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Critical Spiritual Mass Part 3 The Lie of Conspiracies
Critical Spiritual Mass
Part 3 The Lie of Conspiracies
by Peter Farley (with help from others)

"What we have here is a failure to communicate . . "
Boss, Cool Hand Luke

"It would be so damn easy just to give people what they want . . . "
Peter Farley

Conspiracy theorist is a label synonymous with nut. And why shouldn't
it be with everything that happens being turned into a conspiracy
theory by those so gullible as to eat up every baited hook hung out
by the true conspiracy in a successful attempt to weaken the position
of those trying to get across the depth and details of the true
nature of the conspiracy.

From Fox News: Out There: Man-Made Hurricanes? Wednesday, September
21, 2005

"Global warming? Act of God? Nope, says one Idaho weatherman ?
Hurricane Katrina was part of a man-made plot against America.

"Scott Stevens, a meteorologist who for nine years has been
forecasting the weather on KPVI-TV (search) in Pocatello, says the
Yakuza ? the Japanese mafia ? is using a Russian-made electromagnetic
generator to launch terrific storms against the U.S. mainland.

"The devastation of New Orleans was in revenge for the U.S. atomic
bombing of Hiroshima, Stevens explains on his Web site. He says it
will soon be used again against another major American city . . ."

Yes, there is HAARP ( and all
types of weather changing weapons based on both alien and Tesla
technology. Yes, there are on an almost daily basis the chemtrails
sprayed overhead to stagnate our DNA. Yes, there is a 40,000-50,000
year old conspiracy to take over planet Earth and fully control the
energies of every living thing upon the planet. And yes, there is an
attempt by these powers of darkness to infiltrate their self-will and
power-craving madness into the rest of Creation. But NOT EVERYTHING
is directly created by the NWO to forward their agenda. And why
should they when they have all these dupes and ploys to blame them
for everything and make the scenario almost impossible to believe.

In an article I wrote many years ago (Little Green Men: The Cover-up
Continues about my
experiences with the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM, elaborates on the
absolute blindness of many people involved with the alien community
to even perceive the notion that UFOs are a coverup for something far
far bigger and more sinister than any Lone Ranger could even
conceive. Being a journalist, having taught journalism at a
University level, I know that the greatest way to control the flow of
news to the public is to not `censor' the news coming out of the
media, but to not cover certain topics so they are not even perceived
by the regular media-consuming but lazy news viewer. By covering only
one or two news items, by slanting even the news delivered on the
History Channel, people are lulled into a false sense of what is real
and what is not. The Matrix is created and supported by these very
people's beliefs. Coming from a foreign country and dealing with
foreign news sources, I know how the rest of the world laughs at
Americans for the blinders they wear in terms of how they view the
news. Unfortunately, these other countries have had no greater
success in filtering out what is true and what is not since every
government on planet Earth is now a part of the global conspiracy
known as the New World Order.

An excellent example of this method of `censorship' is every year
Project Censored makes a list of the 25 biggest stories ignored or
undercovered by mainstream media. Project Censored is based at Sonoma
State University, with both faculty and students involved in its
preparation. Of course, the stories are not actually "censored" by
any authority, but they do not receive enough attention to enter the
public's consciousness.

As reported by Molly Ivins, these are the top 10 from this year's
(2005) list:

"The No. 1 pick by Project Censored this year should more than make
the media blink: Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open

"This administration has drastically changed the rules on Freedom of
Information Act requests; has changed laws that restrict public
access to federal records, mostly by expanding the national security
classification; operates in secret under the Patriot Act; and
consistently refuses to provide information to Congress and the
Government Accountability Office. The cumulative effect is horrifying.

"No. 2: Iraq Coverage. Faulted for failure to report the results of
the two battles for Fallujah and the civilian death toll.

"No. 3: Distorted Election Coverage. Faulting the study that caused
most of the corporate media to dismiss the discrepancy between exit
polls and the vote tally; and the still-contentious question of
whether the vote in Ohio needed closer examination.

"No. 4: Surveillance Society Quietly Moves In. It's a seep and creep
story, where the cumulative effect should send us all shrieking into
the streets ? the Patriot Act, the quiet resurrection of the Matrix
program, the Real ID Act.

"No. 5: United States Uses Tsunami to Military Advantage in Southeast
Asia. Oops. Ugh.

"No. 6: The Real Oil for Food Scam. The oil-for-food story was rotten
with political motives from the beginning ? the right used it to
belabor the United Nations. The part that got little attention here
was the extent to which we, the United States, were part of the scam.
Harper's magazine deserves credit for its December 2004 story, "The
UN is Us: Exposing Saddam Hussein's Silent Partner."

"No. 7: Journalists Face Unprecedented Dangers to Life and
Livelihood. That a lot of journalists are getting killed in Iraq is
indisputable. However, Project Censored honors stories about military
policies that could improve the situation of those journalists who
risk their lives.

"No. 8: Iraqi Farmers Threatened by Bremer's Mandates. It's part of
the untold story of the disastrous effort to make Iraq into a
neocon's free-market dream. Order 81 issued by Paul Bremer "made it
illegal for Iraqi farmers to reuse seeds harvested from new varieties
registered under the law." Iraqi farmers were forced away from
traditional methods to a system of patented seeds, where they can't
grow crops without paying a licensing fee to an American corporation.

"No. 9: Iran's New Oil Trade System Challenges U.S. Currency. The
effects of Iran's switching from dollars to euros in oil trading.

"No. 10: Mountaintop Removal Threatens Ecosystem and Economy. A
classic case of a story not unreported but underreported ? a practice
so environmentally irresponsible it makes your hair hurt to think
about it.

Most journalists manage to find a quibble or two with Project
Censored's list every year, says Ivins, but mostly we just stand
there and nod, yep, missed that one, and that one and?

According to Ivins, the wonderful fact about daily journalism is that
we don't ever have to get it all right because we get a new chance
every day. Unfortunately, things never change when it comes to the
New World Order's control over the media and the journalists' lack of
courage to seek out the truth and report it no matter what the