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creating the ascension
Creating the Ascension
By Peter Farley

From Vol 9 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? - The Origin of
All Things

What has been done on this planet since its ´invasion´ by these
criminals, goes against the Prime Directive of Creation-Free Will.
People, however, have always been so very easy to manipulate. Often
they will give away their free will simply for attaining a life of
ease where the decision-making process has been taken from them and
is now in the hands of someone else. This is the ´easy choice´
spoken of in Harry Potter.

There are innumerable forms to command such people. They are the
ones who so easily give in to the desires of their own ego, begin to
lose consciousness and then are so easily controlled. Ego is the
birth of control and limitation, its bends the will into what
pleases it.

So it has been during the later ages of Atlantis and Lemuria, and
also on other planets as well. Due to this dissemination of ego-
Darkness or destructive self will, reactors meant to alter reality
were used to bring negativity to a highly amplified state. This
ended many civilizations such as Mars, Maldek, and believe it or
not, many more. What we have here on planet Earth right now is
simply the ´final conflict´ in a battle that has been taking places
for eons.

Ego has been riding the back of humanity since its creation. The
merkaba generators were the epitaph of the destructive power this
type of self-will will bring. If very few were ready to deal with
the delicate balance of the higher dimensions at the time of
Atlantis, even fewer are now. Even the love they and now we are
capable of experiencing is a problem due to our inability to feel it
properly without causing interruption to the flow-in the giving
aspect of unconditional Love. And if one cannot give, then it is by
the Law of Love, also very difficult for them to receive. Soul
exists because of the FATHER´S LOVE for us. Without being able to
give and subsequently to receive that Love, we are just like shadows
because the Light which is the true Love of the FATHER cannot pass
through us. Self-will only makes our vibration \"dense\" and we become
like those who created the merkaba reactors for an easy way to
ascend, we become invaders to the higher realms. The density of this
planet has only now grown and intensified. Without a serious Light-
ening of a greater proportion of this planet, its successful
ascension remains still very much in question.

" . . .The only way to be on a higher dimension and stable is
through Love and of a minimal level equivalent to that of the
dimensional level [on which you reside].

"Love is what will fuel the stay there, the ability to let that
minimal flow of love through the light body. It´s not exactly an
amount of love stored as in a battery, its more the ability to come
to a state of Beingness where you will be able to let that amount of
Light or Love, pass through you without being pushed back, in a way.
You will be there and of the same vibration as that light, then it
will feel like you are not a shadow there. It will feel like you are
a Being on the same frequency as the one required. . . .

"What actually blocks people going to higher realms is what they
have in their auric fields, the things they link themselves to. If
they link to what belongs on the highest level, then they will be on
the highest level and able to remain. If they link to something on a
lower level, they are at that lower level . . .