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deconstructing our dna scalar warfare and the death of humanity - part 2
Deconstructing Our DNA – Scalar Warfare and the Death of Humanity - Part 2
By Peter Farley

From the prologue to Arthur C. Clarke's novel 3001:

"Spread out beneath them, the explorers saw a world swarming with life. For years they studied, collected, catalogued. When they had learned all that they could, they began to modify. They tinkered with the destiny of many species, on land, and in the seas. But which of their experiments would bear fruit, they could not know for at least a million years.

"They were patient, but they were not yet immortal. There was so much to do in the universe of a hundred billion suns, and other worlds were calling. So they set out once more into the abyss, knowing that they would never come this way again. Nor was there any need: the servants they had left behind would do the rest."

Starseeding is the primary way all planets have been colonized from the early days of the Els, from where we get the word ‘elders’. Since then, however, just as any good Star Trek episode portrays, there have also been those who came to exert power and influence over the colonies, those who have ignored the prime directive of non-interference – the Creator’s prime directive of free-will. This is the history of planet Earth it has taken nine volumes for me to write. The books, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?, are subtitled The True History of the Darkness and the Light simply because what has taken place on this planet has been more about darkness, control, genocide, and enslavement, more than it has been about Light, peace or Love.

The volumes dictate the history of how this all came about. The 700 articles on my website ( go into the experiences and understandings that have proceeded from the work Guidance has had me do over the past dozen years in helping free up the planetary grid so that if not the people, at least the planet could ascend. Planets ascending and descending down through the dimensional levels of existence is a normal course of learning in the Universe known to some religions as the inflow and outflow of the breath of God.

Unfortunately for us, ascension back into the higher levels of existence as described in most religions and spiritual paths is dependent on the consciousness of the people inhabiting the planet. The consciousness of the people is manifested in their DNA. Many plkanets such as planet earth have been destroyed during the ascension process simply because the consciousness of the inhabitants was not ready to reach the higher planes along with the planet. Like a plane or space shuttle trying to lift off with too heavy a payload, the planet simply fizzles and explodes under the strain of ‘lift-off’ taking with it the inhabitants, who are then rescheduled back into a lower dimensional existence to continue learning the lessons they had not learned about unconditional love and giving.

With all the darkness that has manifested itself on Planet Earth and in the consciousnes sof its inhabitants, the planet was never thought to be capable of surviving ascension. But it did. Because of the uniqueness of the planet, its role in stabilizing the energies of Creation in this corner of the Universe, and because of the completion of some very difficult work by a handful of dedicated spiritual warriors, the planet did/has ascended. But the people, for the most part, have not. You cannot take a 3rd grader who hasn’t learned his lessons there into the 5th grade and expect him to survive, let alone do well. So now we have a planet full of unascended beings on an ascended planet. And the Controllers are doing everything short of blowing up the planet to make sure as many as possible do not ascend along with the planet. Again, conscious awareness is a process of the DNA and the learning and complete assimilation of dimensional spiritual lessons the being has not only been through, but also have MASTERED and are capable of living and making manifest during their waking existence.