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dragging the past along with us‏
Dragging the Past Along With Us
By Peter Farley

The husband of my first `student\' had himself a problem, and it
wasn\'t so much in his physical body although it did manifest in all
levels of his Being –particularly his muscles.

As Louise Hay says, muscles represent `our ability to move in life\'
and problems with the muscles represent resistance to new
experiences, to `moving forward\'. And muscles problems he had lots
of. How his resistance to moving forward also manifested was in his
desire at night to sit and drink wine, smoke cigarettes, and watch
reruns of old 1970s TV shows. The 1970s were a time when he was
healthy, wealthy –very wealthy, and in his prime, and now that life
had run its course this man had chosen to secret himself back in a
time and place where he was most happy in his life. Unfortunately
the toll on his physical body from stagnating in these old memories
was what was most killing him . . . and eventually did.

I received the following story as part of a request for assistance
the other day, and here too one can recognize the same pattern
of `living in the past\' and what `could have been\' instead of living
in the only moment we have –the Now.

\"One other important item. You mentioned in your post about going
back and forth in time---mostly back. Although I haven\'t been
wearing tie-dyes, wide buckles, ties, and wrist watch bands, beads,
medallions, earth shoes, long hair and a beard, and I haven\'t
stepped into a \"time machine\" that I know of or can define
specifically, I find myself thinking and feeling like 1972. Often.
Too often. It\'s at the same time fun, but sad and depressing. It\'s
fun, because it\'s nice to feel like a teen-ager again. I\'ve been
listening to the music of that time too as I seem to be suddenly
drawn to everything from that time. Is that time travel?? Even
though I don\'t actually go there? Or am I being prepared for real
time travel later where I actually will be able to go there? What
disturbs me most is this: I\'m 48, with someone that I love, have a
4 year old girl and 3 other nearly adult kids from another
relationship. Ok. Now. Here\'s the thing. In 1972, I suddenly met
and fell in love with the most incredible female human I\'ve ever
known and can ever even imagine. We went to the same Catholic
school but she lived 5.5 miles away. At the time, there were no
Google maps on the computer that could tell you exactly how far
something was, so we thought that we lived more like 10-11 miles
from each other at the time. Way too far to walk, way too far for a
kid on a sting-ray bike. I could feel that the love that we felt
was mutual. We were constantly touching: holding hands, arm around
the waist, kissing, hugging, smelling, stroking hair and face. We
talked about having sex if there was ever a time and place that we
could be together alone for any length of time. She is one of the
most beautiful females I\'ve ever seen and still is. I recently
found a photo of her on the internet with her family of course. Her
name is Donna just for reference. We got along famously never
getting upset with each other for more than a few minutes and that
only happened twice in 8 months. Love at first sight. Didn\'t know
why I felt it, couldn\'t stop or control the feeling as in other
relationships since that time, where I was very conscious of my
efforts to bond with someone and where I was in control of the pace
of falling in love. She broke up with me at the end of the summer,
after not being able to physically be with each other for 2.5
months. We spoke almost daily on the phone, expressed our mutual
need to be physically present for each other (not just sex) and she
warned me once that if I couldn\'t get over to see her she was going
to have to find someone who could because it was too painful to feel
so close to someone but not be able to see him. As neither of us
had our own cars and she was afraid to ask her parents to drive her
to a boys\' house for the day, and my father was dead and my mother
never learned to get the idea...... So that
was it. She broke up with me a week before school started again
where we would be able to see each other every day. We went on and
never saw each other and had our separate lives. UNTIL NOW. Now,
everything is coming up 1972 and Donna, Donna, Donna. Why? Is it
just a mental illness on my part? I get depressed, TODAY over not
having this person in my life. WHY? Am I being prepared for a
time when I might be able to \"go back\" and see her? be with her?
How do I do that with my current life situation?? Is that all
interchangeable or will there be all these hurt feelings and
chaos?? I must admit, if given the chance to be with the one who I
experienced the strongest and most pure love with I might actually
go for it. I know my current partner wouldn\'t want to hear this but
I can\'t deny what happened and what I really felt for this Donna
person. And it\'s not that I haven\'t loved other people in my time
since Donna. What will happen to relationships when people have the
ability to go back in time?? How does all that work?? I don\'t
know. I\'m just a Fred Flintstone or worse a Barney Rubble. Will my
partner go back to one of her earlier loves and be happier as
well? I wish I knew. What do you think, Peter? Am I just nuts?
Why am I being bombarded by these old feelings as though I can DO
something about it today---which I can\'t. I even had a dream of
Donna and I being together a few years after we broke up---and we
still loved each other and were happy in the dream.\"

