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By Peter Farley (with the help of others)

Long observation has enabled scientists to study the X-ray behavior
of young Sun-like stars with ages between 1 and 10 million years.
What they have discovered about these young stars is that they
produce violent X-ray outbursts, or flares, that are much more
frequent and energetic than anything seen today from our 4.6 billion-
year-old Sun."

So it is with youth in all stages of Creation, there is uncontrolled
and often uncontrollable energy, energy that the person does not yet
know how to channel into a useful form. This is the time when Heart
and Mind still remain separate in their function and in their

When working on a 10th dimensional Star Rover one time in Florida I
came to the realization that after so long working from a place
where Heart and Mind are one, she no longer knew how to deal with
things when coming from a place where Heart and Mind are separate.
A gifted healer, she used the power of her mind to heal others . . .
until the time when a tumor on the left side of her brain (the Mind
side) caused her to fall sick. In being so long in a place of
Oneness she had forgotten how to activate and come from a place of
the Heart as well. Her very powerful mind was now in control and
those surrounding her were those of the reptilian/Orion agenda who
so treasure the powers of the Mind without ever realizing the
balancing nature of the Heart.

This woman's tumor could only be cured by using the powers of the
Heart. So it is with all of us. When we come from a place strictly
of the Mind, then we quickly burn out that faculty for it is working
from an unbalanced state. Run with your car's engine or any piece of
machinery seriously `out of tune' and you will very quickly find
that machinery disabled and ultimately damaged by running in such an
unbalanced state.

Often the more intelligent we are, the more difficulty we have in
surrendering to Higher Will. The Mind always seeks to be in control
and has a thousand ways to fool us to let us think it is being the
servant rather than the omnipotent Master. And, just like the Star
Rover, it is only the opening of the Heart that can return us to the
ultimate balance we seek within our Spiritual Nature.

This planet is all about that learning, the Balance of the Heart and
Mind. If you are on planet Earth you are here to learn that balance.
No act brings to Light this imbalance better than the act of
learning to surrender, especially in learning to channel the Highest
level of your Being or the Spiritual Hierarchy here to assist and
guide you in your mission to serve others.

One cannot deal with channeling in the mind. This will only bring
forward what the Mind seeks to hear for itself, not the true Wisdom
of the Higher Will. When channeling in writing one needs to sit down
without judgment and simply write through to the end of what one is
receiving without stopping to question or correct or edit the work.
One is receiving the information through the Heart side and slipping
into the `editing' mode is allowing the Mind to interfere. The time
for Mind is when the channeling is done to edit and correct what has
been brought forward through the Heart. This is Heart and Mind
working together to produce a work that is of the Highest Nature.

This is the process of getting Self out of the way of Self. This is
where the faith and the trust aspect of the Heart come in that what
is being received is of the Highest Nature and the true message that
Guidance wishes brought forward.

My Guidance does not tell me but minute to minute what I'm to do,
and not always why until after an event is over. Knowing the reason
why we are to do something sometimes colors the way we act in a
certain circumstance. Guidance, therefore withholds this information
until after we have performed what it is we were to do. Seeking to
control the process is seeking to control Guidance, and that is not
what it is here for. That is self-will, Mind seeking to always be in

If you need to know everything beforehand, then that is the trap
where so many people have failed. Learning to let go and go with the
flow will show you how everything will turn out okay. Heart is
spontaneous. Mind wants to analyze or break down everything into its
parts beforehand. That is how Guidance teaches faith and trust.
The faster you can channel the more you will come to realize Their
presence with you every second of the day. If you can't let go of
control, then how can Their guidance reach you? This is the struggle
taking place within all of us right now?the fear of letting go. The
only thing that helps to overcome that fear is having a stronger
desire to do what it is you came here to do. If that is not
paramount or uppermost in your mind or in your heart, then the
Darkside will find a way to make you fail.

So many people come to me touting the power of their minds to help
with the Spiritual work needing to be done.

"My way of helping, besides standing up and speaking out, is through
this web project that I have been working on for some time. It's
sorta complicated to visualize all this, but I have a talent for
boiling down complex concepts and illustrating/demonstrating them in
a visual/animative/interactive manner.

"Such concepts as cognitive dissonance, government sponsored terror
(false flag events), usury and the fraudulent banking systems,
controlled pandemics, the 5 D ascension processes, and a higher
understanding of economic human class dynamics (showing how middle
class is being eroded by a growing plutocracy and the NWO).

It sounds quite broad and open-ended, but I've been in the process
of visualizing these subjects and trying to wrap my mind about how
to exactly how to go about it. I see it, and have been experimenting
with these topics being examined in a almost simulator type view on
the web (through Flash) showing people and systems symbolized as
icons, and giving a direct presentation on certain events. I see it
as showcasing energy/ monetary/ governmental/consciousness systems
all while linking relevant articles/documents on the points

I've been working on client stuff lately, but I would like to get
back to my older stuff where I do more experiments and incorporate
simulations/A.I./group behavior in a interactive and descriptive
type way.

Yikes! are you afraid I asked?

The power and potentiality of the Mind is a wonderful thing in this
world, but it is also the power that created the matrix world in
which we exist. If you remember the end of A Wrinkle in Time (a very
realistic portrayal of what is actually taking place) the only
weapon the children have to fight off ultimate Darkness is
unconditional Love.

Mind without Heart is cruel. Heart without Mind is a doormat. The
balancing of the two ?two-thirds Heart to one-third Mind is the
optimal balance (not 50-50 as the Yin and Yang symbol would have us

Learn to be spontaneous, within reason. Relax the need to control.
Go with the flow, and above all trust in yourself and your ability
to do and survive anything when following your true Spiritual