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Darkness on the Counter Attack Through Sienna
Through Sienna:

What is important in the Now to understand to move forward?

As you can see listening must be finally attuned to the reality at
hand which you cannot understand in 3D in totality and WE cannot
explain because WE're not in time as you know it. This is why Peter
has had to learn a kind of faith in impartial answers, just taking
instruction. This is new for you but it is urgent that you listen
and step up to a higher attunement with Guidance/Us. Here is why.
The consolidation of the darkside is reaching a finer level with the
pulling of support from those who have been in line. You are going
to need to step up and be able to be trusted. How can you be
trusted if you are not listening clearly? This is not a small
detail of your instruction. Peter does not waste his words if he is
having a reaction, it is because there is room for a kind of attack
to come through all fronts. You need to close ranks now, tighten up
the border control and be trustworthy.

This is not a game. The Darkside are on a roll and intend to toss you
into the ditch on their way to a rolling tank invasion and victory.
Their time is up and they know it. They cannot afford to let anyone
stand in their way and they are intent on achieving their goal.

Do you understand? Personal desires, all your agendas, vanity,
fantasy, are all distractions that pull you from service. Love is
service to fighting this war at the right time in the right place in
the very best way you can in each moment.

As your energy rises and WE give you the feelings and energy you
need to fight in the right way and place, energetically to support
the group effort, do not question or doubt. War is minute by minute
doing what is needed, attack and counter attack. Can you imagine in
a 3D war if the soldiers pretended they were not in a war and just
went about their business? They would step out and die being in the
cross fire or stepping on a mine or getting run over without the
slightest regard for the reality they are in.

Now let's address where people actually are which is not were you
need to be because you have been burned by the fire of reality with
your years working to get conscious. The pain and the forced
abandonment of all securities and supports is now your biggest asset
because everyone but Peter around you, this is not a judgment but
truth, is holding on to this or that and believes they can work just
to the point where their comfort zone is pushed and then they bail.
So this is very sad and not what is needed in war leaving Peter
alone to fight through without support again. That is why you must
stop living in fantasy, desire and sloppiness. Be a lieutenant,
energetically reliable, and you will be asked to step up.

Write for a group that can understand in simple language today. You
will have to work out and look into an air conditioner. You need to
spend 8-hour days on the Internet and working without exhaustion.
We need to discuss the first article when you return from your
Your Highest Loving Guidance.