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Confessions of a Turtle People
Confessions of a Turtle People

The other night during his healing work Peter Farley shared with me the fact that I was a Turtle Person. This means that I, my turtle energy form at least, came here from one of the ?turtle planets? in the Pleiadean constellation.

This is, according to Native American tradition, also the source of the star ancestors of every major tribe in the United States, as well as most other aboriginal or native tribes in other countries around the world. What does that information mean to me? As more life has been heaped upon my shoulders and my upper back is rounding, it totally explains my body shape, so different from the rest of my blood relatives.. It?s not turtleness.

This got me to thinking about ?what are my turtle attributes?? Perhaps not all these are turtle-like traits of me alien energy self, but I know that many are.

Having the traits from my turtle homeland means that I can alternately move into my shell away from others, or on the flip side of the coin, snap their heads off in a verbal disagreement. It means I?m persistent as in the race between the turtle and the hare. It means I could hide in my closet when I was little and read by a flashlight. Ever see a cartoon with a bookish looking turtle wearing glasses? When I get interested in a topic I ?dig in? and learn all I can about it.

I?m nearsighted with a lazy eye, yet I have a gift of being able to get into a situation and see/sense the big picture very quickly. Others around me, hearing my explanation of the big picture are generally very slow to accept the information, if they ever accept the information at all. I?m also fractal instead of linear-definitely a home planet trait?and I?ll explain this. A linear person would say the alphabet like this: ?a, b, c, d, e, f,...........etc. As a fractal person, I?m just as comfortable with the alphabet being a, t, r, c, m, i...........etc. Both linear and fractal have a 26-letter alphabet. Both alphabets have all the letters. The only problem here is that those who have a linear alphabet think my fractal alphabet is ?wrong.? I delighted in the backwards clock I had for years. A man had completely reversed the numbers and mechanisms on the clock. The only serious side effect was when one of my kids came home and said the teacher was trying to teach everyone how to tell time. However, the clock she was using was all ?wrong!?

I?m not saying fractal and linear are attributes of turtle beings...........just an attribute that I have. I always told my kids we need to refine our sense of the ridiculous. The clock was ridiculous, and to me, fun.

And how do I, as a turtle energy get to a certain destination/goal? I rarely go around something, always trying to go over the top. Many times I make it. Sometimes I get flipped over on my back and am stalled, helpless and vulnerable. It takes a lot of work in the ?flipped over? turtle state to right myself, and it?s not impossible. Almost always, though, I can be turned right side up easier with the help of another. And sometimes I can be kept flailing on my back when someone puts their foot on me and won?t let me try to right myself. I?ve been lucky to be married to a man who?s given me lots of leeway in having ?my own free will.?

Getting the help of others isn?t easy as most turtle-people are ?loners.? As a loner I really don?t care a whole lot what other people think and I don?t care a lot about keeping up images others think are important. I did the sorority in college but I?m sure a few months after leaving I couldn?t tell you any of the so-called ?secrets? of the sorority. I joined another sorority type group after being married that my mother belonged to. A couple of members did some things that I didn?t think were sisterly, so I resigned. That was in the 60?s in a small town. There were women who really wanted to belong to that group, and I resigned.

Holding my car?s headlight in with duct tape doesn?t bother me a bit. The headlight still works. Having a dent in the back fender doesn?t bother me. When I see it, I?m reminded not to back into nearby poles. For that matter turtles probably don?t do reverse extremely well. I certainly don?t. I?ll wash the car a couple of times a year, but that?s it. I don?t want the duct tape coming off. My car?s just a way to get around, not a piece of my identity of who I am as a being.

This turtle-person doesn?t like to have duct tape put over her mouth (figuratively speaking until the recent Patriot Act and new behavior in our courts). When those who were supposed to be my support system put the figurative duct tape over my mouth so as not to listen to my ideas, I went into my shell and totally withdrew. As they test to see if I?m coming out of my shell and coming around to their way of thinking, they find the barrier of my shell in my way. And, they find it?s getting harder and harder to tap into my energy that I was constantly use to giving away. The jobs I?ve held that resonated the best to my turtleness were doing daycare in my home when my kids were little, doing home office work for our businesses, and doing a bed and breakfast. As a turtle I like being in my home. And it very much explains the way I would always delay going out the door, seeking to do just one more task. Most of the jobs I?ve had have been helping others. When I got into any careers in which the best way to make a lot of money was to be self-serving, it didn?t take long for a ?melt down? in that career.

