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directing your will
Dear One,

Each one of you is unique in your particular makeup of components which includes
past lives history and present moment physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual elements. Living in the present moment you have what you
have come from and what you are moving toward. Your desires propel you
toward various choices from which you get feedback and then you make
other choices. If you make no choice there is little learning. If your
desire is to learn you can learn from any situation when you are awake
to these opportunities. Each person you meet can be a learning experience.

Surrender does not mean that you no longer have any self-will. It
means that you commit your self-will to serving the highest.
Ultimately you desire to love and serve the Father/Mother Creator, the
Source of All, True Light and Love. As a corollary you love and wish
to help all beings live in harmony. Yet you still have the self that
motivates you to choose this and that, amongst all the choices that
there may be for you. Living in time and space limits you somewhat.
Using your guidance you begin to see how you can put your self-will in
service to the Higher-will. You may feel impelled to go some place
where you meet someone and in the course of a conversation you
discover how you may help that person. It may just be a question that
you ask that allows that person to discover something inside themselves.

We are not asking you to give up everything that you want. Maybe what
you want will bring happiness not only to yourself but to others as
well. Only when you discover that what you want is propelled by ego
and selfishness do we ask you to rethink making that choice. Continue
to pursue your heart\'s desire and learn from what happens as you do.
Use your guidance for feedback and learning from each experience that
you have. Keep your intent on service and you will be led to
situations where you see that you can make a difference. This will
help you see how you can help others just by being yourself. It can be
very simple things on a moment to moment basis. When your self-will is
in service to the higher will, your lives will be happier and more

With great love,

Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy