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dimensional shiting and pirates of the galactic time waves‏
A week ago I told how Sue Ann and I were led to close down an artificial vortex in one of the local casinos in Las Vegas. Today we were led to that same casino but this time to watch \'Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End.\' Circumstances led us to understand we were there to do more than watch the movie, and the coffee Guidance had us drink before going in played its part.

I was being told something about a \'dimensional shift\' as I sat watching the movie so full of portent for what is taking place on the planet and in the world today. When I was told to go to the bathroom (after having to wait an inordinate amount of time) the grid point in front of the urinal was obvious and its connecton with something much bigger was also obvious. Walking back down the hall I was led to do my turning as I would on almost any grid point but this time it was different and I knew I had something attached as I walked back into the movie and sat down next to Sue Ann to tell her of the \'dimensional shift\' work I had just been doing though without full understanding.An hour\'s nap during the movie only made it more obvious something major had just occured. She laughed because the scene in the movie going on was exactly related to dimensional shifting, moving from one dead world and and on ionto the living one.

A quick trip to Trader Joe\'s after the movie got us the antidote for what was attached to me, and the explanations for what w ehad just done came though in this channeling by Sue Ann of Aristenna once we got home:

Dear One,

What Peter did at the Palms Casino today was a dimensional shift
involving time. He ratcheted the planet up a couple of notches
deeper into the fifth dimension. In doing that He has made time go
faster. A course correction is the best way WE can describe it,
like a captain of a ship (Jack Sparrow?)but in multidimensional reality. By shutting down the artificial vortex a week ago it made this dimensional shift possible. They were both on the same line. It was a window known only to a few. He used it to speed up the ascension process and then closed it back down. The two points are related as there was a passageway between them. Only a very few knew how to open it artificially. High muckity-mucks of the dark side would use it to come and go. Yes, your feelings about that particular casino are correct, it is very dark. This window was also a place that they planned to use as a getaway. They could leave if it was programmed correctly to the past but since it was not a very strong one or very big one they did not have as much control of it nor did it always go where it would be most useful. However in a pinch it would have served as a get away tunnel. Yes this was a dimensional time tunnel but it was artificially constructed and powered by the artificial vortex. WE had Peter use it for the Light and then close it down.

With much LOVE and gratitude,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light