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crossroads and purposes
Below is some MOST important feedback that addresses everyone\'s issues in response to a person sending me their channeling and me and Guidance having responded.

Person: Can you tell me what part(s) of my channeling are correct?

Peter If you compare what you sent with what Guidance \'corrected\' you\'ll get a sense of how ego shows up in what you\'ve done.

**What do I need to pay attention to now that I have been made aware of issues that hold me back?

Peter: Find the methods or people to help you work through them. That\'s the type of resourcefulness that you don\'t seem to have . . when you come up with a problem you need to do EVERYTHING in your power to see that it gets resolved instead of waiting for someone else to come help you or take you by the hand and lead you through it. It\'s the difference between those who make it and those who don\'t -- self-motivation and self-responsibility. Your low \'self-esteem\' has bred in you a victim state of consciousness, and who or what can help you turn that around but you?

Person: I know these things do not dissapear overnight but am very willing to face, and move through them.

Peter: We all hope so for your sake and for those who can be helped by you.

Person: The one quality I am sure I do posess is my willingness to face these things which serve no good purpose, to change what I must for growth, and to be of service. I will say Peter, I am a bit confused as to what you said about getting out there and doing things which I came to do in order to serve. Are you saying that because of my \"issues\" I am not qualified to serve? What is it I need to be doing at this point to move past these things that are of the past and with me now?

Peter: See how victim consciousness reads into things meanings that aren\'t really there? For most people in that state they can then believe their meaning read into things in order to easily get offended and righteously indignant which then gives them a very simple reason to run back into the comfort of old ways. The question is Is that you? Boot camp means facing up to where you are at and not judging it but rather understanding how it came to be that way and what must be done and coming up with the resolve to change things that must be gathered by you in order to overcome them.

Person: I do understand that I still feel I need reassurance....proving my issues with self-esteem. Is this part of what you are saying? I am grateful for any guidance in this!

Peter: People do not read things on the internet, they only briefly skim them because that is the nature of the technology, therefore messages and meanings are easily confused. If things are really meaningful to them a person needs to make hard copies of things so that they can well and truly be \'read\' and \'digested\' in the luxury of moments found when a person can focus on their intent and meaning.

Person: I was studying the messages as I do daily, and came across one that described one symptom of ascension as being a young child, one who seems to know at a young age that their reason for being placed in a specfic karmic enviornment within a family knowing their place within it was for a purpose, and a feeling of not fitting in. Funny, this is very true for me. My family at one time was severly dysfunctional at the time of my childhood. Especially in regards to the females role within it. I lived in a household of alcholism, sexism, and sexual abuse issues as well. I had much anger and frustration with it and had a difficult childhood because all I wanted to do was get away from it. These things have for the most part healed but I obviously have \'after effects\' that are with me still.

Peter: Welcome to planet Earth. This is not you. This is everybody with any type of awareness that came here to get healed or to assist with things going on. Dwelling too much on your own situation is the modality of victim-consciousness. It\'s amazing how few real problems any of us have when we\'re too busy working to help others on theirs. That\'s what\'s meant by \'getting out there\'. Channeling is all well and good and god knows how hard I work to get people to connect, but the real purpose of Guidance and channeling is so you can be guided in how to and when and where to help others with the more immediate problems those of \'less awareness\' have. This is how people win their higher spiritual awareness, by not thinking about their own problems at all but rather by focusing on having Guidance assist you on how to assist others. For most people this means MORE, - Much, much more than just helping those they happen to encounter on their daily routes of work and play etc. This means making a full commitment to getting out there as Guidance leads you to in order to help far more people than just the daily encounters. Leaders need to get out and lead, first being led by Guidance, not just to stay in their own little worlds and comfort zones in order to help a few. Leaders NEED to put themselves out there in order to get to as many as possible in order to share what they themselves are learning. That\'s why Guidance likes to have people post their channelings because it\'s the first baby step to \'putting yourself out there\' on the firing line, yes to be shot at if necessary, but in order to get to as many as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

Person: Anyway, I am confused, which I don\'t care to be and want only to understand that which I must in order to be of service.

Peter: What is Guidance for if not to ask How may I serve? and then to be led to the situations and circumstances that benefit the most and utilize your talents and achievements to the highest number of people possible? That\'s when true surrender begins to happen. That\'s also the place where 99 2/3 percent of people back away from doing what they need to do in order to make amends for all their pasts of helping create the darkness, or in truly surrendering and commiting to the Higher Will and COMPLETELY letting go of their own personal little agendas.

Person: To be honest, I have felt the need to get away from my environment here for a time that I may learn more about service and what it is I CAN do that will be helpful. I do not want to live a life repeating mistakes that bring inner pain and confusion.

Peter: Your at a crossroads as Alicia was last week, and so many I\'ve seen before her. She chose to run back to the Matrix because the path of service means giving up self-will and what we want for ourselves in order to see that everyone gets out of here alive and intact spiritually, or at least as Oscar Schindler would have said, getting as many out alive as possible. IS that you too? Or is it not? There are many crossroads we all pass through, and even more so as we begin to travel a real path of service and spiritual alignment with the Higher Will. For me the realization that helped here most besides groundhog day was that there is only one way out of here and that way will always keep coming around as a choice as long as I don\'t step that way and begin to walk the walk. NO other path exists for any of us, we just like to make-believe that it does and go on living those boring , karma-driven lives that grow so weary and are always full of pain.

As one woman said to me one time, \"I\'ve found it haven\'t I? and she had, but finding it and owning it are two entirely different things. What will you do this time? It\'s always up to you. The answer will always be there until you pay attention, otherwise there\'s just the wheel of dharma going round and round endlessly like a merry-go-round until we make the difficult choice to get off and find a new way to live our lives serving only the Higher Will . . .

There\'s so much in the writings and articles that deal with almost every situation you can imagine because there have been so many who have been there done that before, and none of them could see it through either . . will you be the one that finally stands up and says yes. Who knows? Only you . . . .

Wishing you strength in processing this knowledge . . In service, Peter