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dealing with fear too
Dealing With Fear

In this time, in these last remaining moments of an old dying paradigm,
we have all come to a place of choice. In this decision space we need to
ask ourselves, which way do we go in this war, which way do we go with
the ascension process of the planet, which way do we go on our own path
of exploring the Father's endless Creation. We have to ask as a country,
as a people on this planet, and as individuals? Where does the
knowingness in our hearts lead us?

For the individual, we need to ask ourselves, Where does our fear lead
us? When we look internally, what do we see? We are a fearful people; it
is the way the Opposition has always used to control us.

It is a fear that leads us into focusing on the local creator gods - the
alien gods of our religions, the physical gods of materialism and
comfort and pleasure - instead of the highest goals we are capable of.
For the most part this fear is an inherited fear, one that has been
instilled in us from one generation to another generation, passed along
from parent to child and so on down the line. Look at your own fears and
see their origins in you handed down from your parent's fear of the
very same things.

When asked why Truman doesn't `wake up' to his situation in the
controlled matrix of the movie The Truman Show, Christof, his creator,
replies, "We accept the reality of the world as presented." Not only do
we accept it as our reality but along with that we accept all the
limitations it wants to impose upon our supposedly unlimited Souls.
Everything we watch on television and read about in books is of people
breaking free of limitations and doing wonderful, amazing,
'superhero-like' things, but our fear holds us back from being those
people we read and dream about.

This is the acceptance of the reality we are born into, a world where we
were created as slaves and programmed to be slaves and punished if ever
we dream of breaking free of our slavery - kept in our places as The
Matrix so readily teaches us by the other prisoners who don't want us to
be free if they themselves cannot be free. And it takes a very strong
and courageous person to break free. I have dealt with many people with
nothing to lose in life by making a change but these people seem to be
the most stuck in their doldrums of poverty and depression exactly
because fear has put them in that place in the first place. And it is
fear that holds both them and us in the places we find ourselves. What
keeps a poverty-stricken mother or a minority person in the ghettos?
Fear of moving somewhere else, of 'the unknown'?

To rise above the fear of this plane we must allow what we fear to be
dissolved by a Grander Love and Grace of the true FATHER –something
so few of us have any conception of given the false religious trainings
we have experienced over countless lifetimes here and on other planets.
It is only this feeling of being loved unconditionally by my Guardians
that has allowed me, without visible means of support, to spend 9 years
on the road doing THEIR work, and a half dozen more 'settled', but
always with nothing to take care of my existence except THEIR Love and
what THEY provide.

What happens when we hold on to any fear is that we lower our energy and
land exactly in that place of fear we have accepted - a place where we
can control our life through false assumptions and the manipulation of a
lesser reality. Creation is manifested through our creating a mold with
our minds of what we want or what we fear in life, and then filling that
mold with one of the two very strongest emotions that exist - Love or
Fear. Depending on the mold we have made, that is what we attract into
our lives.

The energy of rising above our fear makes everything flow more clearly.
We become light, we feel a sense of movement into the future and we
become whole. When we stay in our fear or when we try to control the
outcome of our life we become less able to flow, more fearful, and
therefore under the control of our fear. In this situation we focus
directly on the lower, localized energies to get us what we want.

Do we actually think that the local creator energies are any grander
than those of the true Creator? If we do then we should continue
controlling our lives, keeping our fears and doing whatever it is we
want. It is the fear, it is holding on to the fear, and then seeking
answers to the fear, that connects us to the lower level of energy.
Every day we see people facing their fears by doing whatever it is they
fear without regard to the outcome. Nothing can be worse to our psyches
from doing something than existing in the fear of doing it.

If we can give away the fear, NOT HANG ONTO IT, allow the FLOW of Spirit
to show us what to do, where to be, how to act, then we are not lowering
ourselves to this plane's fear level and the resultant connection to the
local energies.

It is simple, is it not? When we are fearful, we hold on to the energy
of fear which is by definition that of the local gods. We already know
how to manipulate this energy into solving our fears and bringing us
what we want. We've all experienced how this works in making or not
making it through countless lifetimes. But . . . what if we let go of
the fear, stand firm in our choice of rising above the plane, and
allowing the grander Flow to come? We only THINK we can control our
lives but every day that lie is proven to be just what it is. An
earthquake, a disaster, a layoff, an illness, all bring with them
'lessons' to throw us of kilter and to see how we act in crises
situations. Lessons meant to temper us in the fires of Life. A very
worthy quotation from a recent move: "Why do we die?" asks one
character in the movie. "So we will appreciate living", replies
the other.

What would happen then if we surrendered our Lives to Spirit, to the
Highest Levels of Love, to a Guidance and a Creator that love us more
than we can ever love ourselves, and who care more about our safety than
even we existing in our fear do? A miracle, for we would no longer be
trying to control our life and the energy and lives of those around us
and we would be free for once in our life of all the fear we have lived
with for so long.

Remember that one holds to fear out of habit, out of knowing how to use
it and how to bend the energy of fear to bring forward whatever it is
one wants - it is a powerful energy. If we get fearful enough, we
finally have enough energy to bring forward whatever we want which
prompted the fear response in the first place.

We must remember how loved we all are. Are we loved by the energy of
fear we manipulate so well? I do not think so. Would we all like to live
a life where we KNOW we are loved, where a fearful thought is released
as soon as it comes and LOVE fills the void? This is where we stand once
again as the new paradigm unfolds before us all, at the place of choice,
and in this choice we MUST make a decision to stay in the life of fear
or to leap to a level of LOVE. It is truly a matter of unlearning the
control we all have mastered and of allowing ourselves to go beyond the
lowered but powerful level of fear and into the unlimiting future of

Come to a place where you are able to ask the question of your focus.
Work diligently. Grow. You have done well to get to this point where
everything can change for you in a single beat of the Heart.

Peter Farley

"Fear has many variations. It is what gives the will to control so as to
feel safe, but there is never any safety in it, and no control is ever

-The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery
Fear Chakra Release Assignment
From my experience with removing fear chakras from people I have found
that something occurs early on in our lives related to a fear that then
creates an energy blockage in that corresponding space or place in our
etheric field. This original place of fear then attracts and holds all
the other fears we encounter in our lives, whther they be our own or
others placed upon us from all the many sources out there meant to
spread fear. This chakra can be removed in session, but also can be
removed by realizing its origin and releasing it using the following
technique given by some other healers:

As a small child, you may have been told you were a naughty child well,
the things you did may have been negative, but you weren't a
naughty or bad person. Yet, the message you were naughty/bad became part
of who you are. We believed and became the messages. Your
assignment is to make a list of the messages you were given. Trust me,
they will flow once you begin this list. Make a note of who gave
you the message; if you don't know where the message originated just
write down the message. Some examples of message-givers are:
Ministers, priests, nuns, teachers, parents, grandparents, other
relatives, siblings, caregivers, coaches, friends, practitioners,
newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

Realize and own each of these messages whether they be yours or someone
else's, then release them using any technique of your on
creation as not being worthy of your spiritual-warrior Being. Feel them
leaving you, and when all is said and done, release any
attachment to the list and destroy it in any way your Guidance leads you
to do.

This is not something to skip around with. It is certainly something
where you want to avoid deceiving yourself in any way -like taking it
at a "half- hearted" (pun intended) level and pretending you are really

Time is running 'short' and your decision has to be made, for if it is
not, then it will be made through a failure to act and to decide and
this bears the heaviest karma of all.

IN service, with Love and best wishes to all. Peter