ANYTHING we are attached to in the 3D or old paradigm that we can\'t
bring to resolution or leave behind us in the past –with Love—will
only act as an anchor in moving forward into the new.

It is a spiritual law that one cannot get the new until one has `let
go\' of the old, in all ways shapes and forms. That is why most of us
are still fiercely working out the small old issues which still
plague us and stop us from feeling free in this moment, ready and
willing to move into a whole new existence.

Why is it do you think that the New World Order still plagues us
with this crappy old music from the 60s and 70s that wasn\'t all that
good to begin with, let alone 40 years later after hearing every
song countless times? It\'s all programming. Keeping us all trapped
into a past where things were so-called better, brighter and people
thought they had more control over their lives. Do any of us still
feel the revolutionary changes of the 60s and 70s we thought were
possible then? Or have we resigned ourselves to hopelessness and
that things here on the planet are now out-of-hand and
unchangeable? The music of that era has now become a placebo for
real change and action and actually doing something about the war in
Iraq instead of taking to the streets as we once did to protest what
we knew to be wrong and against human decency.

Every casino in the world uses the same mind-control techniques and
has researched what music, what smells, what color patterns, what
ergonomics, most lull us into a vegetative state where we are most
readily influenced to do as they see fit, not as we see fit. And old
music is now a part of the makeup of every hotel, casino,
supermarket and fast-food chain in the world.

And we too can\'t resist going back to the `good ole days\' when
things were better and things seemed brighter, especially in times
when things seem so hopeless and in despair. Guidance has always had
me tell teenagers to go out and make themselves some memories
because they help when things get really bad as they are just about
to do. But there is a big, big difference between having memories
and living in the past.

If life is what happens while we\'re busy making other plans, then
life is also what happens when we\'re busy thinking about the past.
Mankind has been lulled into living in the past and pressured into
worrying about the future and in doing anything they can to NOT live
in the present.

Past loves are a burden for all of us, but that is because we have
been fed the wrong idea that there is only one `right\' person out
there for us all, and that earthly love is the be-all and end-all of
existence. Nothing teaches us that if we haven\'t learned our lessons
about Love then there will always be someone else coming along to
help us learn this most difficult of all lessons. The pain of Love
is the refusal to learn `unconditional love\'. –that people should be
and do whatever it is we want them to do, not what they want to be
or do themselves. And so the lessons will always continue until we
learn to let go and simply Love in this minute and in the eternity
of nows to come. I will always love my ex-wife Marie, Sophia,
Marianne . . . and all the rest of the women who have helped me
learn this lesson, but I don\'t wish I were with them any longer. I
have moved forward and I hope they have too. As long as I knew I
hadn\'t learned it I always knew there\'d be someone else coming along
to help me. And there was. And now that I have learned in some small
way the kind of Love which allows me to do this work without ego,
then `Love\' partners are not all that important.

Having your Higher Self in your body helps, for your Higher Self is
the opposite half of what you find yourself in the physical. If you
are male in this lifetime then your Higher Self is female etc. This
is your real `soulmate\', the other half of who you are, the other
half of yourself which has been trapped in the etheric regions
surrounding the planet each and every time you\'ve come to the planet
for eons or since this war began in earnest.

And now it\'s time for us all to be reunited with that other half of
who we are and make some of these lessons a little easier to learn.
Sound encoding helps with this entire process, but you letting go,
educating yourself and changing your attitudes about what life truly
is, and resolving the old issues from the past. That will help even
more. It\'s time. It\'s past time, so get a move along, and if you
need help, help is always available from all levels of Creation.
Just ask, and then do.

With Love, in service, Peter

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