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dealing with the newer energies pt.1
Firstly, Happy Spiritual New Year (Oct. 22). Secondly, if you feel
like going out and barking at the moon or chasing your tail around
the room as I do its because of the newer energies a new spiritual
year brings with it. Aristenna and other Guidance say that this new
year is already producing a higher ´frequency modulation´ to the
vibrations, something akin to an expansion of our molecules if we are
at all attuned to it and ready.

Still even people I know ´not connected´ had trouble sleeping last
night and were a little frenetic today and not knowing why.

Amy channeling also deals much with this same subject, but suffice to
pass along that old and dying energies and projects through oct. 21
get freed up and expanded upon with the energies of the new year now

If it feels right flow with it. If you´re having trouble dealign with
the new energies ask your Guidance for soemthign more specifically to
help deal with the passage. For me its an herbal tincture of Melissa.
if it works for you go with it.
L and BW, Peter

P.S. I too had a very difficult time sleeping Tuesday night.
Dear One,

In working with your heart you will clear a multitude of parasitic energies that have kept it closed down. We have been working full time on clearing the way for a fearless opening to those things of the highest vibration. In order to live in the newer vibrations bombarding the Earth at this time, a path must be made that allows for the entrainment to these higher levels easily and without duress. It is a big project for many. As these others are clearing discordant energies to be released, they are often dispersed into the energetics of others who may be vibrating at the same wavelength. Hence the need for ongoing protection so that another's debris is not passed along to you. Neutrality and a non-reactive demeanor would serve you well during these times. Others are trying to clear past challenges as well in order to move forward. Spending time in nature with no prepared agenda except for that of relaxation or communication with the animals, plants and crystals has an admirable benefit. Take the time you need to rest and recharge as We know what a challenging process this can be. We are here with you at all times and graciously accept your invitation to be of assistance in all things. Take good care of yourself so that then you may move outward in caring for others. Love is of the highest order and will make the whole process easier.

Be well and continue to focus on that which is YOURS to experience,