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doomsday preppers and the story of the three little pigs
National Geographic channel showed a documentary last night about families preparing for various interpretations of what they saw to be a 'doomsday' coming within the next 18 months. For one it was a nuclear holocaust. For another a gigantic plasma pulse from the sun. For others it was nameless premonitions about something about to occur with both the economy and the environment. It was interesting from the standpoint of how many people are silently taking notice of what's going on, not blinded by the lack of media coverage or the lies of the politicians.

Some of the families had built up supplies and self-preservation methods in their suburban homes. Some had joined with other families in the countryside to prepare. One had built a subterranean 'cabin' out on a friend's farm an hour and a half's drive from the Utah city he lived in. Each of the families shared their particular preparations and then 'experts' critiqued the preparations. All had vast supplies of food stored, survival equipment including weapons, water storage or proven supplies available, and all had 'bug out' backpacks ready in case of quick exits needed from their residences. Many also had prepared for growing their own food stuffs, or livestock and chickens or fish ponds for raising more meat. Everyone of them got A grades from the experts with certain caveats depending on their personal situations.

One family were warned to include more of their neighbors so they would not be such a target for those who wanted to take their stocks from them. Another group were warned they were too high profile with the preparations as well. One family living in the heart of Phoenix were warned they had no escape plans made or available due to the situation of their home. The man with the subterranean 'cabin' was told a) he worked too far from his family, always being on the road as he was, and thus unprepared for the unknown timing of an event to happen.

All the families had done weapons training, even with their kids, and of course the ex-military man was most prepared to kill anyone who threatened the stash he and his family had made. None of the families had thought about going beyond their own fail/families to create an even wider support system in the event of something happening.

Lots of good ideas came from each and every one of the families and their particular preparations. Like the story of the three pigs and the wolf who blew their houses down, however, the only thing none of the families had planned was the most likely beginning event of what is really to occur -- the intense and unexpected winds of 2 - 300 mph that would blow away all their preparations as well as them, except of course for the man who built underground an hour and a half away from his home, preparing for a nuclear holocaust. He is like the little pig who built his house from brick. Unfortunately he doesn't live in his little brick house so the big bad wolf will have a field day with him. And since he's waiting for the wrong catastrophic event to happen he won't be focused on what's really to occur and won't be looking in the right direction when it eventually comes.

Take a look at the videos and news footage of Joplin, MO and Alabama and know that a 200 mph wind strips the bark off the trees and flattens everything in sight. 300 mph, all that is left is toothpicks and things that have been stored or hid out deep underground. Nostradamus has an image in his Hidden texts of wealthy appearing men gathering the bark from trees to eat as a sign of how these times will soon be.

Most of us are even too dumb to learn from such childish fairy tales and will soon pay the price for our adult overthinking. Most of us don't even pay attention to the Native American stories about surviving the shifts between worlds by being underground and 'emerging' into the new 4th world. It's good that so many people will be leaving soon, people who don't understand the meaning of the word 'village' nor the concept of 'greater good'. As one older man said to me the other day in an e-mail, he's ready to leave. He knows these aren't his people down here and he's ready to go home.

For me home is here for the work is not yet done. Decide where your home is or better still ask your Higher Guidance where you home is in these coming days and prepare accordingly.

in service, Peter