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comfort zones
Comfort Zones
by Peter Farley

Yesterday Guidance had me write the following to a woman seeking to
decide whether to serve or to follow ego, self will, and the safety of
her own little comfort zone . . . as so many others are now seeking to
do as reality of how things are going to be on this planet for a while
finally sinks in.

"There are no comfort zones in war. And you are here to lead the women
who still do not have a leader. Get used to being outside your comfort
zone or retire from the battlefield with the others --and there have
been lmany. Do not compare yourself, every day you do this [channel] it
will get better. Very few are perfect the first time. 75-85% is the
average but it only takes a day or two to get better as you trust and
get yourself comfortable. There are a number of Masters to work with
you -- 972 to be exact, and all the heavens to boot, all here to assist
for any situation you encounter which is part of their specialty. When
you get comfortabe They will introduce Themselves.

"They ask that you do post this for time is very, very short and you
have hopped aboard the express train in order to help . . check your
ticket and get aboard or wait at the station with the others . . . the
work will get done . . it's up to you whether it is through you or
someone else, but you're the one who won't have the adventure and the
spiritual growth . . that's how They got Me . . *smile"

I also got this in my e-mail yesterday as a response from someone to
the article on "The War Against the People':

"Peter, Mother Teresa expressed a sentiment (paraphrased) that has
always stuck with me: I will not participate in an anti-war protest.
If you get a peace movement going, count me in.

"I think it's more important now than ever before that we focus on what
we love, what we want, what we are willing to embrace -- and let the
darkness fend for itself. Every time we give it our consciousness, we
feed it. We also feed our own fear of it. Let's just concern
ourselves with creating what we want and enjoying our lives and taking
responsibility for ourselves and those things within the narrow realm
of individual influence.

"Warm blessings, LQ :)"

Sometimes w ehave to fight for what we wanta nd are willig to embrace,
especially for the freedom of all Mankind, and this doesn't mean fight
as in the man who wrote the other day telling me I would one day cry
out for his help and the force he could muster with his guns.

Then again refrigerator magnet sayings and thoughts are all very nice,
but they never saved one child's life. Nor did they ever help change
the direction of this war against Humanity to a direction in which one
day all these atrocities would end. This is why I and Guidance are so
down on this type of New Age thinking and response, it does nothing to
change the reality of the situation but instead surrounds its
originator in a cocoon of blindness to what's actually going on. If you
have done any of your homework on reading the volumes of the book or
the almost 400 articles available on the website, then you know that
the darkside is a very tangible thing and one that is and has been for
a long, long time, in control of the way the world, this corner of the
Universe, and even this corner of Creation.

Anyone who steps up to bat will have to deal with a very much more
tangible darkside than others can ever realize just because if you keep
your head down where it is safe the darkside has no concern of you. If
you play it safe you will not suffer the attacks that will come in a
thousand different ways from even those you thought held love for you.
And if not tha attacks then perhpas it will be as Martin Luther KIng
once said of his struggles, "In the end it is not the words of our
enemies we will remember, but the silence of our friends."

If you step up High Noon and Gary Cooper's struggle may become a
reality for you as it has for me. But in the end what will it matter if
one less person has to be macheteed to death, one less kid has to be
shot for a pair of sneakers, one less woman has to be abused, incested
or raped for being what she was born -- a woman.

BY doing nothing we allow this situation to continue and by 'not giving
it focus' as the New Agers say then we are giving it our blessing to
continue with its agenda. We never feed the darkside by educating
ourselves about its agenda, its ways, nor its many faces. Instead we
are understanding the enemy and seeing the way in which it works so
that we -- the calvary -- can do what is necessary to head it off at
the pass and eventually save those who are themselves too weak or too
fragile to fight it off themselves.

If this attitude is not obvious then you are in the wrong group. Any
time someone leaves the group I check with Guidance as to the reason
why, just as I do when anyone applies to join, . . and laziness and
refusal to do their own work are the two major reasons I am given.

It's easier to sail up a river in Egypt (de-nial) than it is to buckle
down and prepare yourself to fight a war you don't want to have any
part in because it may take you out of your safe little womb of a
comfort zone. Watching a movie this morning on the genocide in Rwanda
there were so many cases of 'No, I won't help because it will endanger
me and my family;" and disgusting is the only word for people like
that -- not a judgment but an evaluation of these people's lack of
understanding of the interwoveness of all life, of how things truly
work in Creation, of how the darkside doesn't see the color of a man's
skin or the gender of a person's body when it begins its mutilating and
killing sprees, and this attitude doesn't begin to see what the true
nature of Soul is --that we are all little pieces of the One. Laziness
is indeed a good reason for not doing anything, but come the day it
happens to be them in danger, what then will they do? who then will
they turn to?

With regrets, Peter