It arrived Thursday afternoon, March 31st, and I started taking the
Colloidal Silver immediately. The next day the infection had already
begun to decrease dramatically, and I could feel the positive shift
in my immune system. On Saturday, I was able to work and to sustain
a good level of energy throughout the entire day, for which I was
very grateful! Each new day has brought more energy and consistently
less swelling. It is now April 7th, and the infection is 98% gone.
Wow! It's an understatement to say that I'm HAPPY that this
infection has subsided so quickly and effectively and that I have
another excellent product from GLN to recommend to my own clients.

Colloidal Silver as a Preventive

Whenever I feel rundown or as if I might be catching a cold, a virus
or the flu . . . I begin taking vitamin c and Essence of Life
Colloidal Silver every couple of hours. Within several hours, the
symptoms disappear and I feel fine again. Because of this, I have
not been ill or lost any time from work for the past several years.
It would be amusing if not sad that so many people around me are
pumping in the drugs to cure something that they could have avoided
in the first place. V.A.

Colloidal Silver and Ear Infections

You might also tell your customers that I have used Colloidal Silver
drops in Billi-Jo's ears with great success for ear infections &
swimmers ear. It usually only takes one or two applications for a
couple of days, at the start, to stop the irritation before it
becomes a problem. K.B.

Prill Water and Musty Smell

Q: I have been making Prill water and now Cosmic water using the
Prill Beads and Cosmic Energy Stones in a gallon of water. I have
noticed there is a rather musty smell to the water now. I have
always washed and sterilized all the bottles, and I use reverse
osmosis water. When I first received the Cosmic Stones, I prepared
the Prill/Cosmic water by boiling it. Later I used the procedure
described in your recent newsletter. I did not notice any musty
smell to the boiled water. I need some clarification on this and any
suggestions you might have. (I drink one gallon and have one gallon
in the works. I thought it might be the reverse osmosis water, but
there is no smell to that. What are your thoughts on this smell?

A: I must admit that I am a little mystified by the musty smell you
are experiencing. I know that the combination of Prill Beads and
Cosmic Stones will really pull some impurities out of water. When we
were using the boiling technique, we would see some really
disgusting stuff coming out of water that we had paid a dear price
for at the grocery store. My idea is that the boiling process is
very vigorous and forces gases or odors out very quickly and
thoroughly. By contrast, perhaps just putting the Beads and Stones
in water, is starting to release some gases but not as thoroughly as
the boiling process, and you are experiencing some of the residual.

When people are having unexplainable circumstances, I usually
suggest that they make their water with distilled water for one or
two cycles just to see if the phenomena is coming from the Stones
and Beads or if it is coming from the water.

Another suggestion you may like to consider. I think it is often
forgotten that what we are dealing with here in Prill and Cosmic
Stones are very energetic substances. Therefore, on occasion, they
can pick up what is happening environmentally. This may sound
strange to you, however, I have personally known of a number of
instances where the Prill water went off for no apparent reason.
When the people were questioned and I asked if there had been any
difficult emotions (negative, challenging) around the house in the
last week, this made enormous sense to these people. They took the
Prill bags out of the water, dried them out, washed and boiled them
in Miracle II soap and started all over again.