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deconstructing our dna scalar warfare and the death of humanity - part 11
Deconstructing Our DNA – Scalar Warfare and the Death of Humanity - Part 11

By Peter Farley

So what can we do a) for ourselves in preserving some integrity to our DNA and our own ascension chances and b) for others and the planet as a whole.

1. Education is always a good place to begin. I call it homework, and in my experience the lack of doing it is the greatest reason for failure in any activity, particularly spiritual endeavors.

Beginning with this series of articles you now have a greater understanding of the problem. There are 700 articles on my website and the first two volumes of the history of this whole mess free there to download.

2. Health is all about self-responsibility AND education, and most of what you will read out there or get from health practitioners is incomplete or simply downright false to begin with. Since our health is a primary concern to us - not JUST in this lifetime because much of what happens to our energy forms carries forward into other lifetimes -- it is also a primary concern to the New World Order, those who have now taken over just about every serious form of maintaining health we have. Maintaining health is actually very simple. Begin by getting yourself a copy of the bible of healing – Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. Don't just read it, understand the simple philosophy behind it and then practice it every moment of the day.

3. Live your spirituality, don't just read about it.

4. Come to understand the Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, as the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports Spirit/Body from one dimension to another.] The Merkaba increases the flow of energy in a person to a level that will create high vibrations; the amount of energy becomes so great that people deliberately have their Chakras opened.

5. The balancing of energies in the body takes place with the powerful flow of Divine Energy. It is when darkness comes through that the Chakras are destabilized because of the patterns of attachment. Attachment disrupts the electromagnetic fields, and causes the spinning, the openness and the alignment to be corrupted.

- Attachment is the stickiness, the Glue. It is what attaches, and limits people - it is the path of darkness limiting the movement and energy flow..

- Divine Energy is what sets one free - it is the universal solvent (that which dissipates the attachment and stickiness of glue). It is how people become freed from darkness. This is how the Light flows again through someone.

- When one takes on the highest level of interest, then he *is* at the highest level.

- People's association with advanced psychic powers deteriorates the importance of the nature of how balanced a thought form is. The height of a thought -- and not the ability to change the 3D manifestation of thought -- is what matters.

- Much as sexual desire and imbalance have an easy way into this world, the opposite comes to freedom because it is opposed by the controllers. They are afraid and shall perish at once when they are no longer able to keep this barrier, and it grows weaker by the day. When people take a growing interest on Freedom and Light and Love of truth they create the portal and the entrance for these energies when they think of them in a welcoming manner. And they are the creators of the gate into ascension that Earth needs to attain at this level of awareness into the next "higher" one.

- The Merkaba activation is the same, almost, because it is a pump of energy, and brings energy to the level where it is pointed. It is a Multidimensional Pump, if you will

6. Understand that you live in an artificially constructed Matrix and that some things in the Matrix are not true and some are, EVERYTHING is a lie . . . People are born into a skeptical scientific context built up over thousands of years by the New World Order—"There is only what is seen by the eye, nothing beyond that". The only way to communicate something different than this is through the media owned by the New World Order. The only way for everyone to decide whether guns should be banned or not is through public voting with electronic voting machines, the machines made and programmed by the New World Order, and through the counting companies owned by the New World Order.

- The only people with any possible chance of running for positions of political power and succeeding are people who are already within the New World Order's hierarchy of power. These are the candidates who will all follow along the path to serve the New World Order's agenda, those who will be chosen through the methods made available by the New World Order itself. So... is it really a democratic way of selecting a governor? Even if it was, would the governors work to serve the people instead of their own self interests? Are any of the available candidates actually interested in working through a positive agenda meant to serve the people that gave up their power when they elected them?

- The leader is the one who makes decisions for the group. He has the final word. When people choose a leader, especially through a ritualistic method such as that of voting, they are giving up their willpower and making it available to others to enforce the decisions made by the selected leader. That is why the leaders are more powerful and have more power to change things.

- Voting is a dark method of taking control over large groups of people who do NOT have a way to communicate directly with each other, and who do NOT have any available means to really know what the will of the majority was [especially after the old habit of talking together has died within each and every one of us]. The ancient way was that there would be leaders, but they would be leaders who would only give counsel and guidance because they were more connected to Spirit. The decision-making would be done only in emergency situations and in accordance with the will of the majority when there was no conflict with Creation. The need for something new, or the need for a change to bring about greater comfort to everyone would accumulate its energy in the Grid, and it would be brought to the people only after a certain amount of that energy to change had been put there.

- . . . People's prison is the lie they believe in. When the lie is over, then there are no more walls blocking the truth because they will know it and realize they are free. . .

7. Drugs affect the DNA more than science and scientists are willing to make known. THE WORST OF ALL IN ITS AFFECTS ON THE DNA is marijuana, the one we think to be the least dangerous. Why else do you think the government would be behind its importation and distribution. Look what happened in China when the British sponsored the opium trade.Educate yourself about EVERYTHING you take for granted.