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Dealing with Suppressed Emotional Baggage
Dealing with Suppressed Emotional Baggage
6-20-97 through Sue Ann Mikrut and Peter Farley

Dear One,
Good Morning. ‘Lift off’ has been a great success. Planet Earth is most grateful to all those who were involved. She soon will be shedding her remaining constraints, those rocket boosters and added weight as you might think of them, all the things which are still holding her back from gaining full 'liftoff' status and jumping to 'warpspeed'. The darkside will be forced to abandon ship as this process begins to happen, and all those continuing to hold on to their old thoughts, old attitudes and old attachments, will also be forced to jump ship as the higher vibration begins to drive them crazy. For those others who will ascend and remain with the planet until further plans can be made for their safe evacuation on one level or another, this time will be a most difficult one for all of you. Think if you will of the 'G' forces applied to astronauts during lift off. Consider for a moment these same forces as applied to your being spiritually instead of physically. All of you will be tested, and those who simply speak the words of a 'Lightworker' instead of 'being' and 'doing' as a Lightworker should do, will be the most sorely tested of all.

WE urge everyone to clear themselves of as much emotional baggage as possible, to Lighten the Load so yo speak. Ascention into the 5th dimensional realm means processing only that which is Light at a far higher vibration that what most of you are normally used to so in order for you to remain, you MUST keep your DNA 'light=processor' healthy and functioning at a very high level. If you are drinking coffee, doing marijuana or any other DNA-damaging drugs, you may want to certainly cut down or stop altogether. Remember, you body needs to be able to function at optimum levels to be able to process the higher vibrations of Light and Sound and oxygen as the planetary fields begin to shift around you. Much good information on these subjects is available in peter's writings of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is time to stop simply feeding the mind with more words and begin BEING the words that you already know and hear inside your heads and inside your hearts.

Most of all you CANNOT continue to suppress your emotions thinking that you are getting rid of them. Any emotion which is not released spontaneously at the moment win which it is felt, drives it deep into your body's tissues and locks up somewhere in your energy field specifically related to that particular emotion. You need to let these deep-seated emotions be felt. Let them come up and then find a way to express them in a constructive yet harmless fashion so they are no longer a part of your ongoing and deeply-felt emotional energy signature.

These suppressed emotions are going to be triggered as the ascension process continues and will rapidly show themeslves in your awareness. When they do, deal with them quickly BUT thoroughly without creating any more karmic debt by allowing situations to develop which then remain unresolved. Remember all of you have these suppressed emotions that must be dealt with, so be gentle and understanding with each other. Do not take these situations personally but help each other as much as possible to deal constructively with this unresolved backlog of emotional blockages and constraints.

The best time to deal with these emotions is when they are present, as they come into your awareness. Deal thoroughly with them in the present moment, the time when they are most ready to be dealt with. You do not even need to know their origins or the thought behind them, just allow them to run their course or express themselves harmlessly without affecting others. Using the EFT method is one of the most effective ways of dealing with them as this is able to balance your energy system very quickly ( I and Others will be helping all of you to commit to these courses of action. Your own personal Guidance is always there waiting for you to simply invite it in to assist with whatever it is you are dealing with. But do not forget to ask, for that is Creation's Prime Directive --non-interference.

This clearing of the emotional(body) system and the balancing of all your other energy systems will make it much easier for you to connect with your own personal Guidance, and ALL of you desperately need to do this NOW.
With Much LOVE and appreciation and my deepest- heartfelt apologies for everything I have done to help create this situation within each of you,