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contemplation vs meditation
Notice that Julia's master, Fubbi Quantz, uses the
word 'contemplation' not meditation in her channelings. The
differences are explained in the Waking Dream book free for download
in the files section of the group, but here is a snippet:

"Simply put, prayer is telling God what we want in our lives.
Meditation is listening to God tell us what he is going to give us.
Contemplation is an active form of the meditation described above. In
it, we use our God-given powers of imagination and visualization to
take ourselves into those places from which we can more directly
access the divine inner source of wisdom and of understanding.
When using the contemplation technique, sit as instructed for
meditation, then visualize seeing on that same screen of the mind,
the third-eye, the place to which you wish to travel, or the person
or spiritual guide with whom you wish to meet. Again chant a holy
word or line of scripture which is comforting to you. Fill the image
with a desire/emotion to make it so, just as Christopher Reeve's
character did in the movie Somewhere In Time.

"As a person works with this technique, sooner or later they will
find themselves going beyond the limitations of their mind into that
place, or into the presence of that person who they had been
visualizing. Many other experiences may also happen, including the
appearance of colors or sounds, each of which will have their own
special meaning.

"The major factor in having success with these techniques is to
overcome the fears that are so often buried deep within us. If fear
starts to arise, ask your spiritual guidance for assistance in
removing whatever it is that is the source of this fear. Then
visualize or feel the fear being lifted from you. Spiritual
assistance is always there for the asking, but we do need to ask."