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decision making getting naked
Decision Making/Getting Naked

Dear One,

WE want to talk about decision making and moment-to-moment Guidance. Decisions have to be made one way or another. Right now you are still in the learning process of asking for constant Guidance. During the times you forget to ask you still have to make decisions and when you do not get the perfect outcome and you realize you did not ask there is no reason to beat yourself up now is there? It is simply a learning situation, one that if reflected on will serve to strengthen your resolve to remember to ask, ask, ask.

The bad news is you will never be truly happy and at peace if you do not completely surrender. Self-will is not designed to bring a deep and continual happiness and peace of mind. The mind can never be at peace when it is trying to be in charge. It is like a child who is forced to take on adult responsibility, just not equipped to handle that big of a job and be happy and at peace at the same time.

The good news is that by developing your heart connection to your Highest Guidance and accepting the gift of moment-to-moment direction is the only way for the soul to develop in a natural and loving way. The torture of mental decision-making was never meant to be a way of life as more than anything it is a dead-end road not leading to maturation or lasting happiness.

WE LOVE all of you so very much and want you to share with US in the LOVE, Joy and Peace that WE live in constantly. And WE know from experience that following LOVING Guidance moment-to-moment is the only way to true and continuous happiness.

With Much LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Getting Naked
by Peter Farley

Nobody knows better what Aristenna speaks of than I. Being 'too intelligent' was the greatest trap, the greatest hinderance I or anybody else could have imagined when it came to surrendering. Just as with those in power in the New World Order that we struggle so hard against, power only wants more power. And these Beings are just that, very mental, very intelligent, very demanding of more and more power until it becomes all consuming just like the mind always wnats more and more. Teaching and studying at the University my mind felt like yogurt culture must feel when thrown into a big vat of milk . . . It was a rich culture of learning that led nowhere except to more and more learning but lacked the essential element that is the wisdom of the Heart.

I was more fortunate than most of you, I had time for Guidance to strip me naked of all I thought I was, all I thought I knew, all I thought was the way things were supposed to be. You, if you're not already there, have so little time for this process to happen and hopefully some words I write somewhere can help you grease the path so your trip can be a little faster. of all the frustrations involved in working with people so mired in the Matrix and yet afraid to lift themselves out of it, the worst is dealing with the people who talk about their mission as if they had 30 or 40 more years to work on it, to get self-realization, to get God realization, to connect with all they are and have learned in order to be in this assigned place at this assigned time to do that which they agreed upon to do. Nothing can convince them that they don't have years or even months to get goign with what it is they came here to do. Windows of opportunity are closing all over the place and at every level of existence as the planet speeds towards its new destination and the New World Order writhe in the throws of energy starvation caused by lack of power being fed to them from the freed-up grid system.

EVERYTHING you need to do your mission you landed here on planet Earth already knowing. As Barbara said in an e-mail to me the other day after reading the first volume of the book, "This is all so new yet so natural. I'm still reading your books and relearning what I'm suppose to know." Re-learning, remembering, brushing the dust off eevrything you already know internally that you came here with in order to do your very own mission.

The New Age has taught us to use the word 'seeker', one of its grandest lies, for whenever we stop seeking we can begin to realize that we already know. Would you believe that for the millions of words I've written over the past 8 years I haven't in that time read a book (except maybe Ava Gardner's autobiography *s), haven't been to a workshop to learn anything, haven't meditated, prayed, praised God or done anything else that most would consider religious or spiritual. But, no matter what I do I can't get Guidance to stop talking to me, guiding me, pushing me to do more and more because one day I let go of everything I had been born into this life believing was true, and now what is there I don't know or can't spend a day writing about for now instead of being hardwired to my 2 gig hard-drive inside my head I'm plugged in to the Mainframe. All I did to get wherever it is I am was to let go and get naked. And here I am.

And you can do it to, for that's all it tkaes --doing it, not trying but really, really doing.

It's all so hard getting to the point where you realize it's all so easy.

We love you.
In service, Peter