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difficult choices
To follow on Dave\'s posting here is one of erica\'s channelings Guidance wishes to share from THE ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS (Vol 9)

\"We all, to some extent or other, get caught up in the Matrix of Lies so perfectly created around us by the New World Order and its leaders in order to do just that –capture and control us. It takes a concentrated effort of both Heart and of Mind to help break us free. It takes making the \'right\' choices and not the \'easy\' ones, and then sticking by them:

Dear One [Erica],

The discipline you must develop is a discipline of the heart and mind. The reason Peter was harsh with you is related to this lesson, a very important one. The intention is there but you must follow through or else the intent becomes idle words which are as bad as doing nothing at all and willfully turning a blind eye to your most important role.

In this matter we need you to participate more than ever. Things are moving faster, days are getting shorter. You must respond with an increasing pace despite the discomfort it may cause you. This is extremely important. You cannot just sit and let the days go by. You are waking up slowly to the realities which are. Soon you will be awake, seeing the truth fully and strongly. You will embrace this power and use it for all. To serve is the most important thing. You must say this over and over—that is all.