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Dream Wars and the Influences of Thought Vibration Part 4
Dream Wars and the Influences of Thought Vibration
by Andre Gonzatti and Peter R. Farley Part 4

The only way to be on a higher dimension and stable is through Love,
love of a minimal level equivalent to that dimensional level. Love is
what will fuel the stay there, the ability to let that minimal flow
of love through the light body. It's not exactly an amount of love
stored as in a battery, it's more of the ability to come to a state
of beingness where you will be able to let that amount of Light or
Love pass through you without being pushed back, in a way. You will
be there and on the same vibration as that light, then it will feel
like you are not a shadow there. It will feel like you are a being of
the same frequency as the one required for that level of existence.
[Right now as the planet begins its ascension process the lethargy in
so many people, that which is not related to the chemtrails, is
because of these people's inability to channel the correct amount of
Light through their Light bodies to be able to exist in the ascending
rate of vibration].

With those travelers in ancient Atlantis who used the artificial
merkaba reactor to gain in ascension this was not the case, they had
darkness come to them, they were not prepared to avoid it. Then they
let it spread through them and it immediately caused a loss of the
Love vibration once created, like losing focus during energy
channeling. They brought darkness to themselves and to the area of
their existence and immediately were unable to stay there, and would
be sucked back to the lower levels and place where that belonged, no
matter where that happened to be. Some would stay lost for a while on
other places where their thoughts had pulled them, usually dark ones,
unless they were taken to some other place by guardian angels or
other beings required to help. Either by them or by someone
monitoring the trip, or because of security measures made to avoid
the fall into undesired places.

So, after creating those thought threads on the higher dimensions,
these `partiers' were brought back down, but then the thought was
huge on the level they fell upon. Each level they entered during that
fall made the thoughts look bigger because when it is created on a
high level of vibration it has a much larger amount of energy and
influence than if it was created on a lower level. [Similar to people
using drugs to gain `spiritual upliftment' or those unprepared to use
the merkaba techniques they learn in workshops deliberately taught so
as to create imbalance in the forces of the individual and mass
consciousnesses of the planet]. It is the same as the speed at which
you turn the wheel while driving a car. The faster the car is moving,
the bigger the turn will be, and sometimes, if you turn the wheel too
much on a speed that is too fast, then you are knocked off balance
and suffer a car accident. The same principle is that of thought
manifestation on different dimensions. The higher the vibration of
that dimension, the faster the thought gains energy to manifest. The
thought could be one of a lower pattern that disrupts love. These
made the travelers fall. If they fell and the thought was
still "inappropriate" for the lower level, then they would fall
again. They would fall immediately unless they cut loose of the
thought and somehow left only it to fall, without attachment to it.

What actually blocks people going into the higher realms is what they
have on their auric fields, the things they link themselves to. If
they link to what belongs on the highest level, they are on the
highest level. If they link to something on a lower level, they are
at that lower level. If they are on a high dimension, as a whole,
they will only be able to maintain their conscious awareness there
while they are synchronized to that level, and to what belongs there.
The moment they focus on something lower, they create that lower
thing, which pulls them down, until they release it, or they fall to
what is the "bottom" floor to which that thought is no longer
too "heavy" to exist.

Now here is the catch: The thoughts created on a 7th dimensional
level for example. If, say, they are of death and suffering or fear
then the person will be pulled back down to the 4th dimensional dark
realm unless they release those thoughts, or they are ejected by
other means, in order to stop causing the imbalance. The thoughts are
brought to the 4th dimension, but they are HUGE because they were
created on a place with so much more power to bring things
to "reality" and to manifest them. The thoughts are huge and very
real, they have immense force, and will begin to affect the lower
dimensions as well. [This is exactly how the earth fell from the
higher dimensions into the lowest level possible for it to exist, the
3rd, due to the dark toxic thinking and abuse of sexual love created
by the Annunaki and other intruding alien forces. This is precisely
what now threatens to tear the world in two as one part seeks to
enter into the higher worlds while the other half seeks to sink lower
into depravity, fear and debauchery. ]

Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light