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d-day for the darkside‏
6/8/07 thru Mike:
I would like to ask the Lyran Team about the work being done this
weekend around Mt. Shasta and about the 8th and 9th gates for the
ascension process?

We understand your question and can give you information concerning
this situation.

This is a powerful energy week as it corresponds to the week of the
WWII D-Day invasion of the Normandy Beaches of France in 1944. This
spelled the beginning of the end for German forces under Adolph
Hitler. That invasion opened the door for allied forces to bring its
entire might against the German army.

In much the same way the invasion of the Mt. Shasta area will take
place tomorrow and will be the key to opening the 8th and 9th gates
for the ascension process. These openings will be used only by the
forces of light and will not be able to be accessed by the dark
forces any longer. This will indeed be the beginning of the end for
the dark forces trying to impede the ascension process of planet
Earth. This is however, only a beginning as there will be much work
left to do in the mopping up stages of this war.

The main thing for everyone involved with this operation to remember
is to focus his or her energy on the victory that is assured at the
end of this conflict.

Once these gates have been opened up a much needed higher vibration
of energy coming from the center of the universe will be freed up to
be used in helping with the ascension of planet Earth.

Many from other areas of the universe will be monitoring this
situation and will be sending their positive energy into this
situation. Rest assured this is not a two- man operation.

The two of you are the spear point so to speak and as such you will
carry the brunt of the attack, but you can rest in the fact of your
protection that is even now being layered upon you.
This is all we have on this matter.

Your Lyran Team from the otherside.