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down to earth spirituality
One of the greatest drawbacks in someone\'s understanding of spirituality is to
think that spiritual beings are spiritual beings and people are just people. If
you research the work done on fragmentation in the messages of this group, or
read Volume 7 available in the Files section, it will assist you in
understanding that people are not just people, in fact very few people are just people. If, too, you read the pieces written on alien energy forms
it will assist you to broaden your point of view on not only the spiritual
worlds but also the physical world around you.

As a matter of fact, if you read any of the past postings about some of the
people from the group working on their past lives, you\'ll see and appreciate
more the people around you in this group and those in your lives who are aware
of any type of real spirituality. We\'ve all been the someones of the past. As
Edgar Cayce said we were all their at the sinking of Atlantis with our powers
and abilities co-opted to being used for the wrong purposes and now we’re all
back here (at the rising of Atlantis) with the chance to make different choices.
And of course most of us are NOT making different choices. The reasons for this
are myriad, but above all are the effectiveness of the darkside in co-opting us
by knowing what it is we like and what it is that scares us the most. And of
course the basic ingrained laziness and passivity of the slave-mentality of
human beings. It’s all to easy for higher -level Lightworkers to come here to
assist the planet in its ascension process and instead be sucked into that
peer-pressure laziness and disbelief in the realities of the true spiritual

Some of the people I was fortunate to write about in my 9 volume history are the
people I\'ve gotten to deal with again in this lifetime as they have struggled to
also fall into the new paradigm of healing and forgiveness.

This whole problem, again, comes back to the old human programming or Annunaki
thought-form of giving one’s power away, or external ‘God’; that everything \'out
there\' is greater and grander than we are and that we\'re just helpless little
nobody\'s who are at the beck and call of everything \'above us\'. Sorry, all of
that is a lie, particularly for those of us who have achieved some level of
higher awareness and VOLUNTEERED or were karmically driven to come back here to
assist. While we do manifest a physical body here and now on the physical plane,
we also AT THE SAME TIME manifest other aspects of
ourselves on higher dimensional realms including but not exclusively our \'home
planets\', those places where our current ‘energy forms’ have their origins, the
places we have most recently come from in order to help with what\'s going on
here on planet Earth.

It’s all just one more blockage imposed, one way or another, by the darkside to
stop us all from doing what it is we came here to do. And yes, we gladly accept
that reasoning, that excuse, NOT to do whatever it is we should be doing.
Pie-in-the-sky spirituality is all very well and good, but being ungrounded as
so many spiritual beings are, only means they’re not dealing with the reality of
the work needed to be done here and now on planet earth, the place where the
rubber meets the road in terms of showing the spiritual growth and awareness we
all think we have earned.

In strength, Peter