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dealing with the newer energies pt.2
Dealing with the newer energies pt.2

A large part of bringing closure to old energies for me before
Spiritual New Year\'s on Tuesday happened to be in Roswell when Sue
Ann and I went down there to do the work on the new pandemic critters.

Two days before we were to go, out of the blue and under very
synchronistic circumstances, Guidance led me to find out that my ex-
wife had moved back to Roswell and was now living there, her address
supplied in the usual way Guidance has had of helping me bring
closure to everything in my life as the ascension progresses.

It was only for a fleeting moment that I got to connect with this
woman, my \'handler and controller\' from earlier days 25 years ago.
Seeing and talking to her for that brief moment I was transported
into a vision of a life that could have been, a \'normal\' life where
spirituality was something only talked about and not something lived
24/7. In that moment I also returned to the feeling of \'normal\' life
I\'m positive most people are still now living, and I cringed.

I walked away from our brief words together with none of the sadness
I had held that there was not between her and I the friendship that I
always hoped should mark the coming together of two souls to learn
lessons together. Of course, after preaching to people for a number
of years about their own handlers and controllers in their lives,
particularly spouses of one gender or the other, it wasn\'t that long
ago that I myself came to realize my own ex-wife\'s role as exactly
that -- a handler and controller meant to shut me down and give me no
chance to do the missions I have now so successfully completed.

I have rarely met or dealt with a \'higher\' Lightworker who does not
have or has not had at least one and usually many of these beings
working for the darkside who have been placed in their lives to stop
any chance of them doing what they came here to do. With the Matrix
view we all hold of love and marriage it was even difficult for me to
see the reasons this woman was placed into my path. It was quite an
epiphany one day to realize that she came into my life right at the
time I was waking up to my work, and shut me down for the decade we
were together and then almost a decade or more after we had already
separated in the physical.

Strangely enough, her intervention in my life, according to Guidance,
allowed for me to achieve so much more when I finally did get on with
my mission because of the desperate circumstances that were then
taking place on the planet. Everything I needed to do and did
accomplish was then condensed into a very short and intense time
where the mission and the spiritual work needing to be done were all
there was for me and nothing else mattered or could have led me from
my focus.

A couple of years of spiritual training, eight and a half years on
the road and then the past two years of intense travel and attempted
rebuilding of my health have led me to a point where, yes, there is
still much more to do, but at least all the major elements of what
could be done have been done.

I don\'t have any contact with my so-called \'spiritual friends\' in
Roswell anymore, those who came here to partner with me in this
lifetime in the work I have been doing, mainly because they are still
part of that Matrix lie of spirituality where one talks about things
but never really does anything concrete to get the work done. Many of
them, just like my ex-wife, are \'bitter\' and \'old\' because they have
not been a party to getting their missions done and the very
difficult but rejuvenating and invigorating work of being one with
their Guidance and doing what must be done. My ex-wife\'s bitterness
stems even more from having failed at her darkside mission of
shutting me down and of seeing me achieve so much when her own
darkside-directed life has led her to not achieve much of anything.
No this is not the grumblings of someone over their \'exs\' as we hear
so many people separated like to do. I would ahve bene gratified if
this woman ahd accepted the hand of friendship offered to her the
other day but through her own biiterness she could not see her way to
doing that. Spirit offered her a gift, and as with all healing
processes directed through or by Spirit, the gift is there for the
taking but so few of those offered such a gift ever have the
understanding toa ccept it. All healing is a gift waiting for us to
accept. it is only our own arrogance and ego-driven self-will that
stop us from doing so and lifting the burdens we have all carried
around with us so long.

I could write another million words on how grateful I am that I
took \'the road less travelled\', and even more glad that Guidance
allowed me this glimpse of what life might have been like had I not
stepped up and done what I have done.

As Aristenna, High Councillor of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of
Light, said in a posted channeling one time, if any of us knew what
it\'s like to be where She is then we\'d all work a lot harder to get
there. Being able to compare where one is at to where one might have
been should they not have made the choice to step up and surrender
can give one a much clearer picture of just what she means. And damn
am I thankful for that opportunity to see.

With Love, in service, Peter

--- In, \"peter6264\"

Firstly, Happy Spiritual New Year (Oct. 22). Secondly, if you feel
like going out and barking at the moon or chasing your tail around
the room as I do its because of the newer energies a new spiritual
year brings with it. Aristenna and other Guidance say that this new
year is already producing a higher \'frequency modulation\' to the
vibrations, something akin to an expansion of our molecules if we are
at all attuned to it and ready.
Still even people I know \'not connected\' had trouble sleeping last
night and were a little frenetic today and not knowing why.
Amy\'s channeling also deals much with this same subject, but suffice
to pass along that old and dying energies and projects through oct.
21 get freed up and expanded upon with the energies of the new year
now flowing.
If it feels right flow with it. If you\'re having trouble dealign with
the new energies ask your Guidance for soemthign more specifically to
help deal with the passage. For me its an herbal tincture of Melissa.
if it works for you go with it.

L and BW, Peter