As a ?turtle person? I love foliage all around. Indications suggest that the turtle home planet from which I came is very sub-tropical with lush ferns and tall trees and plenty . . . . plenty of water. Driving up to the mountains prior to finding about my ?turtleness?, I found it rejuvenating to be around the tall trees and dense foliage. On the way home I commented I probably needed to plant at least 3 dozen more trees in the backyard where I?ve already planted seven trees, lots of shrubs and ornamental grasses. As I look at the backyard where we live which was neglected for some time before we moved here, I see clusters of things I have planted. In a cluster there are trees, bushes, and now corn and sunflowers from the scattered birdseed. As a turtle person I hate tearing out any viable plants, especially if I think I might want or need them later. In the past I?ve had lots of houseplants and lots of silk plants and flowers simulating foliage. I also like having water fountains around the house and yard and would love a waterfall/pond feature in the backyard?a large waterfall/pond feature not just a patio fountain. On a hot day I prefer finding a cool spot under tree rather than being out in the hot sun. In fact I don?t handle the heat well at all. Up to 80 degrees is my preference for a summer day. Not 100+ where I live.

I?m always trying to make my houses cozier. Others may see my books and art as clutter, and I see it as making my home more cozy and colorful. One of my sisters commented in one of my houses that it gave her visual sensory overload. My retort was that her house with her very loud husband and children gave me audio sensory overload. Speaking of audio I like certain kinds of music and will even turn up the volume on them. Other types of music I find irritating and want to get away from it.

Carrying extra weight around has been constant for years. It?s as though I keep trying to grow into my energetic body shape (morphogenetic field). It?s kind of like I really am carrying the turtle shell on my back all the time. I didn?t grow up in a family with other kindred turtle people, so I feel like the odd one out most of the time. When I pursue my goals persistently and family and friends don?t agree with these goals, I know I?m going to make them mad or at least extremely uncomfortable. I?m an enigma to them at times, and an embarrassment to them at others. I?m having to learn that in staying true to my ?turtleness? it really doesn?t matter. Following my heart and spirit is what matters. Being true to myself is what matters. And I?m having to figure out that my genetic family isn?t necessarily anything related to my true spiritual family.

I wondered if I came to this planet as a turtle person, was there a particular reason for choosing the sign I was born under? Being a Leo has probably helped immensely in coming out of my shell. I can be gregarious, speak in front of groups, and work with all kinds of people. Perhaps it would have been more difficult to communicate with others if I?d chosen a different sign. I?m generous with what I have. And I?m learning to let go of many things I thought were necessary. When I am out of my shell I?m an open book. What you see is what you get and I don?t like playing games. After all wasn?t the rabbit just toying with me in the famous race of the tortoise and the hare? I believe that each of us chooses a sign to go along with the work we?ve come to do. Now, I wonder, what is it like to live with a turtle person who?s also a Leo? That ought bring the house down.....somehow I?m guessing that not everyone out there thinks I?m as ?stellar? as I do! At least I know the Virgos find me rather irritating because I don?t follow their logical and rational way of doing things.

Figuring out why I?m living here with such persistence seems like it would be a good idea. I?m learning that I can?t waste my turtleness on projects and people I can?t help. I?m getting on my path, running my own race, and ?digging in.? After all, isn?t that what turtles do? My home-planet turtle guidance have suggested at this time that I work in getting other turtle people together, perhaps an Internet ?turtle unite!? or at least ?turtles communicate!? group. Faced with a choice of having my turtle-essence removed and becoming a full-fledged human, I ended up choosing the turtle route. It is said when you come to this planet and experience it as a human you have the greatest opportunity for soul growth. If I came as say, a 6th dimensional being, and I help others who also came here with the same dimensionality, I may or may not make some great soul growth. I?m reminded of the airline?s instruction ?put the oxygen mask on yourself first? before you try to help those around you. If I can help others of the turtle energy to understand who they are and ultimately what they are here to do, then my helping myself grows exponentially. It?s perhaps a larger version of the ?pay it forward? idea.

Maybe I?ll still leave here as a 6th dimensional being, and maybe I just came here to take information back to the turtle home I came from. As a turtle person I?m not especially fond of the idea of control by the dark reptilians forces here on this planet. Peter has shared with me our own struggle at home against these very same forces. But, after all, wouldn?t a turtle be a fairly delectable dinner for a carnivorous reptilian? Am I just here to give, or am I also here to learn also? What I may learn here is bound to help the turtle planet, and whatever it is I?m sure the information is headed my way, rapidly.
To finish, it?s a simple task now just to get on with it. I?m not going to try and keep score on any soul level, I guess I?m just move along at my own steady pace with what I?m here to do and see what happens when I get there-I?m sure in the end I?m bound to win the race. *wink

Thank you, Peter! Lynn Schmaltz