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completing the cycle - personal responsibility
Completing the Cycle - Personal Responsibility

Dear Ones,
This business of following orders blindly has to stop. It is the core
of how you ended up where you were. Each individual is responsible for
their own actions and inaction. You can\'t hide behind exscuses of \"he
told me to or I was just following orders\". You know deep down when a
thing is wrong and you must face the fact that you did such a thing.
When people hide or blame someone or something outside themselves they
are refusing to accept personal responsibility. No one can make you
angry without your permission. No one can hurt you without your
permission. No one can take a thing from you without your permission.
You can choose how to act. You can choose how to react.. reacting is
never a good choice. Reacting is just action that has been done
before .. doing the same thing over and over for generations... stop
it. Stop the endless Groundhog Day now. The old actions don\'t work. Do
a different thing, walk a different path, make a different choice, get
a new thought.

Most everyone will agree with the basic premise but the blockage comes
when it is them who must face themselves. The things a
person can hide from themselves can be amazing because they simply
can\'t imagine they were even capable of acting in such a way. It must
be realized that people are capable of the worst atrocities ever
imagined and many you can\'t even think of. Given the right
circumstances, the right belief system, people will, can, and
have done all of it. Most under the reptilian influence.

It is not an excuse to have the wool pulled over one\'s eyes.
Just as possession is 9/10 of the law so too are you guilty by
association. It has always been available to you to see the
truth of things in any and all lifetimes. It has been exceptionally
harder in some than others. This is the one lifetime that really
matters. You are awake, you have the truth right at your
finger tips. It\'s whispering in your ear every moment. This is
the time you get to be the change you have always wished
for. Nothing happens outside of you that wasn\'t first owned
inside. Change yourself and everything follows.

It revolves around your attitudes. How you think about a
thing and what you attach to it. Be Careful of word choices,
not just what you actually say but what you think is even
more important. If you allow your ego to beat you up with
negative thoughts, if you are always thinking of how bad
things are, how lost and blind people are then you have
given yourself an attitude of defeat, or martyrism, of victimization.
Your thoughts dictate your attitudes. Your attitude dictates
how you interact with others. Do you bark at them, are
you easily irritated, are you prone to angry outbursts?
Why? It is only you filled with fear and stress and
reacting - allowing others to create your attitudes.
You have to actively choose to create a loving
attitude in all things and with everyone. Greet
people with a smile, say hello. It is not necessary to
go into the history of the world with everyone. Small
acts of kindness. A peaceable attitude. Being filled
with the Love of the FATHER and radiating it with
a smile, a kind word. Your enemy does not need to
be your enemy. Change your attitude toward them
and you may see a change in them just as the kindness
of the Tangerine Bear eventually befriended the gruff
and ornery Virgil, the security dog in the children\'s movie.
No one wants to be preached at. No one wants strange
points of view shoved down their throats. Kindness is
universal. Don\'t think We want you to ignore what
goes on around you. Be aware, Be prepared. Don\'t
be a doormat. Don\'t take on the new-age thinking
of everything is pink and fluffy. You are to face the
reptilians with a smile not fear, not hate, not anger.
You must respect the free will choices even if you
don\'t agree with them, otherwise you are not
acting in accordance with the FATHER\'S will.
The prime directive is Don\'t Mess With Free Will.
Those that are ready will ask for the truth.

We are done with this subject.
With loving guidance
RAJ, of the Spiritual Hierachy