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Don t shoot me I'm just the Messenger
Don't Shoot Me I'm Just the Messenger
by Peter Farley

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to work with a gentleman
in Colorado who was a 'higher initiate' in a reasonably valid
spiritual path which has since been taken over by reptilians.

I was led to work with this man, as I am led to work with so many
others, including members of this group, as Spirit's way of offering
you the same opportunity I once got -- the opportunity to seek
forgiveness for what I had done in past lives which had helped create
the darkness we now find surrounding us. It took me a long while to
get the message but I'm so very thankful for Guidance giving me that
one last chance which made all the difference. As I've said in a
number of earlier articles, Guidance never expected me to get up and
do what it is I have done/accomplished over the past dozen years. I
was an impossible/hopeless case. Now They like to give me the other
impossible cases because I certainly know what it's like to be there
and be so stubborn in being willing to accept what I had done in
creating these many darkside institutions.

Sue Ann has been through the same thing and wrote about her
experiences earlier this year. Robert had the same thing last year.
Alek is going through the very same thing right now. Oz had his encounter with
this very situation just a week or two ago. And many, many others in the group
have their issues to face and make amends for as well.

Anyhow, this man in Colorado worked with me for a little while, even
came with me to the Grand Canyon to help shut down some of the grid
lines going in to the San Luis valley of Colorado -- the former alien
R&D installation where so much terror has been performed on those
abductees and kidnapped people here on Earth and even from other
planets close at hand.

As we drove across the San Luis Valley on our way to the Grand
Canyon, this man KNEW what he had been responsible for that he now
had the opportunity to heal and help make amends for. He had been
the 'dark Master' who had brought into being the technology that
harvested the life-force from abductees, children in particular,
the 'machine' for want of a better word that siphoned off this life-
force when it was at its peak --the moment when these children were
taken from underground playgrounds in to be tortured and their life-
forces harvested for cloning and for feeding in to artificially
created Beings to make them 'more real'.

When that swing from pleasure to pain was at its highest, the electro-
magnetic life-force was at its peak much like an orgasmic moment
during sexual intercourse, and the time was ripe for harvesting the
greatest amount of energy.

This man KNEW his part in all this, and all I was led there to do was
to offer him a way to forgive and be forgiven for what had occurred
so that all of us could then get on with the healing process taking
place within this area and within all of Creation

A few weeks later, after doing partial work to help shut down what he
had created, something stepped in and shut this man's consciousness
down so that all he could then do was deny any responsibility in what
he had helped create. "It's all just a movie" were his exact words.

Our time together ended when his final decisions were made not to do
any further 'atonement' and help with the work. Another impossible
case lost, and not the first and probably not the last either. I do
my best but it is usually because of their strong wills that these
people have ever been associated with the darkside in the first
place. It is this very same 'strong-willed', unforgiving nature that
now won't allow them to surrender to THEIR own inner Guidance and
accept this last (for now) opportunity for healing.

As the planet ascends, as the Creator Beings who initially created the
flaws in this particular corner of the Universe heal, all of us are
being given the opportunity to heal as well and make amends for our
past deeds -- without shame, blame or guilt associated with the
healing, just the chance to forgive, be forgiven, and then make
amends in healing what we all helped create.

When you have heard the screams of the children below the San Luis
Valley as I have, you do not feel bad within yourself that you did
not succeed in turning this man around. Somehow it seems there
should be some type of 'payback' for the pain and anguish he has
caused so many. As Sue Ann said in her piece about her healing, the
pain she has suffered in recompense for what she was responsible for
has lasted many, many lifetimes. The opportunity for people to heal
and make amends is NOW while the changes in paradigms is occurring. It
is a window of opportunity for all of us, all of Creation to walk
through into healing and a whole new beginning. If we don't, I cannot
tell you how many lifetimes it will be before another such chance
occurs, and for those impossible cases who cannot be shifted those
lifetimes will bring back to them much of what it is they themselves
have created for others.

With Love, in Service, Peter