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conceptual vibration - a beginning place for healing

Everything is energy . . everything. Energy loves to move. That is the
basis of the healing work surrounding Louise Hay's You Can heal Your
Life. We are just streams of energy moving or being stored. If we allow
our energies to flow naturally when we remain healthy, a
spiritual/biological working at its max. It is only when we block these
energy flows in specific places in our body by our wrongly held mental
attitudes or by blocking emotions meant to be constructively released,
that we fall ill with dis-ease. Depending on where the blockage is a
good healer can put together the pieces of what's wrong and why.

Of course there are other outside influence son our energy flows as
well, most particularly the vampire-like energy suckers we find amongst
some of our 'friends' and family members or sometimes just people we
meet 'out there' in the public situation. Many of these connections to
our energy fields are, of course, dimensional. Hence the
multi-dimensional layers of healing a good spiritual healer needs to be
dealing with to affect some measure of health in this lifetime in their

Our energy fields are built up from the time of birth and chakras are
developmentally opened or blocked depending on what's taking place in
our lives at the time. Some of these type blockages are the spiritual
lessons we come here to learn. One form of input to our energies which
can hinder our proper development from the very time of our birth and
in the womb is called conceptual vibration. This is the energy 'cocoon'
formed around the new entity based on what the father is
thinking/feeling and the mother thinking/feeling at the time of our
conception. The energy of our father's status is locked around the sperm
and the energy of the mother's status is locked around the ova. Once
these two aspects come together, if one or the other or both are not of
love and all the right attitudes for conceiving a new entity, then the
misplaced attitude can become a prison-like energy around the child as
it forms and exits the womb. This energy 'cocoon' based on these
attitudes can hold the new person bound for a lifetime if not properly
removed or dealt with by the spiritual entity in its awareness and
growth. The conceptual vibration energy can sometimes be from the
mother, sometimes from the father, and sometimes from both.

Since most of us, most children, are not planned, the things people are
feeling and thinking at the time of conception can have a very limiting
effect on the child. For instance, the other day dealing with a couple
with a 7 month old baby, all I could see when looking at the conceptual
vibration of the child and its subsequent behaviors, was the form of a
joint ( marijuana) encompassing the child, rolling it up and effecting
its behavior with a 'drugged' sensibility. The parents were easily able
to remove the energy field once it was pointed out to them.

No one treatment besides crystal implant removal has had such profound
effects of change on clients of mine who needed it done. Other
conceptual vibration energies I have dealt with include seeing one girl
surrounded by a giant condom. When told this in front of her mother, the
mother confessed she was so worried about getting pregnant at the time
of the sexual act and now the energy of this worry had become solid
around her daughter until it was removed. One woman's conceptual
vibration was that of a duck since dad was an avid duck hunter. You can
tell what her dad was thinking about while 'making love'. Others have
taken the form of guns, fishing nets/tackle, even a stopwatch etc. on
the father's side.; clothing, shopping bags, pets etc. on the part of
the mother.

Upon removing these conceptual vibrations people's energy fields expand
and enliven. For once in their lives they are allowed to be free to be
themselves . . and to deal with their own spiritual issues without being
bound by the heavy burden of mother and father's thoughts and feelings
placed upon them at the time of conception.

(Cost for this work is $60 if it is needed, and yes, many people don't
need this work done but if they do, it is well well worth the time to
get it done. Work is done long distance or in person. Just ask your
Guidance or me and we will tell you if you would benefit from this