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dimensional building blocks of the universes
through Lori Burns and Peter Farley

Dear One,

Dimensions are the basic building blocks of reality. Each physical
object has three size dimensions (length, breadth and height) and is
at a certain place in space at a particular point in time. Space and
time are generally accepted by HUmans as the first four dimensions.
Matter is made up of differing frequencies of electro-magnetic
energy. Electrical energy and magnetic energy are basic building
blocks within the material world. So, electricity and magnetism are
two of the basic components, or dimensions, of reality. Electricity being the
male aspect, magnetism being the female aspect or energy.

HUman consciousness is made up of the basic building blocks of
thought and feeling, so these are also dimensions of reality (again mind being
the male aspect and heart or feeling being the female aspect). Consciousness
goes way beyond just the territory of HUman thought.

The whole universe is built by the original consciousness of the

Physics, just like spiritual philosophy, have in common a search for
the nature of the universe. In today\'s world it is not politically
correct to include the Creator in physics theories. This is
counbelievable because literally all of the great names in the history
of science, such as Einstein, etc. have been very spiritual and
mystical people.

In high school many recall being instructed by a physics teacher to
discover the solution to scientific conundrums by starting with basic
principles. \"Once one has the basic ideas understood,\" the physics
teacher explained, \"then all else will fall into place.\" This should
be remembered as a fundamental truth.

The existence of the Prime Creator of All is a basic principle. Once
a person includes the Creator, the answers come much more easily by
asking Higher Self the question, \"How would the Prime Creator have
done that?\"

You wouldn\'t look at an airplane thundering across the sky and
say, \"As far as I can see, it appears it is flying by making a loud
noise.\" Instead, you would seek out the creators of the airplane
engines, find out what they knew, and then figure out how they did

To include the fundamental idea of the Prime Creator in your
speculations you have to first define the original nature of the
Creator. The Prime Creator is an infinite intelligence. Another
-of the original state of the Creator is that
of \"beingness.\" Beingness simply means you \"are\" already and don\'t
need to \"do\" anything to become something, you simply Know and

The state of Being is the foundation of all existence. Being
was the original state before the original act of creation happened.
This is \'be-cause\', and here is another basic principle, the universe
exists within the consciousness of the Original Creator.

All matter is energy. The whole of the universe is energy. Behind
that energy is the consciousness that created it. The primal act of Creation was
infinite in its potential, causing not just the creation of one universe, but an
infinite number of universes.

Infinite Being extended itself into the sphere of thought as its
first act. So the 12th dimension is/was original creative thought, or the Father
Creator principle.

The so called \"12th dimension\" was the first one to come into
existence, so you could justify calling it the \"1st dimension.\" But,
people are used to thinking of the 1st dimension as the one closest
to daily life in a physical being, so to them that means the 12th
dimension has to be the number closest to the source of creation.

The male-female principle, as in the Prime Creation, is not the same
idea as a comparison between male and female HUmans. Men and women
on Earth each have a combination of both male and female energies. A
man is actually physically just more of a male version of the human
gender mix, and a woman is physically a more female version. Each one has a
charge just like a battery, the male being the positive dipole and the female
being the negative dipole.It is the blending of the two charges along with the
neutral charge that is Spirit that makes a person \'whole\'.

The Father Creator principle of consciousness, however, is energetically
speaking a pure positive energy since the negative or unbalanced energy cannot
exist by itself at that level of Creation. Each soul fragment or individual has
both the male and female or positive and negative dipoles within its completed
form, thus one is not greater nor lesser than the other.

The Father Creator principle of consciousness works in harmony with the pure
female principle, which is the Mother Creator principle, or the 11th dimension
and at each sparate level of Creation.

A perfect balance between the male and female creative principles
made possible the manifestation of the 10th dimension. The 10th
dimension contains the consciousness templates for an infinite number
of universes.

The Original Act of Creation by the Infinite Being is 12th dimension, original
thought, or the Father Creator. The 11th dimension is
original feeling, or the Mother Creator.

Together, in equal balance, the Original Thought and the Original
Feeling manifested the 10th dimension, where the prototypes of
consciousness exist for an infinite number of universes and for an ever
expanding series of higher dimensional states which are manifested in each
separate SuperUniverse as the \'inhabitants\' and Creator Son and Infinite Mother
Spirit of that SuperUniverse are ready for them.

The basic formula of creation is, \"Thought plus feeling equals

One must co-create with Original Cause for anything to have any true lasting
effect. Ego did not create the world, nor does it have the power to have a
lasting effect on the world or any planet in any Universe. Some of you have
postulated, which came first the chicken or the egg? This is a meaningless
question because it doesn\'t point to Original Cause. Which came first? Primal
Creator. You, the little you that some of you cling to so mightily has no
existence without Original Cause. You can make up all kinds of meaningless
questions and searches, however, all your questioning needs to be directed under
the Guidance of Original Cause. Ego is but a temporary mask you wear while you
travel through your brief sojourn on Earth. You are not the mask you are the
Spirit, the spark of Cause behind the mask. You belong and have your existence
in the Original Father/Mother. We know you long for Home. To come Home to your
Origin means to align self with the only Self that is Real. The more you align
with Original Cause, the more you will co-create meaningful lasting effects as
a HUman, and fulfill your destiny to create with Creator. Even as you complete
mission work here and in other universes the umbilical cord never has to be
broken, you can always be connected to Cause, Dear One. Feel the truth of this.
We are here together, always. We have never left you.

Larinda, of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light