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dealing with self-will and healing

8-31-08 through Sue Ann

Dear One,

We can help you heal and change your addiction to self-will. Just ask Us how and
let Us help. You cannot do it alone but We can help. You do not have to prove to
Us you deserve this before it is available to you. Healing is about asking for
it and letting the LOVE of the FATHER change you. It is much easier to hear Us
and surrender when you have allowed some healing. Ask and assistance shall be

With Great LOVE,
Your True Family

Peter: Sue Ann has struggled with self-will since I met her and together have
shared the adventures of fighting this ´spiritual war´ over the past year and a
half. More than most she has deeper roots in the darkside because of who she is
and what she has been and done in the past. Like so many who have come and gone
through my life and through this group and its work in the past dozen years, the
connection to the darkside has been very difficult to overcome and the
´addiction´ to self-will virtually impossible to overcome. Every one of you,
like Sue Ann and once upon a time myself, struggle with this very same issue. It
comes up in Amy´s channelings, in Andy´s channelings and the requests for him to
make an inventory of his life,in any one of the past postings from Marco or Sam
and on and on. It is a pandemic all of its own if you have bothered to read at
least the first two volumes of the work available at the website. It is an
archetype handed down to us from the Creator Parents of this SuperUniverse from
the very inception of our soul´s first manifestation into this SuperUniverse -
and you know what? until very recently even the Creator parents were unable to
deal with the very same issues you and I have struggled with for lifetimes. Some
day They may share exactly what happened to turn Them around and thereby make it
easier for all of us as well to turn around this whole thing that´s been going
on in this area of Creation for so long around. It´s why these future days and
what we are curently living through are so important because they are the
destruction of an old flawed template for Creation in this SuperUniverse and the
striking of a new template, one that will allow all of those who can make it
through this time ´spiritually intact´ to be able to move forward with much
greater ease in overcoming the old within ourselves and making room for the new
template to be able to take hold instead.

Among the volumes available free in the Files and messages sections of the
group, both Thoth and Lucifer share some of what helped turn Them around as well
as the ´rogue´ Creator Mother energies too. Recently in beginning Volume 8
(posted in the group)the full involvement of Melchezidek in creating the
darkness in this coner of Creation came to Light, and although the work on
Volume 8 has been waiting for further developments and some help to complete
this last volume, the good news now is that even Melchezidek Himself (with his
energetic attachments to the Barack Obama figure we hear about every day)hasbeen
´negotatiating´ with the rest of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of
Light to also ´come in´ for healing.

With my own past affiliations with the darkside and my work in helping create
the New World Order and further its goals on this planet and others, no one
knows better than I how hard it is to -- not overcome, but to deal with
self-will and soul´s addiction to it. You CANNOT fight self-will, instead it has
to be surrendered.

The one piece of advice I can give to you, to Sue Ann, to anyone seeking to end
the merry-go-round of self-willed incarnations is to find something beyond
yourself you care about that can help you take the initial steps. As I´ve told
so many people and written so many times in the articles and other writings, if
you´re doing this solely for yourself then you never will. That´s the
programming of religions and other ´paths´ such as the new age teachings, that
first we must seek ´self-realization´ or enlightenment and then and only then go
on for God-realization; that in fact the only person or soul we need to think
about is ourselves and get that ´straight´ first before we become enlightened or
become Masters or any of the other hogwash that is all we´ve ever heard about in
no matter what spiritual persuasion we have followed.

The drudgery of Groundhog Days lived over and over again was a good primary
motivation for me to get going on something new and completely different since I
wasn´t getting anywhere with anything else I had ´tried´. But what it took in
surrendering and suffering even one small fraction of what I´ve been through
over the years and continue to go through right now for whatever reason is
summed up in the words I ask anytime some new challenge to my health or person
comes along -- \"Will it help others?\"

Through the worst pain imaginable the answer coming from my Guidance that ´Yes,
it will help many´ is the only thing that has ever kept me going, bitching and
moaning though I do every step of the way. And if you look for any appreciation
from those ´many´ for what you do then you won´t do it either, for that is
rarely ever forthcoming. Sometimes I imagine one or two I have loved along the
way and isolate it down to just them -- will it make things better for them, and
when I´m told \"yes, it will assist them greatly to go beyond the old pain and
suffering of this dying paradigm, then I shut up and keep doing whatever it is
I´m being asked to do.

With all the thousands of people I´ve worked with over the years I can truly say
I´ve only met less than a handful who had the betterment and easing of suffering
of mankind truly at heart. Rare and precious people who have been part of my
inspiration, people who suffer quietly so that others don´t have to. if I could
be one-tenth the person of Sharon who first helped me then I´d feel proud of
what I have accomplished.

So, in closing, find that something, that someone who you can care about more
than yourself and use the easing up of their pain to be an inspiritaion to get
you out of your self-willed mode, or go on with it and keep learning the same
old Groundhog Day lessons, but you won´t be part of the new paradigm because
that will not be allowed and those who cannot leave some parts of self behind
will also not be moving on.

With Love, in service, Peter