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Crystal Technology and Alien 'Humans' (from Ken Adachi)
Crystal Technology and Alien 'Humans' (from Ken Adachi)

[Editor's Note: Peter Farley obtains some truly fascinating
information. There are many important pieces of the hidden alien
agenda contained in this book except that corroborates information
I've received from other sources, including former Illuminati
programmer Cisco Wheeler. If you've been reading the Adventures of
Don & Carol Croft along with the Croft Daily Reports, you know that
reptilian aliens are now occupying human bodies at an exponential
rate of growth. This, of course, is part of the alien agenda to take
over and control this planet and use whatever remains of the human
population (after the Great Dying from contrived wars, famine,
chemtrail poisoning, vaccine-originated stealth diseases, domestic
concentration camps, etc.) as mind controlled slaves and human
robots. Stephanie Relfe had forwarded a couple of revealing articles
that discuss the presence of reptilian bases beneath hospitals and a
tie in with satanic blood drinking. When I touched on this area
during a recent phone conversation with Cisco Wheeler, she verified
that negative reptilian 'walk-ins' are indeed taking over human
bodies in hospitals in one of two ways: 1. During operations,
controlled surgeons are taking patients to the edge of death
and "driving the human soul out of the body using a specific satanic
ritual and then a reptilian steps in". She said that when the patient
returns home, the family members notice a big change in personality
and the person now seems to be so 'different'. That's a big tip off
that a walk-in took place. That patient may or may not have been
scheduled for an operation. Once you're admitted to a hospital, you
can be manipulated with drugs, hypnosis, and advanced mind control
technologies (almost every hospital today has mind control equipment
and the personnel to use it) without your knowledge. Al Bielek
mentioned as far back as his 1992 video on Mind Control that selected
individuals are being programmed in hospitals without any conscious
knowledge of what had been done to them. 2. New born infants, who may
be human (with souls or without souls) or alien/human hybrids are
being infused with reptilian souls using similar satanic rituals that
drive out the resident human soul and replace it with a reptilian
presence. Cisco also mentioned that the 13 Illuminati bloodline
families carefully maintain a 60/40% ratio of reptilians to humans
within their ranks. If they became all reptilian, she said, the race
would die off as they need the human energy template and genetics to
expand their ranks and utilize humans for high level satanic rituals
where Mothers of Darkness (always programmed human females) pull down
demonic beings from the astral plane into the encircled pentagram for
interrogation and manipulation. Elaborating, Cisco said the
Rockefellers, for example, are full reptilians, while the Collins
family are human. Hillary Clinton is a full reptilian and very high
up in the Illuminati, while Bill Clinton is only half reptilian, but
he apparently can still shape shift into reptilian form. Whether of
human or reptilian genetic stock, all Illuminati family members are
ritually abused, mind controlled, and dedicated to serving the
satanic agenda. ..Ken].

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202