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david icke r.i.p.
David Icke: R.I.P.
by Peter Farley (with regret)

I always half-heartedly joke with people that persons in my business have
a great tendency, like people around Bill Clinton, of getting \'suicided\'. Of
course the other way their opposition to the New World Order can be
voided is by being \'inter-dimensionally taken over\'.

Constance Clear knew that this was what happened with her old friend
Whitley Streiber and before him, Art Bell. We tried to warn her. Her health
went down hill and then she got \'suicided\' by motorcycle accident.

When the positions of people in the business change drastically overnight
it is fairly evident that something has gone amiss. It\'s kind of like the
people I\'ve worked on who have picked up \'gargoyles\' or other entities,
often at funerals and in cemeteries. Gradually these entities force out the
Being that was originally in the body, or simply overwhelm it. One wife
noticed her new husband of only a few months gradually changing,
growing angrier, becoming more violent, even to the point of hunching
over like the archetypal church-hanging gargoyle. Everything made sense
to her when I pointed out what was taking place. She even mentioned that
he had begun collecting those little stautes of gargoyles commonly sold in
New Age and psychic bookstores.

Then there was the very large one a guy in the navy picked up from a
hooker in Asia that turned his hair white overnight. Fifty years later when
he came to me to have it taken out there was so little of him left inside
the body but enough to know he wanted to be free of this thing. And thing
it was-- big big thing. And nasty. It paralyzed my arm for the rest of the
day taking it out, shocking my entire nervous system even until now. In
many ways it reminded me of \'mama\' from the Alien series of movies. This
is the real world out there that most people are unaware of yet interact
with everyday until someone comes along to make them aware of what\'s
really taking place.

Other entities or energies take over bodies much as portrayed in the
movie The Fallen, with Denzel Washington. Some of these things I\'ve
encountered I\'ve told about in previous articles and detailed in the latest
volume of my book --The True Nature of Planet Earth. Walk-ins, walk-outs,
clones,artificial intelligences, shared bodies --it\'s all out there when one
can \'see\' other-dimensionally.

Almost anything is possible in this interdimensional war taking place right
now. And one thing a person in this business doesn\'t do lightly is leave
their \'empty\' body unguarded. Those who do trance meditation know that,
and any spiritually gifted person warns about the dangers of drug
experiences and leaving the body unguarded. And now it\'s happened with
someone we all know.

I was first introduced to David Icke\'s works back in the mid-90s and
although I read very little of them, having my own work to get going with,
I was constantly aligned with his works in progress, my own taking his
work at least a step further as far as I could see. My Guidance, the
Spiritual Hierarchy, shared with me the fact that David was \'supposed to
be\' working with them but had, in Their words, \'gotten off track\' with his
work. They rated the result as somewhere near 60 percent correct.

It was, in fact, David\'s E-magazine that first helped me get my own work
noticed, perhaps by many of you still with me. And I appreciated that.
After a misunderstanding and falling out with his webpeople, my works
were no longer carried, and coincidentally the E-magazine only produced
one more issue. When searching for some of the articles recently they
seem also to have been removed, particularly the popular Chemtrails
Explained article, although this is not necessarily related to David\'s

I was fortunate enough to attend one of David\'s 7-hour lectures in Ft.
Worth, Tx, a number of yeras ago and had nothing but admiration for the
way he was able to take the audience from knowing nothing about the
subject to knowing so much--logically step-by-step--as no one I had ever
seen being able to do before him. I was in awe.

Over dinner he and I didn\'t really get to connect since others monopolized
his attention, but still it was a pleasant meeting over all.

Since then, David\'s work in Children of the Matrix and on the World Trade
Center and 9/11 I thought were admirable pieces of research which in
David\'s inimitable, if somewhat overblown style blasted the facts right into
people\'s faces. I was again duly impressed, though by this time having
written the first five volumes of my own work on the New World Order I
was saddened that David refused to look at or even delve into the larger
picture into which his research fell. It seemed like his was a problem of
arrogance --that he alone could and would save the world without any
outside help (an attitude reflected in his new book).

Never being one to accept channeled works very well, David lacked the
higher spiritual visison of what was taking place, although his basic
message of love overcoming all was still the essential message needed
against the prevailing darkness.

And then, like an adventuresome Aldous Huxley in The Doors of Perception
to Heaven and Hell, he decided to experience the other worlds of the
shape-shifting reptilians he had written so much about. Only not by
natural means. He went to Brazil (as detailed in his new book INFINITE
ayahuasca experience. The only prooblem is, as many of those who have
dealt with drug-related takeovers of a body, it was not David who got
back into the body after this experience. As an experienced spiritual healer
who can \'see\' and work on people in any location around the world and
interdimensionally, it doesn\'t take much to scan somebody to see what\'s
going on, and with David, he\'s just not there. And what is is not very nice
at all.

Like Whitley and those who went before him, one can see the difference in
his work, hear it in his message, though with this new book, beyond the
refigerator-magnet title, there is not much substance to note--nothing
most of us haven\'t heard from other druggies who only become more self-
involved with every new drug-induced awakening. And here it doesn\'t work
at all. If David once didn\'t have the higher spiritual visison of what was
taking place in this corner of fine. Well, it ain\'t. And something has to be
done about it.

And now the rest of us have to carry on, one more fallen foe to be
mourned in a war that has no children and no victims, only combatants, as
we all are.