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deadlines and the earth changes process
Deadlines and the Earth Changes Process

Peter Farley

From: Helen Parkes < >

From the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus:

3.51 2 Blois le fera sortir en plain effect






BOLTS chain ref to HORSES Celt date Sept. 30 – Oct 27

PLANE: jet stream/planisphere -dimsension

FEELS there are illnesses

PROLETARIAN = farmers, working class

CAFFEINE RIOTER: hyped up rioters, such as now

Peter: this seems to be some form of reference to a 'dead-line' for the reptilians, interestingly enough Sept-30 - Oct. 27, which fits in with the deadlines I've been given and that show up in other Nostradamus lines

Helen: Nostradamus does say in the quatrains "YOU WILL BE NONE READY"

Time and again Nostradamus has emphasized the month of October - beginning with his epistle to Henri and continuing in the forum "OCTOBER" on page 7 of the web site. The date of the 28th being on a "FRIDAY" makes it this year of 2011 (but could be any other year with that combination).

My doubts arise due to the words CAT HARE METAL.

And even in what person got from her dead father:

Peter... my father came to me in a dream years ago and said it would happen on 10-28... I do not remember the year .Ever since then I have been aware of this date. I also have dreamt many other dreams ... too many to count that have all come true.... from seeing peoples death, 911, Princes Dianna death, just to name a few. Is this the date you know of? I have been prepping since 1998, but being a single mom of 2 now grown boys... we may have all the food and protection... just still living in the dagum city. Anyways…would love your insight PLEASE!!

Peace, Gail

Obviously, what some of this deadline is for the lower level reptilians is an attempt to get into a physical body that may or may not be ascending during this entire ascension process. So many of my articles of the past and even in the volumes it talks about the `take-over' of physical bodies by reptilians and other alien energy forms, what I call `critters'. This has been especially true of gargoyle energies that people pick up at funerals and in cemeteries.

From LAST CRY - Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times:

"Others will have great deformities, both in the mind and upon their bodies. There will be those who would walk in the body that are not from this reality, for many of the gateways that once protected us will be opened, there will be much confusion. Confusion between sexes, and children and their elders."

I'm finding in my spiritual work that so many entities and 'critters' and even relatives are trying to take over physical bodies right now in order to have a chance to survive the shift in dimensional existence. Let me know if you think you have a problem and I can confirm for you. I have already dealt with one such case this week of a dying father (a powerful wizard type) trying to take over his daughter's body before abandoning his current dying one. Believe it or not, tequila helps as does some serious intent and smudging with something . . . higher vibrational or white copal.

Lower dimensional entities and `humans' who have not earned the higher vibrational existence of a specialized 5th dimensional planet Earth will have to leave soon, or will be filtered out by the current processes going on – "Life's finale' – they will literally "boil in plane" as Nostradamus says it.

The dimensional process is not for everyone, though most New Age teachings would disagree. Unlike the American educational system of `no child left behind', the spiritual dimensions are exacting and only those who have earned and shown their ability to maintain a certain level of awareness or vibration can and will ascend. 3rd graders cannot do 5th grade work because they are not prepared and do not have the necessary proven foundations. As discussed in other articles ( so many higher-dimensional Beings who have come back to planet Earth with the missions of helping the planet ascend have been caught up in the Matrix here because they have forgotten who they are and what they were supposed to do. That is why Spiritual Guides and Galactic Overseer groups say as little as 1-3% of people ever complete their missions here. If you cannot do your `awareness' under even the toughest circumstance (what planet Earth has been) then you have not truly learned those lessons have you? Even Masters have fallen because of Earth's past heavy, dark density. An honors class it has been and still is, but everything is changing . . . and very, very soon.

In service, Peter