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creation s healing and thoth s confession‏
Creation\'s Healing and Thoth\'s Confession
(through a group member)



I am a scientist and work more with mind frequencies than those of
the heart, such as it is with most beings of the male polarity which
is not to say that they are all scientists but that they vibrate and
function with a greater amount of mind frequencies and less heart
frequencies. The heart frequencies are those of the feminine. What
is the difference here and what is the importance? Working with the
basic knowledge that everything in existence - \"All That Is\" -is
energy at different frequencies, in different configurations, then
mind frequencies are very different than heart frequencies.

When you think of the male energies that start the process
of `balanced Creation\' using thought (mind), it is then the female
energies which hold the space (in the heart) for the thoughts and
thus completes the balanced Creation. In physical form this
translates into the male starting the process of creation by putting
his seed (penis & ejaculate/sperm) while the female holds the space
for the seed to meet her egg and gestate (in her womb) and balanced
creation is completed. We could not exist in the realm of relativity
without this polarity, without the male and female, without the mind
and heart frequencies.

Without re-telling the story of Creation or by overly detailing the
dysfunction of the first Creational Family beings [told in Where
Were You Before the Tree of Life?], we know that this dysfunction
has created and perpetuated great imbalance in many sectors of
Creation including this sector and its focal point, your planet
Earth. You often hear the phrase, \"true healing is through the
heart\" and this is very true. In order for the True Light-Love of
Father to return to this sector in full, in order for us all to live
in freedom and joy in the original intended state of existence, we
must resurrect and re-implement the original blueprint of Father\'s
Creation, we must achieve a balance of male-female energies. We must
take a multi-faceted approach, from micro to macro and vice versa.
All levels of creation must be actively working at achieving healing
and balance. Each of you must make the effort to balance the heart-
mind/ male-female frequencies within. The female/heart frequencies
have been suppressed, trapped, blocked and stagnant for so long,
with an over-flowing abundance of mind frequencies floating
throughout this sector of creation and within each of you.

Male beings, female beings and neutral beings on all levels of
existence in this sector have suppressed their female/heart
frequencies perpetuating this imbalance. We must awaken these heart
frequencies within all of us and activate them in each individual\'s
vibrational structure. This will call for much emotional/energetic
movement of blocked, stagnant energies. Old wounds, old emotions
will need to be accessed and dislodged in order for the heart
frequencies to be reactivated and vibrating at a healthy and vibrant
rate. This is not unlike the unclogging of the arteries of the
physical heart in the physical human body so it can return to a
healthy functional state. The process of accessing old emotions and
energies and dislodging them can be very painful but well worth it
and necessary.

So too, and most importantly, must the high-level Beings and
Creational Family partake in the healing and balancing process with
the emergence of the heart/feminine energies. For if this is not
completed at the highest level, the wounds of Creation will never
fully heal and the cycle (from macro to micro) of imbalance will
perpetuate itself.

It may be difficult for some of you to think of Creator Beings and
higher dimensional Beings as not being all-knowing or being
imperfect and capable of creating so much dysfunction and imbalance
and distortion but, \"in the beginning\" when these Beings were given
sections (voids) of creation to CREATE, we were all like children
learning as we went along. The process of healing and attempting to
undo the dysfunction that was done is like this as well. We
experimented and are still experimenting with different methods and
efforts to try and \"clean up this mess\" and we are all still
learning as we go.

I will speak now of my story. I am a scientist and I enjoyed the
power which I possessed. I was created with much power but I was
also extremely curious, a very good observer and a good student.
Although I had familial relationships and heart bonds with many
Beings, nothing was more intoxicating to me than my own power and
what I could create with it. Having power in and of itself is not
necessarily dangerous, but when you add the fear of losing that
power to the equation, an over-abundance of mind frequencies and
inactive heart frequencies, you create intense greed and lust and
extreme misalignment from True Light-Love (i.e., darkness) and the
desire to do ANYTHING to hold onto that power and to acquire more of

(Note: I am now feeling a great deal of sadness in Thoth\'s energy as
he is reflecting upon his past actions)

