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Dateline: The New Millennium
Dateline: The New Millennium
by Peter Farley

The date: January 3, 2000. The headline: For the moment, world outlook is brighter. The newspaper article which followed went on to detail some of the foreign policy advances made recently by Clinton and his administration that might give people something positive to look forward to.

On the same day, the headline on a similar article in a newspaper half a world away read: A century of barbarity. This particular article went on to detail the atrocities that have taken place in the world recently?East Timor, Chechnya, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, ethnic cleansing, to name but a few.

Two very different views of the world?one, the glass half empty; the other, the glass half full. But does the future of the planet rest on the perspective from which one views the coming events? Perhaps. More likely, however, it depends on whether one is looking from their own individual perspective, or from the point of view of the masses and the direction they are heading?the point of view the microcosm versus the macrocosm.

While the world may have dodged the bullet of Y2K, the flu virus that came in its stead is perhaps more of a wake-up call to us all. Sickness and dis-ease have always been a call to take a more serious look at our health and lifestyle. The virus that has been felling communities left and right and filling hospitals both locally and nationally, is perhaps telling us all to take a more serious look at the health of our planet and the lifestyles of its inhabitants.

While the news that a person has cancer is looked at as bad news, the doctor?s diagnosis that once the cancer has been exorcised there will be a long, happy, healthy life ahead is good news. The bad news must be dealt with in the light of what is to come from dealing with that situation. So it is with the future of this planet.

One need not go deep into biblical prophecy or to Nostradamus for predictions about the future of the planet and its people. One simply needs to take a look at one?s own life and the world going on around them to be able to see the state of the planet. As many ancient philosophers and religions have tried to tell us, the macrocosm (the world at large) is reflected in and by the microcosm (the individual).

The most common hope reflected by those interviewed during the various New Year?s Eve celebrations broadcast on television was for peace and happiness in the world. One must wonder how many of those same people would be willing to take the first step toward acquiring those goals by correcting the imbalances in their own small lives? The one element most lacking in the world today is personal responsibility?the use of our God-given Free Will and the acceptance of its consequences.

Free Will is a key element in Creation. Even the highest spiritual beings have Free Will. To use our Free Will, however, we must understand and regain the sense of our individual will which has been lost as a result of the power structure?s methods of controlling the population. It is as Jacques Ellul states in Propaganda and the Formation of Men?s Attitudes,
?All modern propaganda profits from the structure of the mass, for it is in the mass that one can exploit the individual?s need for self-affirmation?individually and as a part of the group. This is the situation of the ?lonely crowd.? And it is the most favorable moment to seize a man and influence him?when he is alone in the mass.?

It is only by regaining and activating this inherent free will that we can become truly divine. Barbara Clow suggests that free will can be mastered on Earth only by allowing total trust?by seeing ?from the inner brain rather than through the five senses.? She says that mastering this skill is what makes it possible to be on earth and in all other dimensions simultaneously??the secret of experiencing oneness with all things.?

In her series of books The Right Use of Will, Ceanne DeRohan writes about reclaiming and using this Free Will for the benefit of all concerned. Many people, she says, may need to be among others with the same goals so that there will be some support for changing the mental concepts and conditioning that society has created. This mutual support can give the necessary strength required to break away from the conditioning, which, according to her, is partly personal karma and partly just being present in a belief system held so strongly by so many.

?The practice of Right Use of Will does not include forcing ideas on anyone or on society at large. The space to practice Right Use of Will comes from within the person himself. Society has taken the stance of being so limiting because it has reflected the individual?s denial of Will.

?If you recover your own lost Will, you will find it much easier to change your reality to suit you than try to change an outward reflection of denial that you have not changed within yourself. The present state of affairs on Earth is the result of confusion and misunderstanding abut lost Will. Restore your own Will and you will be able to be free.?

