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Doing Grid Work –A primer
Doing Grid Work –A primer
by Peter Farley with help from Sue Ann Mikrut

This is a brief summary of how and what to do when shutting down or
opening up particular grid points in doing this work. Specifics
peculiar to your points will be included with your assignment.
Believe me, it's all easier than perhaps it sounds and takes but the
briefest amount of time except for the actual getting to the grid

First. Guidance is everything!!!! Much of the work is done THROUGH
you, so you are a vehicle for Their energies to do the actual
shutting down or opening. So be a good and worthy vehicle for Them
and stay tuned ion to Their Guidance moment to moment. On the more
dangerous points of corrupted male energy this may mean your life,
or at least some serious discomfort. You're playing with Gaia's
energy field here and with the emotions and energies of all the
people inhabiting her.

When first asked to do this work because someone else was available
in the town I was in I felt like going out and getting a gun and
doing some damage because I was tapping in to the fears and
frustrations and blocked emotions and mental imaginings of everyone
in that area. The best protection for you is to remain detached and
just allow Guidance to work through you without fear of
consequences. And use some common sense! Intent is everything in
spiritual work. Have the perfect intent to be the best vehicle you
can be for Spirit, your Guidance and for the Forces of the Light and
Sound of Creation. Respect Gaia and your dealings with Her as if she
was the loved mother she should be.

Think of dealing with an electrical circuit. Everything related is
involved with grid work, including getting electrocuted *Smile
There are male and female grid lines, grid points associated with
the many functions of the grid, junction boxes, transformers,
directional flow switches, you name it –everything you can imagine,
though you don't need to know any of that in doing the work. Know
what your point's purpose is before doing it.

Peter will have given you an approximate location of the grid point.
This should be within maybe a 40-50 foot radius of where you need to
be to do the work assigned. It is up to you and your Guidance to
locate the exact spot on which you need to stand. A jolt, bump or
disturbance in the smooth flow of energies around you should be felt
when crossing over or nearing the point.

Female grid points are softer feeling energy and often a little
sense of dizziness is associated with them since the energy has been
blocked off for so long. Male energy points are more ´vibrant'
and ´electric'. Electricity is male, magnetic energy is female.
Electro-magnetism is the balance of the two and supremely more
powerful because of this synergy.

Always ask and keep asking Guidance. Ask first if you are in the
right place when you have located what you ´feel' to be the point.

If it is female step onto it and wait until Guidance says you are
connected in to the grid. This should only be about 2-3 minutes at

If it is a male point. Protect yourself with a ball of golden light
surrounding you and penetrating you and going UNDERNEAH your feet as
well as over your head. Keep your crown chakra open at all costs.
Again perfect intent is your best protection. Know you will probably
pick up a few grid ´critters', the protectors of the corrupted lines
of energy but these are easily removed once the work is done. You
will never be asked or assigned something you are not capable of
dealing with.

Step onto the line and again wait till Guidance says you are
connected, one to two minutes at most if it is the correct location.
You may feel an itching on your skin but it is just the critters
attaching, no need to worry. They will be removed when the work is

Female energy moves in a counter-clockwise direction. Male energy
moves in a clockwise motion. Thinking of turning on a faucet/tap. If
you are on a female grid point usually you will be opening it up by
turning ´usually' three times in a counterclockwise (to the left)
direction. If a male point then you will most often be shutting it
down by turning again two to three times in a counterclockwise
direction (female direction). If you were opening it up you would
turn two to three times in a clockwise (right) direction. There is
probably little or no instance of needing to turn off a female grid
line though when seriously polluted as we encountered in South
Beach, Miami, Guidance had us even shut the female line down. Ask.
Check. Stay in contact with your Guidance.

You will sense what is right or feel it is wrong if you are
attempting to go the wrong way etc. You KNOW what to do. Trust it.

The entire process should never take more than 3-4 minutes, unless
there is a special reason for doing this grid point beyond the basic
opening or closing as some of you will be asked to do.

When the work is done and you have stepped off the grid line you may
feel a little dizzy or tingling sensations in your extremities.
Energy work is draining mainly because of the effort it takes your
being to stay at the higher level of vibration needed to be useful
for doing the work. This can be alleviated afterwards by replacing
the electrolytes in your body by drinking a little natural soda pop
or sea salt in water.

***Always thank Guidance or the Universe or Whomever humbly for the
gift of being allowed to serve.

If you have done a male grid line/ grid point and have
some ´critters attached then you need to sense their presence in
your energy field and simply pull them out of you and throw them
into the Light until Guidance says you are clear and/or sovereign.
Be aware too that they will often hide in your ground chakra below
your feet or in your crown chakra. These type energy forms usually,
like most energy attacks, will usually come through the weakest part
of your energy field i.e. that place or those places where your
energy is blocked because of issues you have not yet dealt with.

Anything abnormal afterwards you can contact Peter and he will be
able to ´see' what the problem is and how it needs to be corrected.
Larger ´critters' on more dangerous work take specific ingredients
to weaken their hold on your energy form and allow you to pull them
out and throw them into the Light. If need be on more complex jobs,
a phone number may be available to help guide or confirm for you
what is being done.

Leave the place and know that the work is done after confirmation
from your Guidance, and know too that you have been of service to
all of Creation, not just to Earth and its peoples alone.

Thank you for your desire to be of service.

Peter can be contacted at

Las Vegas grid point
Dear One,
The grid point WE asked you to reopen was as you know a female one, but when you turned and opened it did not feel like the usual opening of a female point. This is because a male point has joined this very powerful main female point leading into Las Vegas. WE have started to combine male and female lines together now as there is much more female energy available after this most recent grid work. The main grid lines will now have both male and female energy which will balance the system even quicker.

Since the grid system is undergoing a major transformation the work on many of the points will have to be done differently. You will need to open the point 1/3 the male direction and 2/3 the female direction and it will have to be done in a certain order. The point in Las Vegas needs the female to be opened first and then step a little to the side and open the male point but not as much. This will help create the proper balance needed. WE will guide you more specifically when you do the actual work.

With Much Gratitude and Appreciation for the work you have done,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light