I worked along side Aliczia, a member of the Creational Family, (who
was known by many other names as most Creational Beings are) for a
very long time. We developed a close heart bond. We had similar
thirsts for power and exploration of our curiosities and own
Creational abilities. We did much experimentation and manipulation,
not only when incarnated on Earth but on all levels of existence.
Aliczia was a lover to me and also like a brother at times. Yes, I
say brother because in her fragmented state, separated from her
first FULL TRUE Self, Callia [the Infinite Mother Spirit for this
SuprUniverse], she suppressed her pain and her heart frequencies.
She suppressed the feminine in herself because she considered it
weak and useless and painful and she activated her mind frequencies
to try and be at par with her male counterparts. Unfortunately, that
was the case with many female high level Beings as well. They either
adapted to one of two states, becoming suppressed, weak and
submissive or they suppressed their feminine/heart energies to
become more masculine, in both cases disengaging the much needed
balancing female/heart energies, which then became blocked and
stagnant down through all echelons of Creation in all forms.

The one you call The Magdalene energies is also known as Myrrhiel.
Myrrhiel and Aliczia are very similar hence my intense love for both
of them. The Being incarnated at this time on Earth carrying the
Aliczia energies originally volunteered to take on some of the
Myrrhiel energies as it was decided they would be dispersed among
several high level Beings (more detail on that at a later time) to
incarnate on Earth at this time. She was able to do this because she
is a high level Creational Being and had done this in previous
incarnations because she had a very similar energetic structure to
Myrrhiel and because she was only supposed to host these energies
for a short period of time upon incarnating until the Myrrhiel
energies were assimilated and healed and taken out of her energetic
body. Unfortunately, it was more difficult than anticipated to
assimilate and integrate and heal the Myrrhiel energies and some of
them stayed with Aliczia much longer than anticipated. When the
energetic load became too much for Aliczia she had to break the
agreement she made to house the other energies and they were taken
out of her energetic structure and transferred to someone else. This
overload became too great for Alizcia and for her well-being she had
to break the agreement but not before damage was done to her various
energetic bodies. Myrrhiel and Alizcia are currently in the process
of healing (more as this process unfolds).

This is a little known fact but I, too, became a fragmented Being
but not in the same way that Enjilou and Callia fragmented. I will
explain to you my scenario. There were aspects of myself that longed
intensely to re-align myself with the True Light-Love of Father
because I had realized how much pain and dysfunction I had caused,
because the false peace and joy of empty power was becoming
increasingly unsatisfying and because I was in great pain as well. I
believed it was only in re-aligning with Father that I could heal
and rid myself of this growing emptiness and pain in my heart. Yet,
there were still parts of me that remained attached and addicted to
the desire of power and the fear of losing it (lower frequency
energies). Parts of me reached higher and higher to realign with the
True Light-Love of Father and continually activated higher based
frequencies and parts of me remained unchanged, vibrating at the
lower level frequencies. It reached the point where the two higher
frequencies and lower frequencies became so incompatible that it
became impossible for them to exist in the same energetic structure
so I broke in two and became fragmented, higher Thoth and lower
Thoth who was still very dark and active.

The higher Thoth left for other sectors of Creation for healing and
remained in seclusion for a very long period of linear time but
returned to this sector of Creation to help undo what he had done
and try and convince his lower self to return to the True Light-Love
for healing. After Higher Thoth returned to this sector of Creation
and the other members of the Creational Family turned toward True
Light-Love for healing, it was only a matter of time before lower
Thoth made the choice to heal as well. The process of healing is
still in progress and energetically we are still not completely
integrated but we are healing and de-compartmentalizing and are
actively seeking forgiveness from all Creation and learning to
forgive ourselves.

The two Thoths is one explanation for the different Thoth energies
present in several channelings and interactions with different
Beings and activities over the recent Earth years. This is not to
mention that of course there are several other entities that have,
and are now, masquerading as Thoth, so please access Guidance and
use discernment when interacting with a \"Thoth entity\".

It may be difficult for some of you to grasp this scenario but think
of your human minds and how they are very capable of dissociating
and compartmentalizing into two or more very distinct personalities.
They become very separate and distinct and vibrate and different
frequencies and your psychiatrists work to heal the issues that
caused the original \"splits\" in the first place and reintegrate the
personalities into one.

This is all for now.
Be Well
In Light,

{The ongoing Creational story Thoth speaks of here is available free
in the first two volumes of Where Were You before The Tree of
Life?, available for download at}