The consciousness of the planet as a whole has decided not to take the next step in its spiritual growth, but this does not mean that the individual still cannot make that leap of faith that will propel them into the higher worlds along with the ascending planet.

This planetary ascension is a common theme in much of the prophetic material on the market, and is projected to occur around the year 2013 (the end of the Mayan calendar). The time between the end of the millennium and 2013 is said to be the period of greatest change in the history of our planet. Many events are scheduled to take place during this time, with or without our cooperation. The Earth changes which have long been predicted are one instance of these changes. While government scientists spend their time blaming chaotic weather patterns and natural disasters on El Nino and La Nina, saying that they are nothing but temporary conditions, prophets of all kinds proclaim that the planet?s vibration is accelerating to make the leap into a higher dimension. University researchers have confirmed that this vibration, which has held steady at 7.5 units since measurement begun, has, within the past two years, jumped to 12. Units of measurement. This could be looked at as the event commonly known as ?the rapture,? since the word armageddon simply means ?coming into a new awareness.? It is said that in order to make this leap, the planet needs to cleanse itself, particularly of the growing darkness and negativity, and this is the reason for so many of the disasters taking place. If people do not take any notice of the various warnings given of these earth changes in the area in which they live, then their choice is made and they are responsible for what then comes of this decision.

What would happen if the planet did not cleanse itself before its ascension? Many of us may be so arrogant as to think we are the only inhabitants in this universe, but spiritual guides such as those quoted in The Only Planet of Choice, say that what occurs here on Planet Earth at this time will affect the entire universe, and indeed all of Creation. To take our darkness and negativity into the higher worlds would pollute the entire system.

?If the entire Universe were contaminated and if the contamination manifested, all that is good, and that all that is love would be destroyed? Are you aware of this??

To stop this pollution of the Universe, drastic steps will need to be taken to eliminate the sources of this darkness and negativity, and it is going to affect us all. Retreating into a victim consciousness is not going us, nor anyone else for that matter. As a spiritual being named Kryon puts it in Don?t Think Like a Human, ?To be alive in lesson at this time is because you selected it. It is no accident that you are here now.?

The great kingdoms on Earth that would serve man: the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal life kingdoms?are in a state of chaos, according to Brother Phillip in his book, Secret of the Andes. This, he says, is because that which was created to be their master is not a master at all.

?The mineral life, the vegetable life, the animal life finds that its god, its master, is a drunken master who reels to and fro in his folly. That is why they now rebel against him.?

And chaos is indeed the word for what appears to be going on in the world right now. People are dying by the thousands in many strange and seemingly exotic ways that once would have seemed unimaginable. The diseases that Man has allowed to proliferate through the spread of radioactive materials, the overuse of chemicals and certain dangerous illegal and prescription drugs, are also running rampant. Like anything else, legal drugs have their place.

Sometimes relief from pain is necessary; sometimes expansion of consciousness might be helped, but according to Brother Phillip, for too many, drugs have declined into merely a habit.

Perhaps a big part of this chaos is manifesting itself in the changing role of the sexes. The Patriarchy which has ruled the planet for more than five thousand years, finds itself beleaguered on all sides, and unwilling to surrender its power. While the women of the world seek to claim some of this power as their rightful inheritance, men are also seeking to explore their feminine nature and the feelings within themselves which have for so long been required to be ignored. Again, Brother Philip expresses a similar idea that it is not, however, for the female to rule alone:

?In the present day, the time of the female, the essence of Eve is coming to the fore, and what must be done is the complete merging of male and female. Not for the male to attempt to bind the female, and not for the female to attempt to suppress the male, but to work in complete joy, in harmony and unity, as two pillars that are holding up the world, separate but together.?

In this time of coming changes, one thing above all is desired from each and every one of us more than anything else?unconditional love.

?You . . . exist to radiate unconditional love to all beings and all people that you encounter. The magnetic force of the purification of unconditional love is God?s (simplest) way of reaching to the human plane. . .? (Barbara Clow)