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Confusion -- (Worth re-reading)
By Peter Farley
(with the help of others)

Perhaps the greatest challenge I must face everyday as a Spiritual
Healer is to help people understand what is going on and what their
place is during this time of chaos and into the coming Earth changes.

Unfortunately, the New Age teachings have only served to confuse the
issues in people's minds to a greater degree than ever before.
Everything is not OK, despite what any of us read in "I'm Okay,
You're Okay." As long as one of us is not okay, then none of us is
okay, for indeed we are all a part of One. Is the car okay if the
tire is flat? Is the house okay if the roof leaks? Is the body okay
if the leg has to be amputated?

Why is it that true spiritual masters reach the grandest heights in
Creation and then delay their own 'entrance into heaven' only to come
back here and serve in the trashcan of the Universe? Perhaps it is
because they understand that the essence of true spiritual mastership
does not lie in the stillness of the mind or becoming one with the
Universal, for that we already are. Perhaps they understand that
service to all without undue thought for one's self is the true
purpose of Creation, becoming a co-worker with the Creator in helping
steward Creation and those who have manifested in it.

"In the late seventies and early eighties, there began a movement in
the United States which came to call itself "The New Age". This was
originally a social and spiritual movement, whose intention was to go
well beyond the limitations of traditional religious ritual, and the
false values of consumerism and materialism, thereby creating what
was literally supposed to be, "a New Age for Mankind". Under the
influence of writers/visionaries like Ram Dass, Carlos Castaneda,
Lynne Andrews, Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, Robert Monroe, Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi, Jane Roberts, Deepak Chopra, Mary Summer Rain, Dan
Millman, Pramahansa Yogananda, Richard Bach and a host of others,
this movement started as a far-flung collection of social engineers
whose collective intent was the fundamental change of where the human
race was headed. In its beginning stages during these two decades,
much progressive work was done for the greater enlightenment of many
thousands of people, as the public was finally exposed to areas as
diverse as ancient Vedic knowledge, unified field physics,
meditation, yoga, holistic medicine, the needed questioning of social
norms, as well as the psychedelic and spiritual expansion of
consciousness." (From 'Rise and Fall of the New Age' Matthew Webb

Unfortunately, some areas of this movement turned people inward and
away from the need for actual conscious social activism and change.
With others, all it did was help lock them back into old states of
consciousness and religious ideas they had transcended lifetimes ago.
For many all it did was make them focus on their own "Okayness", or
the artificial reality that "everything is okay" or "everything is
the way it's supposed to be." And this trend lingers on today among
many of those who came here to be spiritual leaders, allowing them to
hide away in their homes, their families and their jobs, afraid to
buck the system that focuses on this system of personal 'okayness'.

While someone writes me asking about whether or not they should
invest in a new condo, I want to cry out to them that while they sit
considering their options 10,000 more people died of AIDS in
Swaziland.; 20,000 more children in their early teens became heads of
their households in that same area; 15,000 more people slipped below
the poverty line in the United States and Australia, the United
States bombed a thousand more mud huts into oblivion making countless
peasants homeless, and worst of all, the New World Order took one
more step toward the final completion of its age-old Great Plan.

Perhaps focusing on our own okayness is the only way to cope with a
situation we think to big to handle on our own as this explanation of
DID suggests:

'Dissociative Identity Disorder ~ DID (formerly termed Multiple
Personality Disorder) is the mind's sane defense to an insane
situation. It is a way of dealing with trauma that is literally "too
horrible to comprehend". Incestuous rape violates primitive instincts
and surpasses pain tolerance. By compartmentalizing the memory of
such horrendous abuse, the rest of the mind can function "normally"
as though nothing has happened. This compartmentalization is created
by the brain actually shutting down neuron pathways to a specific
part of the brain.' (From: "Monarch Media Matrix"

Mind Control Amerikan Style)

All of us are being forced to compartmentalize our lives so we don't
have to deal with these bigger issues that we feel we cannot cope
with on our own, especially as the rape of our hopes, and dreams, and
ideals becomes more evident under the tyranny of the New World Order
through the puppet regimes of Bush and Blair and Howard, and others
like them.

And how can any of us deal with the takeover of our very energy forms
by things we are not even allowed to believe are true?

"Do you believe that a person can be replaced by an alien energy? I
was, I believe, it has taken me so long to find people to speak of
this with. In the 50s sometime, my sister and I were outside, playing
on a metal bed, jumping up and down, something struck me in the face.
I was unhurt, but changed forever. I did not remember this until I
was in an astronomy class in the 70s and the stars above the class
room caused a flashback. It scared me, and since then I have been
searching for someone, or something. I also know what god is, not a
who but a what. You were on a message that someone sent me ."

And even when you do find someone to confirm your innermost fears or
understandings of what is taking place in your life, what can you do
about it?

"If you realized you were married to a person who was unknowingly
linked to the reptilian agenda (educated in a rigorous Kings college
in London)....have even seen the weird eye thing...."

I keep saying to myself that this type of pain should not have to
exist for soul to garner its necessary lessons. The things Beth
Goobie and others undergo during their experience of ritual child
abuse, do not have to happen. It is only because WE allow them. WE
allow the New World Order by our own coercion of non-doing, by our
own inner conviction that "I'm okay, therefore everything else is
okay too."

(from The Network of Stolen Consciousness
"My programming involved fragmentation into alters who were trained
as sex agents, couriers, computers, and cult alters (priestess,
seeker, caller, whore, slave, trainer, etc.). Some of my alters were
trained to handle weapons. The stories of Kathleen Sullivan, Brice
Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, and Claudia Mullen, as well as Cathy O'Brien's
TranceFormation of America describe much that is familiar to me,
including near-death centers and ´hunting.' I would like to thank
each of these women for speaking out. I deeply admire your courage.
Keep going.

