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Critical Spiritual Mass A Final Wake-Up Call Part 2
Critical Spiritual Mass A Final Wake-Up Call

Part 2 A Corrupted Peace Movement
by Peter Farley (with help from others)

Sitting here listening to the speeches from the `Peace March' on
Washington and looking at the energy forms of the leaders of the
various movements associated with it, as well as asking questions of
the Spiritual Hierarchy, I am made very aware of the intricacy and
complexity of what the New World Order has created on planet Earth to
keep people enslaved.

I am reminded of Voltaire's old statement that `if God did not exist
it would be necessary [for Mankind] to create him.' If there is no
opposition, no other side to the system in place, then the Hegelian
equation of pitting one side against another to gain a third central
agenda, cannot possibly work. Therefore, if there is no opposition to
George Bush and the government, if there is no `peace movement', then
it is necessary for the New World Order to create one; if not create,
then at least sponsor or control one. Virtually every speaker at the
Washington gathering was of this `darkside' agenda, only expressing
half truths in order to draw people in and placate them that they are
in fact doing something meaningful, when in truth they are only
catering to the New World's Order's agenda for further world and
Universal domination.

Much has been written about how the major environmental and social
organizations of the 1960s were taken over during the 1970s by
infiltrating a new corrupted leadership into the groups or by
exerting financial pressures since funding of these organizations has
always NOT been supported by those who should be more involved. Once
again it comes down to what Kurt Vonnegut says in his new book, A Man
Without a Country: "We could have saved the planet but we were too
cheap and too lazy."

Antony Sutton (America's Secret Establishment: An introduction to the
Order of Skull & Bones, Trine Day Walterville, OR 2002 ) gives us
the best example of this method of controlling Mankind in his
description of The Skull and Bones Order and how it has taken control
of worldwide systems by using this very method. This method is widely
attributed to Hegel but again, in truth, it is an old
Freemasonic/Templar technique similar to the Machiavellian idea of
divide and conquer --of pitting two sides against each other to
further their own third, unheralded objective.

Hegelianism glorifies the State. In Hegelian Statism, as in Naziism
and Marxism, the State is supreme, and the individual exists only to
serve the State. The U.S. two-party Republican-Democrat system is
simply a reflection of this Hegelianism and becoming more evidently
so. In this case, the New World Order, actually a very small elitist
group?by using the ideas attributed to Hegel and Machiavelli?can and
have manipulated the control of society for its own destructive

An easy example of this concept is how the Skull and Bones became a
major force in the drug smuggling business (primarily through The
Order families of Bush and Prescott in the 1860s). In true Hegelian
fashion, The Order also generated its other side as well (the
antithesis), the so-called "war on drugs". This hypocritical policy
thereby maintains the price of drugs, controls supply, and puts
millions in jail while the gainers, in great part,
are none other than the same "Bonesmen" who pass the laws to prohibit
it (Bonesman, Taft, 1904).

This pitting of Right against Left is a most effective control
device. For Hegelians, the State is almighty, seen as the `March of
God on Earth" (an attitude becoming more and more evident in
President Bush's (Skull and Bones member 1968) attitude of making
Christianity the undeclared U.S. State religion.

Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the
clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the
opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome. Start a war in
Iraq and an opposition will form which will keep people's eyes off
The Order's true agenda. Control the leadership of the peace movement
and one controls both sides of the conflict in order to keep the
outcome certain.