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dealing with the money issue
Dealing With The Money Issue
by Peter Farley

No. No preaching about 'The Secret' and how to get rich and still be
spiritual. We all know what that is.

Sue Ann recommends a book entitled "Busting Loose of the Money Game".

For me, after living a life of knowing every penny in my pocket and
usually of how much everyone else had as well, the only way I could
deal with the past 12 years, 8 of it on the road with only the money
in my pocket, was to say to my Guidance -- "It's your money. You tell
me where and when and how much to spend." And then when They did tell
me, even to staying in nicer places than I would have chosen, all I
did was ask "Can we afford this?" And They would always say 'yes' and
I've never been broke since. Stretched me to the last dime sometimes,
but NEVER been broke since.

And of course always remember, you will always have everything you
NEED, not everything you WANT. Letting Them choose what you need will
wake you up to all the unnecessary things you think you want. And
also remember, they want better for you than you want for yourself.
They love you more than you do.

Did this with my cars, too. "It's your car, you tell me what to do
and when to get things fixed etc" . . and driving across country day
after day in 12 year old cars with 200,000 miles on them all I ever
did was ask, "Will it make it?" and They would inevitably say "yes"
and it always did --even in bad weather when far newer cars were
broken down at the sid of the road.

Try it. Takes all the burden off you and is living your faith and
trust rather than talking or preaching about it.

Living your spirituality is the only way to go -- all else is the
Matrix, and you know that too.