" . . . Born in 1959, I am a survivor of an intergenerational CIA-
connected cult that continues to operate in central Ontario, Canada.
In Part 1 of this article (PARANOIA Issue 24), I discussed the manner
in which intelligence cults have been developing the technology to
exploit the metaphysical realities that are a daily part of all our
lives. I proposed that the intelligence community intends to use this
technology to fragment and radically realign the consciousness of the
average citizen for purposes of ´mind control' and to ´feed' off the
energy of each individual life. I attempted to describe a complex
process that utilizes frequencies of sounds and light/color to align
a victim's brain to specific vibrations (metaphysical portals).
Calculated trauma and dissociation then force the victim into
interaction with metaphysical entities through out-of-body

The peer-pressure involved with the non-discussion of extra-
terrestrial and/or metaphysical realities is just another control
mechanism of the New World Order by which we can all be controlled.
Those who are brave enough to write and lecture and teach about it
always suffer for their bravery and their willingness to act. But is
that a reason not to?

Reading to gather information is a very valid activity towards an
eventual solution, but as Diane Mickelson explains here, information
can also be a trap when not updated or understood, i.e. digested or

"We've been told information is power. It is the lack of
information.not knowing, that puts us in an uninformed powerless
position. It can create puppets out of us. Information is neither
positive nor negative it is JUST information. What you do with the
information as you collect it, throw some out, catalog it,
disseminate it, it is entirely up to you, it is personal. Everyone
has a right to their own opinion. The problem occurs when you don't
keep your information current. Although you can learn from the past
(well, most of us try to), information written in other times relate
to other times. Things have changed so much, particularly in recent
years. If you won a Chrysler Pacifica, 2004, and it needed work, you
wouldn't use a Model T repair book to find out how to repair the
Pacifica. Along these same lines, channellers such as Alice Bailey,
channeling DK, wrote for the time she lived in. There is much we can
learn from, but a lot of it referred to the time it was written in.
Things that exist today were pretty inconceivable then. Nostradamus'
predictions were based on the times they were written in, the
predictions were written in code and left up to us but written in
yesterday's knowledge base. Everyone seems to interpret it according
to his/her own knowledge base, what is right for each person but
totally contradictory to each other. So what is right? What is
wrong???? Both are right and both are wrong. It is entirely up to
each individual person. So, information is information is
information. It is neither positive nor negative. The important thing
is to keep it current take the pieces that fit, don't judge the other
parts, they just aren't for you."

Having taught at every level of school, and now in the spiritual work
and healing that I do, I see that one of the biggest problems with
people is that the new information technology has only given us more
information to process, not the wisdom with which to process it and
know what is true and what is not. Again, this is another
NewWorldOrder trap in which they will flood the subject area with
contradictory information or opinions in order to confuse the reader
so that no one knows what to believe and what not to. The first thing
I teach to many co-workers is channeling or Waking Dreams by which
they can tap into their own inner guidance to know what is true and
relevant for them.

Relevant is a key word here since none of us has the time to digest
everything that we read. And what, indeed, is the use of any
information without the willingness and intent to act upon it with
resolve to change the situations we have read about?

With such inner guidance we can get precise information on what it is
we need to know or share, just as this woman on my mailing list did:

AUGUST 1999 (an excerpt)
"Change is in the air, if you will. Change and chaos and destruction
and overloading of all of the planet's systems. It is all heading for
the final overload of emotions, systems, intelligence, reason... then

"Give your future to God. Trust that no matter what befalls you, you
are in the proper place, and your timing is perfect in all things.

"As the false beliefs in happiness and niceness and life without pain
begin to be stripped away, there will be even more desperation in
your society. For, you see, it is not thus in every society on the
planet. You forget there are many that you would term primitive
societies on the planet, too few, alas... but more than you would
consider... which are perfectly prepared to go into the coming
madness with balance and equilibrium. It is your so called 'developed
countries' which will fare the worst, and yours among them, alas.

"We can and would do nothing to prevent or forestall the coming
collapse, for it must occur if your planet and your civilization are
to survive."

The major purpose of my mission now is to get people off their
fences, if they will, one way or another, or at least to offer them
the chance.

"I have worked with a lot of high-level spiritual people, Debra, and
most often it takes big guns to get them off their fences or out of
their cosy little holes-especially when they are heavily invested in
the Matrix as you are and have been. I have questioned the Hierarchy
about this tactic more than I can tell you, but when someone is not
going to move, what have They to lose? They always like to give a
person one more chance, because one day They gave Peter another
chance and he got up and did what they had always hoped he would
do. . . What has been done has only been done for your highest good.
Please understand that. Peter"

When we have our own individual guidance we have no need to rely on
outer sources of advice and or guidance, there is no need for a
religious personage to act as a go-between to translate what Spirit
and the Creator want us to do. There is, in fact, no need for any
type of control over us at all, and for once in our lives, we are
truly free.

"I wondered if I came to this planet as a turtle person, was there a
particular reason for choosing the sign I was born under. Being a Leo
has probably helped immensely in coming out of my shell. I can be
gregarious, speak in front of groups, and work with all kinds of
people. Perhaps it would have been more difficult to communicate with
others if I'd chosen a different sign. I'm generous with what I have.
And I'm learning to let go of many things I thought were necessary.
When I am out of my shell I'm an open book. What you see is what you
get and I don't like playing games . . . Lynne"

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202