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deconstructing our dna scalar warfare and the death of humanity - part 4

Deconstructing Our DNA Scalar Warfare and the Death of Humanity - Part 4

By Peter Farley

DNA with its complex spirals connects the microcosm that an indivual being is to the macrocosm that is Creation. Hence the Russian reasearchers findings that "our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication."

From Volume 1 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?:

"Part of the system of our own DNA consists of invisible magnetic strands which provide the magnetically stored information to each cell to help it function. These magnetic DNA streams also help create the morphogenetic field and/or aura around our bodies. This magnetic information helps the cells to know what their purpose is, as well as to detail each cell's regeneration properties. This new information also helps to explain why some spiritually aware people are convinced that we have more DNA strands coming to complete our "ageless body" ascended forms. If some of these strands are invisible, or non biological, then many of us may already have many of them in place.

"The magnetics involved act like a coding sequence for the cells just like magnetic tape. Cells will actually secrete chemicals in direct response to magnetic stimulation of focused fields. Our biology doesn't just react to any magnetic field but only to a certain kind. A magnetic focused field is any magnetic field that is designed. A simple magnet is a focused field. It has symmetrical lines of influence and a known strength which is constant. An electromagnet is even better. Common household objects such electric blankets, electric motors, a hair dryer, static magnets for stereo or CD, a neighborhood transformer box, your computer, speakers - if it can swing a compass needle, then it can affect you!

"The Akashic Records are stored magnetically in the electro-magnetic or morphogenetic fields that surround the planet. These are the memory banks of all that has gone on within the planet's energy field since the very beginning of time. A person's aura works just the same way to store everything that has ever gone on within that Soul's individual existence."

In The Only Planet of Choice, a galactic overseer group channeled by one of the authors discusses the importance of the DNA in the starseeding of the planet and the experiement of mixing 24 `alien' races here on Earth to construct one more multi-dimensional Being that could faster learn its spiritual lessons, particulalrly in terms of giving the inhabitants language:

"Then around 32,400 BC, a small number of representatives of the civilizations came to mingle with those who had already been seeded upon the planet. They arrived in a place the Nine call Aksu, located in the Tarim Basin in Central Asia, 350km SE of Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, in what is now Xinjiang or Sinkiang province under the Tien Shan mountains. The arrival of these beings changed the stakes by infusing new DNA coding into humanity, however, a DNA which we shall see later was far different from that which we now possess today.

"The others who were here on the planet at that time were in simple societies, and there was a mixing of genes with them as well. Besides the evolving black race, the star seeds and the colonizers, there were also others on the planet at that time who were outcasts from other planets. Just as Australia had started out as a penal colony for those deemed unfit for polite society in 18th century England, so too at times was Earth a dumping ground for those considered unwanted by the civilizations on their home planets.

"This first mixing of genes in 32,400 BC did not work because it was too soon. The star seeds had not yet progressed far enough by this time to assimilate the genetic changes in consciousness. According to the Nine, "their minds and the souls of the spirits were too dense. It was a high civilization, not properly adapted to Planet Earth."

"The new arrivals tried to give the original star seeds language - an alphabet which had no vowels, much as the Hebrew language is today. Before these star-beings had come to Aksu, the people spoke in grunts and gungs, so the star-beings taught them a toning language, a language that imitates the sounds of nature and is the language of the universe much as the toning sounds were used to communicate with alien beings in the final scenes of the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

"As the Nine tell it, some of these star-beings stayed and tried to make it work, but after about 600 years things fell apart. Because there were no connections between the groups moving out from the central core area, confusion reigned, and they became involved in local developments, often merging with the peoples of those new areas. Therefore, there was a loss of memory and a reverting back to a more simple state of development. This then necessitated the re-enhancement of their genetics within a period of about 500 years due to the negative effects caused by the intermingling of various vibrationally different Beings (the Anasazi culture of the American Southwest suffered many such similar problems in trying to keep in touch with the outlying areas from the hub of their civilization at Chaco Canyon, NM).

"Culture thus began to degenerate after an initial period of flowering. The ability of the DNA to maintain itself lessened after being watered down in the genetic pool and through basic lifestyle choices. (from Vol 1 WWYBTTOL)