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dead-weight on a merry-go-round
Dead-weight on a Merry-Go-Round
by Peter Farley

With all the spiritual lessons I struggle to get across to people patterned with past religious affiliations and the oppressive fluffiness of New Age teachings the full ramifications of \'free will\' -- the prime directive of Creation -- is the toughest to get across.

In a time of choosing which way we will all go - on ascension with the planet to help it rebuild, back to our \'home\' planets to enjoy the rewards of our work here, or continuing on a to a new \'holding\' Matrix to await further lessons in 3D -- people have to and can only make their own choices. This can be a choice made \'consciously\' or it can be our old friend \'collusion\' -- making a choice by not making a choice. But no matter how it is made, spiritually speaking it can only be made by the individual involved.

Religious and New Age teachings would have it that everybody goes along. This is the \'no child left behind\' attitude that is so oppressive in the American education system for it means that even those who cannot or will not do the work still get to move on with the others who have done the work. The system bogs down with homogeneity of irresponsibility that eventually destroys all, taking everybody down with the ship except for only the most committed swimmers.

When there is no need to take responsibility for one\'s own spiritual awareness and growth, what use is there in doing anything? Just hitch a ride on the coat-tails of others. It\'s the kindergarten attitude of so many people who call themselves Lightworkers. Who are we to judge if a person, by their actions, chooses NOT to go forward with the ascension process?

Spirit is a very loving but very exacting balance in Creation. It was the old attitude of the Atlanteans taking \'joyrides\' into the higher dimensions using artificial techniques that eventually made the worlds tumble down into 3rd dimensional reality in the first place.

Spiritually speaking a soul goes to the place it has EARNED, not where family members, loved ones, users and controllers want it to go. Yes, there is grace, but when you look at a 3rd grader and think to yourself \'Can I put him in a fifth grade class and not have him fall further behind due to frustration and lack of a good foundation for understanding the more advanced lessons?\' \'Is this fair to the other 5th graders who have done the work and have the foundation to
move on?\' What answer do you receive?

Dead-weight on a merry-go-round is the idea of taking everybody along into ascension. The most loving thing to do is to ALLOW people the choice and then respect the choice they have made, just as we want them to also respect our choices. Right now as I write, the Spiritual Hierarchy says that more than 80 percent of the planet\'s peoples (the general consciousness of the planet) have CHOSEN NOT to go on with ascension. If you live in a \'normal\' town or big city then
you can see these people walking around you all day long. They are the majority rather than the exception. It is NOT a judgement to say they are the general consciousness for their actions and thinking makes it clear. That\'s the difference between evaluation and judgement - having a sound basis of facts with which to support a conclusion.

So many who are now coming to the time of their missions MUST keep this in mind that now they are doing what they came here to do NOT to help everybody, for that would be like a drowning man pulling down his rescuer. The planet Itself is safe. That has been seen to by those whose mission it was to make it so. Guidance knows who has chosen and who has not. If it had been up to the \'general consciousness\' of the planet it would already have been destroyed. It\'s not a question of some idyllic \'worthiness\' or not, it\'s just who has done the work and who has not. Follow your Guidance and They will lead you to who needs the help. All my life I\'ve seen the people being led to be in my classrooms or seminars or talks by their Guidance just as you have seen those you need to meet come into your life at precisely the time it was needed. Allow this most holy of processes for it is the way Creation works. Bless the others and let them go. Dead-weight is only an anchor that pulls everybody down along with it.

In service, Peter